YouTube: How to post YouTube comments on a video

You are a fan of sitting down and “hanging” watching stories on YouTube video hosting, and here you came across a video that you liked or didn't like, and you decided to write to the blogger who shot it. This is an important part of feedback from the audience, because if the creator of the channel does not know what you feel, then he will continue to do the same or completely abandon it.

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What is a comment

Commentary is a sentence (or some of them), which carries a certain meaning. The meaning can be any:

  • Positive feedback. He is pleasant to the blogger, he understands that he liked the video and tries to make others at the same level or better.
  • Negative feedback. When the blogger sees him, he may express displeasure to you, not respond or correct mistakes.
  • Neutral. For example, when you want to indicate your presence on the channel in the comments, however your message does not carry an estimated semantic load.

Requirements for the ability to write comments

There’s no point in learning how to write comments on YouTube if you haven’t been registered and received a notification via Google mail. You will have to register first:

  • To do this, go to the form in the upper right corner.
  • There fill in the registration data.
  • Enter the desired nickname and email.
  • Then go to YouTube under your nickname.

You will also have to register when you start other services from Google, and not just for YouTube video hosting.

On devices with the Android operating system in the YouTube app:

  • Press a menu button that looks like a minus sign or a dash, there are three of them.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • Click the plus sign next to "Accounts" to create one on Google.

On the mobile version of the site:

  • Click on the menu button, it looks like a minus or a dash, again they are located one above the other and there are three of them.
  • Click on the "Login" button.
  • Click the plus sign next to "Accounts" to create a new one.

IOS device with official app from Google YouTube:

  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create an account through the official YouTube program. You will have to go through the browser (most likely Safari) registration, according to the paragraph with the mobile version of the site.

Link your old account to your Google account.

If you have a channel that you created on YouTube before May 2009 and have not logged into your account since 2011, then your channel is old. To continue using, you will have to do the following:

  • Sign in to the Google account you’d like to link to your YouTube channel. On the login page, enter the username and password of the old channel, register to the end.

How to write comments on YouTube

First you need to understand the meaning of your action. This is a great way to tell your channel owner what you’re feeling after what you’ve seen.

Typically, the place for comment is at the very bottom, so the question of where to write comments on YouTube should not arise.

Commenting YouTube on the computer

This is also an opportunity to chat with other subscribers, because it happens that in the comments there is heated discussion on various topics. Here's how to write comments on YouTube:

  • Being on the page with the video you are watching, go down a little below the description, there you can find a field for entering a comment.
  • Click on this box.
  • Write a comment.
  • Post a comment.
comment example

The method is easy, there is nothing complicated about it. So it’s easy on YouTube to write comments under the video. You can also respond to other users in the discussion thread.

How to reply to another user

If you want to participate in a discussion or start a conversation first, then for such cases on YouTube video hosting there is an opportunity to respond to the user.

how to answer
  • We look in the comments with whom we want to chat.
  • Click on the "Reply" button.
  • In the response field, enter your point of view.
  • We answer.

How to write comments on YouTube from your phone

Commenting YouTube on mobile

In order to leave a comment, it is not necessary to sit at a personal computer, because it is possible to write it using a mobile device. Now is the time when most of the Internet traffic passes through smartphones and tablets, of course, it’s easy and affordable.

Commenting YouTube on mobile 1


  • On the video playback page, we find the field for entering a comment, usually it is immediately after the recommended video.
  • We click on this field, where it says "Leave a comment", and enter your text on the keyboard.
  • Send using the icon of a flying airplane or arrow.
Commenting YouTube Mobile 2

How to write a response to other users from a mobile device

  • Find user comment.
  • Enter the message on the keyboard. At the beginning of the text will be its name, it is undesirable to delete it.
  • When you finish entering the message for the opponent, again you need to click on the airplane icon.


How to write comments on YouTube:

  • Do not insult people for their views or opinions different from yours.
  • Do not overdo the author’s defense against haters.
  • It is better to write on the case, so as not to overload the already large list of comments.
  • It happens that access to comments may be closed, in which case you will have to refrain from expressing your opinion.
  • You can enter several tags to format a comment. For example, "* bold text * -> the word or phrase will be in bold; _italicized text_ -> the word or phrase will be italicized; -strikethrough text- -> the word or phrase will be crossed out.
  • Do not forget that likes and dislikes also relate to the method of communication between the creator of the content and its viewer.


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