DIY door installation: step by step instructions, photos

Do-it-yourself door installation is a simple process. However, you need to find step-by-step instructions for yourself, according to which the whole range of work should be carried out. In order to achieve the desired result, it is worthwhile to rely on the rules and decide in advance which doors to install. Haste in such a process is unacceptable, preparation is important even at the first stage.

Installation of interior doors will be easier if the wizard has the necessary tools. With little experience, everyone can cope with the task. And the money savings are noticeable. A diagram is drawn up, after which doors and all fasteners are purchased. When installing the interior doors with your own hands, do not forget about the decoration of the openings.

What to focus on?

There is an elementary order in which work is performed:

  • After the purchase you need to carefully unpack the structure. Usually it is packed in a film that can be torn with a blade. This must be done carefully. There is a chance of damage to the canvas or loss of small parts. Then you should compare the available parts and the list from the manufacturer.
  • Next, you need to assemble the door frame. Each manufacturer adds an individual instruction, as well as useful recommendations. Do not skip them.
  • When using additional components, the lower part of the box is fixed. Further measured doorways. You need to pay attention to size. If something does not fit, then if there is a threshold, you can remove the excess.

When the box is ready, it needs to be placed in the doorway, without rushing and applying a level for this. Once the bastings are completed, you can mount. There are dowels and nails for this. The gap is removed using a mounting foam.

DIY interior door installation

Further outlined places for loops on both components. After the time comes for the castle. You also need to break through the entrance to the doorpost opposite. When this is done, you need to check the slopes, and the work can be considered completed. It turns out that installing the doors with your own hands (the photo is in our article) is not so complicated. It is important not to rush and do everything in stages.

We measure an aperture

Installing the front door with your own hands in a new house or replacing an old one is a process that has its own nuances. According to experts, it is important to correctly measure the opening. The fact is that if the dimensions are larger, then it will be more difficult to insert the design. If it is smaller, it cannot be fixed. If an existing door is being replaced, then measurements are taken after it is removed, when the walls are visible.

Thus, the installation of interior doors with their own hands occurs after competent measurements. But how to carry them out? They are made using roulette. The height and length of the entrance are measured along the adjacent wall in the most minimal place. This data is enough for a purchase. The apartments make standard openings, so there is no need to carry out an individual order, which cannot be said about private buildings.

Door selection

It is worth considering the material from which the door is made:

  • Fiberboard. The most affordable material for the door and the box to it. This option has few advantages, but there are enough minuses. It does not protect against the penetration of sounds and moisture, which negatively affects the material. Few experts recommend dwelling on such a choice.
  • MDF. This is already a dense material. The price is slightly higher, but not too high. Among the pluses is reliability. The material is resistant to mechanical stress. It is immune to moisture, muffles sounds well, and its life is quite long.
  • Array of wood. This is the best option for canvas and box. It does not react to moisture and does not change its original appearance. Withstands any load. Most often, laminated wood is used, because with others you will have to perform additional finishing.
Door installation photo instruction

In order for the door, installed by your own hands, to look neat, you need to take a box from the same material. There is also a sale of wood fiber board designs. This is fragile material, so it will not last long. It is clear that of the three proposed models, the most reliable door is made of natural wood, but it also costs more. An alternative solution is MDF.

Masters believe that trim strips can also be made of fiberboard, because there is no load on them. Today, bivalve structures are rarely found, as they are considered uncomfortable.

Tips for getting started

A lot of time for the installation of doors with your own hands will not be required, but it is important to prepare all the materials and tools. It is worth to purchase the design itself and related equipment. It is believed that the installation of sliding doors with their own hands and swing models has a different algorithm. For work you will need the following tools:

  • Rotary hammer, drill, screwdriver. Everyone chooses one thing, which is more convenient to work with. If every tool is at home, then let everyone be present.
  • Drills in size.
  • Drills to work in concrete.
  • Screws, screws and bolts.
  • Building level.
  • Polyurethane foam.
  • Roulette.
  • Pencil for marking.

The door unit must be purchased in advance, taking into account the recommendations that were given above. How to install a door with your own hands? Step by step instructions and photos are in our article.

What's next?

To fix the doors and the box made of wood, you need to use the standard scheme. We will need:

  • Door frame.
  • Canvas of the door itself.
  • Connecting parts.
  • Construction foam.

It is clear that you need to fully assemble the box and only then fix it in the opening. Then you can hang the canvas.

Box collection

Trims are neatly and at an angle of 45 degrees. This will help to make the entire structure dense, and the seams - invisible. To cut wood, it is better to use well-honed tools. This will avoid chipping and chipping at the cut. The most suitable option is an electric jigsaw.

Door installation step by step photo instruction

When the work is done at right angles, then it is easier to carry out. But such a connection cannot be called reliable. Before preparing parts, part of the length is removed from the side racks of the box and lintel. Before the entire structure, fixed by self-tapping screws, is in place, it is worth checking. On the floor, the structure is assembled like a mosaic, so that the details fit evenly and without error. If there is a threshold, then indentation is performed at the preparation stage.

Door installation step by step instructions

When the preliminary work is done, you should outline the loop. To do this, a distance of 25 centimeters is receded from above and below, and marks are put with a pencil. Then the pads are attached when using self-tapping screws - this will facilitate the process of work. Now you need to put marks on the door leaf. And so as not to lose, you can make fasteners. Then the screws are removed, since the hinges are pushed into place after installing the box in the opening. This is how the box is prepared for the installation of interior doors. Do it yourself is very simple.

Fixing box

After that, work begins on fixing the box in place. How to install the interior doors with your own hands according to the instructions? The design is placed in an upright position and leveled. In order not to be mistaken, the construction level is applied. When the work is carried out by one person, it is better to fix the structure with struts, from pieces of wood.

Door installation instruction

After that, you need to check the canvas for the possibility of opening and closing the door. If problems arise during opening, adjustments must be made to the calculations. Also, during the installation process, bars are used. When the desired level of disclosure is reached, the permanent fixation of the box begins. How does this happen:

  • Wedges are fixed on the sides of the upper cross member. After there is a fastening to racks.
  • Further along the entire height, the same wedges are fixed. It is necessary to apply a level in the work so as not to disturb the evenness of the surface.
Do-it-yourself door installation

Only after installation can you begin to fasten the structure so that it can already withstand the door.

How is the structure attached?

The box must be securely attached to the screws to the side walls. You need to try to hide these places, for example, under lock and loop. To do this, initially perform holes for the fastener. After the screw is screwed with a recess of the cap. If it turns out unreliably, then use self-tapping screws, and remove the caps with caps.

Secret plates are sometimes used. They are fixed in advance. Their advantage is that you do not need to drill the box. Also, thanks to countersunk plates, fasteners are not visible, but few choose this method.


Then you have to fill the space between the box and the wall. Many do not do this to the end, but do not forget that the level of sound insulation will depend on their filling. 2/3 of the total filling area is enough. In order to not get a big crush, you need to mount temporary struts inside. After the foam dries, they are removed.


It was a step-by-step instruction for installing doors with your own hands. But in addition you need to make a few more operations. How to do the installation of an interior door with your own hands? The step-by-step instruction says that the next step is fixing the loops. When each step is performed correctly and without disturbances, the loops are screwed to a permanent place. This is done before hanging the canvas. If you carefully read the instructions, it will become clear that markings for this part of the structure were previously made.

If they were made in advance, then it will not be difficult to place the loops in place. Initially, this is done on the box and only then on the canvas. If something turns out wrong, you need to apply the level again and see that the door opens and closes without difficulty. Do not forget that it can open in one direction, and sometimes both. If people with disabilities are in the house or apartment, then the second option will be appropriate, as well as the complete absence of a threshold.

Final work

Once the installation work is completed, we can assume that the most difficult is behind. Then it remains to fix the lining. Some people think that it is better to fix it to glue. The construction level is applied in the process, as external data matters. In extreme cases, you can use small cloves or staples. When installing the cladding, it is important for us to hide all fasteners as much as possible.

Do-it-yourself door installation step by step instructions

The overlay and fixing of loops are quite simple actions, because there are grooves for them. You only need to make holes with a drill and drive the screws. No need to choose a large drill, as this can lead to the formation of cracks in the canvas. Under the lock you need to make a hole in the door, and on the box - a recess under the tongue. In the process, you can use any valid device, but accuracy should always be in the first place. It is necessary to constantly measure and check with them, so as not to remove the excess.

When the room is large, and the opening has a non-standard shape, then swing structures will be appropriate. If the room is small, it will be more convenient to install the compartment doors with your own hands. This is the simplest model, not requiring much time and a lot of experience. Such doors can be plastic or wooden. Sold in special packaging, which includes all components. This base is in the form of a square frame into which the accordion door itself is fixed. But the life of such a design can be short-lived, which relates to the downsides.


So, we found out how to install these structures. When the repair in the room is completed, it is time to mount the doors. Most often attract professionals. But without this, you can do if you take into account the information from the article. Because the installation of doors with your own hands is available even to someone who does not have much experience in the construction business. The article has a lot of material that clearly makes it clear what and how is drawn up.


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