How to learn to learn on your own? How to rationally use your time? How to make yourself learn if everyone is too lazy

The desire to reach new heights requires a person to acquire useful skills. What is required for the assimilation of new information? How to learn to learn on your own? How to optimize the development of knowledge? How to develop the ability to self-organize? All this will be discussed.

Do they teach us to study?

how to learn to learn on your own

In no educational institution, starting from kindergarten and ending with universities, people are not explained how to plan their day and develop self-organization skills. Often, teachers simply work out their program by familiarizing themselves with the base of subjects. The only thing that can be comprehended in such classes is the ability to systematize knowledge in the form of proper execution of abstracts. In order to achieve success in adulthood, even in childhood you need to figure out how to learn to learn independently.

Why learn self-study skills?

Time does not stand still. With the development of society, the conditions of human existence change. Skills that have helped a person in the past, after passing several decades, may stop helping to achieve the desired results. Many experts in one of the areas notice that their knowledge is gradually turning to dust. Such people sometimes have to relearn just on the go.

The comprehension of self-organization skills makes it possible to save time, own strengths and operate with deep knowledge. The result is a willingness to a variety of life situations, the ability to choose new professions, expand the circle of friends, and acquire interesting hobbies.

Goal setting

how to make yourself learn if everyone is too lazy

Why is it difficult to learn on your own? Significant difficulties arise primarily in people who do not have a specific goal. Far from always it is a question of career growth, but also of social life, creativity, and hobbies. A goal is imperative to know where to go next.

Sometimes a person has to force himself to perform certain actions. If the achievement of the result promises real benefits and advantages over others, things go much faster. It is enough to get involved in the learning process and step by step move towards a specific goal.

Search for an interesting activity

How to learn to learn on your own? An important role here is played by the choice of a suitable profession. Some people have been suffering for years, learning what is not to their liking. As a result, nothing fruitful comes of this and time is wasted. If a person manages to find a profession that is really interesting, obtaining knowledge in the presented field will truly bring not only benefit, but also pleasure.


A chaotic movement toward specific goals inhibits the learning process. Without a concrete plan, a person often has to end up in prostration. How to develop the ability to learn independently? A specific curriculum is required to plan. It is important to draw up a list of sources of information from where knowledge will be drawn. It is necessary that work according to plan become a habit. This is the only way to set yourself up for fruitful activity.

Keeping an abstract

how to learn english on your own

Can I study on my own? This will help keeping an abstract. If training takes place at lectures, it is important to write down only those concepts that may come in handy in the future. When reading literature, it is worth noting quotes, definitions, statements that look useful.

It is not necessary to keep a summary by hand. If you wish, you can use electronic devices. The convenience of one or another option depends on each individually. Be that as it may, a few ways to organize the data are worth a try. Ultimately, this will allow you to come to the most convenient solution.


The movement towards achieving the goal in training will be ineffective if the execution of affairs is disordered. In such cases, quite often there is a desire to begin to cope with what the heart lies more to, rather than deal with a really important thing. To understand how to learn to study independently, it is recommended to determine the actual tasks. If some not very priority training tasks at the end of the day remain unfulfilled, such shortcomings will not be so important.

High-quality performance of the business to the end

how to plan your day

To obtain useful skills in training, you must try to make maximum efforts to implement an important task the first time. As a result, you don’t have to postpone the matter until later and return to it later when some important points are forgotten. This will reduce the number of mistakes in training and will not force you to spend your free time on redoing what was started.

Control over own state

It is quite difficult to force yourself to study if you feel tired, hunger or the body is exhausted from the disease. Therefore, you need to prepare for the process of understanding useful information. A person should not experience physical or mental discomfort. It is necessary that thoughts be focused solely on learning. Intending to start the process, it is recommended to complete important daily business. This will throw obsessive anxieties out of your head. Before training, you should once again take a bath or shower, eat, dress up in comfortable clothes.

The fight against procrastination

How to force yourself to learn if everyone is too lazy? In psychology, a person’s tendency to regularly put off important matters for later, which causes a whole lot of trouble, is called procrastination. Many people prefer to sort through possible actions in their own heads, rather than immediately proceed to the implementation of specific tasks. The excuses for learning delays are often distractions.

To avoid procrastination, it is worth protecting yourself from irritants that lead to dispersal of attention. It is necessary to realize that the need to implement important, rather complex cases often causes a desire for a temporary deviation from the goal. Achieve high results in self-learning will allow the choice of prepositions that will set up for fruitful work.

Fear of asking questions

how to use your time rationally

How to learn English on your own or to understand any other area of ​​knowledge? An obstacle to achieving the desired results for some people is the occurrence of discomfort when you need to communicate with the teacher. Misunderstanding of some points in the submitted material violates the logical chain of awareness of information. A student who is afraid to ask questions is almost doomed to failure. Such a person is limited in comparison with those around him. In some situations, it is much better to demonstrate your misunderstanding of the material than to let it go by itself.

Self promotion

During classes, do not drive yourself into a dead corner. In addition to studying, you need to see other things that allow you to relax. Any work should have a decent reward. For this reason, it is sometimes worthwhile to devote time to things that bring pleasure. There should always be activities that make it possible to balance your own emotional state.


How to teach a child to study independently? Skills for organizing cases should be developed in a person from an early age. The child must learn that after returning from school, leisure awaits him for several hours. However, after this, you definitely need to start homework. If a child attends a sports club, goes to drawing or to a music school, you can sit down for lessons later. Be that as it may, you should not postpone the comprehension of useful material at home until the moment you go to bed.

Adaptation of the baby to such a regimen can take a year or more. During this time, parents should maintain appropriate control and try not to let everything go by its own accord.

Already in the lower grades, it is important for the child to understand how to rationally use his time. However, parents are encouraged to respond to petitions for help at the right time. But this should be done only in those situations when the baby is really not able to cope with learning tasks on its own.

Memory development

Some people find it difficult to learn on their own, as they have poor ability to remember information. Such individuals should work on themselves in terms of control over the level of concentration. Having concentrated attention on the task, you should try to fully understand the meaning of the information received. It is necessary to abandon mechanical memorization, since this approach does not contribute to the development of memory.

However, it is not recommended to overload yourself with information. It is better to write down meaningful data and try to connect them with what has already been deposited in long-term memory. Such a combined method of memory development will help to develop the right associations.

There are other ways to better remember useful data. It consists in the division of knowledge into specific blocks. The smaller the volume of parts of the information received, the better it is absorbed.

Eradication of laziness

how to teach a child to study independently

Often ordinary laziness does not allow us to study on our own. Lack of motivation can be solved as follows. It is enough to divide the complex business into insignificant stages. This will allow you to complete part of the training tasks for a specific time period. So gradually you can get closer to the final goal. Each subsequent step of the task further may no longer seem so intimidating.

In order to eradicate laziness, before training, you should comfortably arrange a workplace, listen to your favorite music, and resort to other solutions that will allow you to tune in a positive way.

Forcing yourself also gives you the opportunity to think about pleasant bonuses. It is a reward that you can think of for yourself for successfully completing a task. It can be a coffee break, watching your favorite TV show, etc.

Independent study of a foreign language

I would also like to consider how to learn English on your own. At first, it is important to understand the basic verbs, which include concepts such as: “to be,” “have,” “desire,” “give,” “take,” “go.” Having mastered the combination of these and other similar words with common pronouns, you can form a kind of base. This approach will allow you to build simple, conscious phrases.

In the future, it is recommended to expand the vocabulary, pay attention to regular reading and writing of English-language text, concentrate on the correct pronunciation while listening to the corresponding audio recordings.

Usually a person who resorts to independent study of a foreign language experiences the greatest difficulties in overcoming the speech barrier. To really speak English, you need to find a good conversationalist. In the search for the latter, it is better to give preference to a professional tutor, who will point out errors and make you practice.

Useful Tips

why is it difficult to learn on your own

So, we tried to figure out how to make ourselves learn, if all laziness. Finally, I would like to provide some more practical recommendations on this subject:

  1. It is necessary to set only real goals and enjoy every, even the smallest, victory.
  2. It is important to save time that can be spent on the benefits of learning by visiting social networks less, avoiding frequent phone calls, text messaging.
  3. During training, a feeling of routine often arises. To overcome such an unpleasant feeling, it is worth adding variety to the material. It will be useful to comprehend information not only in writing, but also to watch useful videos, listen to audio, communicate with like-minded people.
  4. In the learning process, you should pay attention to inconsistencies in the material, flaws, errors, inaccuracies. This can be discussed with the teacher. Even if you can’t prove your case, this approach will make the process of comprehending new information more fun. Over time, thinking will become more flexible and critical.
  5. It is useful to understand that studying and achieving high goals is far from all life. It is necessary to spend time on a quality vacation, communication with family members and comrades.


So we found out what is required in order to learn to comprehend useful skills on our own. Determining here is the presence of desire. It is also important to find for yourself the right balance between productive work and the desire to fall into inaction. Ultimately, any training should be reinforced by practice. Otherwise, the effort expended will not make any difference.


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