How to remove a cuticle at home. Methods, tips, reviews

The spectacular appearance of any self-respecting well-groomed and beautiful woman is made up of the smallest details. Beautiful nails are an important element of the image, but a manicure never looks neat if the cuticle is not removed.

Why remove a cuticle?

It’s not always possible to get into a manicure room, and is there such a need if the procedure is simple for its independent implementation? The question of how to remove the cuticle at home is of interest to almost every woman.

Thin skin is designed to protect the nail from mechanical damage and infection. It has the appearance of a roller at the base of the nail plate. As if the logical question is why cut the cuticle, if its presence has such an important purpose. However, the fact is that the skin grows rapidly, and on its edge cells die that not only do not have protective properties, but slow down the growth of the nail.

Now there are two ways: chemical and mechanical. To remove the cuticle at home, some skills are required, so the choice of any of the options for exposure depends on personal priorities. In any case, you need to follow some recommendations that protect against damage and infection.

how to remove a cuticle at home

how to remove a cuticle at home reviews

The mechanical effect on the cuticle

First, you need to wash your hands with soap and water, then hold them for 10-15 minutes in a bath of warm water and sea salt. You can add a little any essential oil, as this component is very useful for weak and brittle nails. The bath is intended for softening the roller and disinfecting the skin, since removing the cuticle at home is qualitatively obtained only after appropriate preliminary steps.

After that, the skin needs to be pushed back with a special stick or a pusher, and then trimmed with sharp manicure scissors or a trimmer. It is necessary to act very carefully so as not to damage the living tissue, because the wound will look unaesthetically and bring tangible discomfort.

After completing the steps, you need to wash your hands with soap and grease them with a nourishing cream, paying most attention to the skin around the nails, or treat the cuticle using a special tool.

how to remove a cuticle at home without circumcision

How to get rid of cuticles chemically

Using a stick, it is necessary to apply the product on the cuticle, and in order not to accidentally erase it, it is advisable to do first with one hand, then with the other. If the instructions indicate that the drug should be applied for 8 minutes, then you need to start the cuticle removal a little earlier, so that the last finger is processed just at the specified time. If you ignore this recommendation, irritation may occur, as well as overdrying of the skin around the nail.

It is best to prepare a paper towel in advance in order to wipe a manicure object on it every time, removing the remnants of the product. To easily remove the cuticle, you need to move the skin with an orange stick, which then put perpendicular to the nail plate and draw along the skin. Thus, the keratinized layer is easily removed together with the available tool.

Then you need to make a bath with lemon juice, which strengthens the nails. Finally, apply caring oil or nourishing hand cream to the cuticle .

What drugs should be used and where to buy them

You should also remember that for manicure you need to use only tools and tools purchased in a special store and released under trustworthy trademarks. Also, scissors and tweezers must be disinfected before use, especially if several people use one manicure set in the family.

Means for eliminating the cuticle are presented in the form of liquids, creams, gels, are equipped with a brush or are sold in tubes with a pointed tip for applying the drug. And you can buy them at a cosmetics store.

These drugs can significantly help everyone who is interested in how to remove the cuticle at home. Photos clearly demonstrate examples of necessary tools and objects.

how to remove a cuticle at home photo

Tips for conducting the procedure yourself

It is also better to abandon drugs that contain alkalis or acids, as they can worsen the condition of nails. You need to pay attention to cosmetics, which contains a more gentle fruit acid. It is advisable to ask about the vitamin composition, designed to strengthen nails and improve their appearance.

It should be remembered that the main task of any cosmetics is to create beauty by improving health, since it is possible to remove the cuticle at home qualitatively only with proper preliminary care for it.

Those girls who have not yet got used to using nail scissors, it is better to start doing manicure on their own, using the chemical method. But in any case, the main rule here is to observe hygiene of the skin of the hands.

The chemical method is performed using special agents containing active ingredients to soften and dissolve the cuticle. This option is very easy to learn for anyone who is interested in how to remove the cuticle at home. Reviews indicate that before using the drug, you must definitely familiarize yourself with a brief instruction, based on which then you can determine the maximum exposure time.

remove cuticle at home

Advantages of the chemical (European) method

The chemical method has several advantages over circumcision:

1. The growth of a new cuticle is much slower.

2. Easy to implement.

3. Safe.

Reviews indicate that the chemical method is really very convenient, since it is much easier to remove the cuticle at home in this way. Also, girls are advised to lubricate the skin around the nail with special care products.

It should be borne in mind that the chemical method of influencing keratinized cells helps if the situation is not neglected. That is, it is worth starting the cuticle removal with scissors or a trimmer by the master, and after 3-4 times go to its dissolution with a cosmetic preparation.

Now more and more people are interested in the question of how to remove the cuticle at home without circumcision. The European method, judging by the reviews, is very convenient for use at home, since mechanical stress requires experience.


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