How to provide decent care for the elderly? Conditions, professional assistance, benefits

It is very important to ensure proper care for the elderly. An integrated approach is required here, which will include all the necessary aspects. It is difficult for an elderly person, due to his age, to cope with household chores. Nearby there should be someone who helps to manage the household, brightens up loneliness, and provides qualified medical assistance if necessary.

care for the elderly

Comprehensive care for the elderly at home

Caring for the elderly requires great dedication. Sometimes such people are completely helpless, and they need double care. We must be ready at any time to provide the necessary assistance. In addition to the standard housework and cooking, moral support is important - older people feel more lonely, they often want to talk. It is necessary to help in maintaining personal hygiene, as well as monitor the regimen (walks in the fresh air, proper nutrition, adequate sleep).

Probably there are no people on earth who would not have a single disease in old age. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the health of a loved one, to go together to see a doctor, to control the intake of medicines prescribed by a specialist.

An elderly person should not feel like a burden for relatives - you should not distinguish it as a separate unit. He should participate in family affairs (you can share news, ask for advice), provide all possible assistance (for example, check how your grandchildren completed their homework).

When you need professional help in caring for an elderly person

For certain reasons, a loved one cannot always provide proper care for elderly relatives. In order not to become mentally and physically weak, he must have assistants who can change him if necessary. Thus, the quality of care will not be affected.

Assistants can be both other relatives and professionals in this area - nursing home carers.

How to choose a nurse:

care for the elderly

  1. The elderly often change their mood, they can become irritable, moody, finicky. We need a patient, decent person who has a well-developed sense of tact. Smiling, friendly, respecting old age.
  2. The applicant for the role of a nurse must take into account all the wishes of the client, comply with acceptable requirements. It is desirable that there is experience with older people, a medical education and positive recommendations.
  3. A person should be able to delicately perform sanitary and hygienic procedures.

What is usually the responsibility of a caregiver :

  • domestic services (cleaning, washing);
  • cooking food;
  • follow the doctor’s instructions;
  • psychological help;
  • leisure activities (sleep, walk).

Disabled Care

Caring for the elderly disabled, especially bedridden patients, requires increased, sometimes every minute, supervision. A person who is nearby must understand what help should be provided in a particular situation, a clear algorithm of actions is needed.

Extensive knowledge is needed in medicine and certain techniques (for example, in the fight against pressure sores). For some diseases, you need a special set of exercises and massage. You need to be able to make a menu, grind food, change clothes in a timely manner, change bedding - be prepared to solve any problems that may arise in the process of caring for an elderly disabled person.

If it is not possible to take care of a bed patient on your own or to hire a nurse, you can identify your own person in a boarding house for the elderly, where he will be provided with proper care. Be sure to visit, be aware of the ongoing therapy in order to control the situation.

nursing allowance

Elder care allowance for people over 80

A legally capable person who does not work and does not receive a pension, as well as unemployment benefits , can receive an elderly care allowance if:

  • his ward is disabled and / or has reached the age of 80;
  • he provided the necessary documents, including the consent of the elderly person to care for him and the conclusion of the medical institution that there is a need for constant supervision.

Excluding regional coefficients, since 2008 the amount of compensation has been 1,200 rubles.

The law cannot oblige a person to give love and care to his elderly parents - this should come from the heart. Work, affairs, problems - sometimes there is neither the strength nor the time to take care of yourself and stay with the family: soulmate, children. But do we have a moral right to forget about those who gave birth to us, educated us. About those who devoted their whole life to us, forgetting about sleep and rest. They defended, helped step by step to cope with all the difficulties, our family, the most expensive - mom and dad. When we fell and broke our knees, mother was just as pained, my soul was torn for each of our sorrows in life. Experiences wear out the heart. So can a mother, fragile and defenseless, like we many years ago, withstand the greatest pain - the indifference of her children?

There may be different circumstances in life, but in any case, a person must provide decent care for elderly parents. It is important to give your love and attention to loved ones before it is too late. You can always find time to call your elderly parents, as well as other relatives and say kind words.


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