Connecting to Get.Taxi without intermediaries: reviews and tips

The modern world is developing faster and faster. Every minute counts. When it is not possible to drive your own car, and time does not allow moving on public transport, taxi call services come to the rescue. They are beneficial for both passengers and drivers. This article examines all aspects of connecting to Get.Taxi on your car. Below you will find detailed instructions for working in this system, as well as reviews of other drivers.

The idea of ​​online taxi services

Development began with an idea. It consisted in the desire to make taxis more affordable and cheaper means of transportation than their own car. A couple of years ago, it seemed fantastic. The maintenance of their own fleets, the constant repair of cars, the rental of offices made taxis an inaccessible luxury for most of the population.

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The developers of online platforms for calling a taxi using the application undertook to fix this. After all, an ordinary taxi fleet contains a lot of negative points. The disadvantages include wrapping kilometers, long delivery, high minimum cost. When working with online services, in contrast, a passenger receives a car very quickly. Within 2-7 minutes, the car is already standing and waiting for it, without having to pay the “base price”. The initial cost is 50 rubles. The passenger can travel 500 meters, the distance does not matter.

In addition, if you carefully conduct the calculations, it turns out that it is really more profitable for a resident of a large metropolis to take a taxi. No need to waste time searching for parking, gasoline, repairs, and other "joys" associated with acquiring a car in the property. Services like Get help drivers not to wind extra kilometers in search of customers. With a large number of orders, customers are waiting for drivers literally around every corner.

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What do you need to connect to the service?

In order to connect to Get.Taxi, you need to fulfill a number of requirements:

  • passenger license or IP status;
  • impeccable knowledge of the city (drivers pass a special test);
  • the machine body is intact, and all of its systems are operational;
  • only drivers with foreign cars older than 2014 are allowed to work;
  • high customer service;
  • excellent knowledge of the Russian language;
  • knowledge and observance of traffic rules;
  • Android phone or tablet
  • over 21 years old.

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As you can see, becoming one of Gett drivers is quite difficult. Chinese-made cars (Chevrolet Lacetti or Renault Logan) are not connected to the database. To encourage drivers, passengers have the opportunity to set the number of “stars”: an indicator of how satisfied they are with the trip. Every month, 10% of employees with the lowest grades are excluded from the application database.

How to connect to Get taxi?

The question of connecting to Get.Taxi is asked by many drivers. How to do it without intermediaries?

  1. Register an IP or obtain a license for taxi transportation.
  2. Own or purchase a foreign car no older than 3 years. Cars must be of the Volkswagen Polo class and above.
  3. Take exams to connect to the service.
  4. Install the software on your smartphone.

The process seems far from the easiest, but with due interest, everyone can become a Get driver.

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Pros and cons of service

There are many advantages to the Get.Taxi Moscow application for both drivers and passengers. Drivers do not have to look for customers for a long time. Due to the popularity of the service per day, you can get a minimum of 12 orders. Another plus can be safely attributed to free employment, which the car owner can regulate himself. Such work opens up a sea of ​​opportunities for both earning and leisure.

Work at Get.Taxi is also beneficial in terms of interest on the company. In different cities, this amount varies, but mainly ranges from 15 to 20%. Drivers honestly receive the majority of the money earned without spending extra money on paying dispatchers or deducting an intermediary company. Get.Taxi in Moscow, for example, charges a commission of 17.5% from drivers.

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The main disadvantage of working at Get.Taxi for drivers is the difficulty of connecting. If for some reason you do not pass the initial tests in the company, intermediary companies can offer help. With their influence it is really easier to get a job, but at the same time they require a percentage of orders. When choosing an intermediary, you need to contact only official partners. The price for a mistake in concluding a contract with a suspicious company can be high. Although the network can be read about the "low interest" (1-2% of earnings), in fact they make up 20, or even 30%. Adding to this number the percentage of Get.Taxi itself, it turns out that the driver remains with only half the amount earned.

Comparison with other applications

With high competition between other services, Get.Taxi can withstand roughly the same conditions as Yandex or Uber. Drivers are paid the amount minus 15-20%. In some cases, they pay extra if the driver has “run over” the required number of orders. The software is the most convenient in Uber and Get. Any beginner can easily navigate it. But the real difference between Get.Taxi and its competitors is its own contact center. Specialists working in it monitor the work of employees, customer behavior, and also help drivers get out of difficult situations (canceling an order, accident, etc.).

Drivers reviews

More than 50,000 drivers collaborate in Russia with Get.Taxi. The reviews about this company are mostly positive. Many praise the handy app. Get drivers are happy with the number of orders. Excluding commissions and gasoline, the real amount you can earn in Gett is 40-60 thousand rubles.

Connecting to Get.Taxi on your car allows many people to earn decent money and work with a free schedule along a convenient route.


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