How to find out website hosting and what is DNS

What is website hosting? How to find out where the site "lies"? In human language, the concept of "hosting" sounds like "site location." This is not geographic or any other coordinates. This is a data center that hosts a specific site.

Often, the basis for finding a hoster is not idle curiosity, but quite serious reasons.

How to find out where the website hosting is located geographically?

In most cases, the reason for this kind of search is to collect information about the owner of the web project or virtual store. There are also frequent cases when the name of the hosting is wanted by visitors to some exciting and eye-pleasing Internet project, which is inflamed with a desire to use the services of the same hoster. And vice versa - information is collected by a user who does not want to deal with the service personnel of a particular hosting.

how to find out the site hosting

It’s quite simple to find out the site’s hosting by domain, even an inexperienced beginner will cope with this task. First you need to select one from the list of specialized services (whois services) and, opening it in a browser, drive the name of the domain name into a specially designated dialog box.

After receiving the results of the analysis, the system will provide the applicant with all the information related to the domain name, including information about the site owner and the geographical location of the server.

Sources of the most accurate information, allowing you to get an answer to the question about how to find out the hosting of a site, advanced users of the global network call the following projects: flagfox, wipmania, hostspinder. Closes the list of the best of the best a similar site for Russian-speaking users -

Possible options

Experienced users believe that in solving any issue a backup option is needed - the so-called “Plan B”. This rule applies to the topic of how to find out on what hosting the site is located. As one of the ways to answer this question, old-timers on the World Wide Web sometimes use the following trick: an erroneous search query is intentionally entered into the search box.

know the hosting site by domain

The sequence is as follows: first, the domain name of the existing site is entered into the browser search line, and after the slash icon (slant line), an arbitrary set of letters is driven in. In such cases, as a rule, the 404 error page appears in the active browser window. Next to the error message, you can see the name of the hosting.

The procedure for determining the hosting site. How to find out the name of the hosting by IP

The search sequence consists of identifying the DNS, determining the network where the ip of a particular website is registered, and other information.

how to find out where the site is hosting

The DNS client or resolver installed on the local computer prepares and sends the corresponding request to the DNS server. On the computer of the user who initiated the search, the name of the DNS server, according to the information found on the Internet, is indicated in the "Properties" folder of the TCP / IP data transfer protocol.

By the way, from the information published on the network, we can conclude that, using the first whois service that came across, the applicant does not always immediately get access to the information sought. If this happens, do not despair, but it is better to find a similar search project on the Internet and try again to find the website hosting. How to find out that the research was successful?

Search results should contain the column "Host". In some cases, the page with the hostname can be found after clicking on the hyperlink attached to the server’s IP.

What is DNS and what is it for?

As soon as the World Wide Web became public, it turned out that some users could not remember the addresses of even their (not that of strangers) ip. Given the fact that the human brain remembers literal names much faster than a set of numbers, experts have developed a DNS - hierarchical distributed database.

Initially, the problem was solved by creating a large text file (Hosts.txt), the body of which contained a table of the ratios of computer names and addresses. But as the ranks of users of the global network replenished, Hosts.txt had to be abandoned.

what hosting is the site located on how to find out

In the early eighties of the last century, a new concept appeared in the everyday life of Internet users - the Domain Name Service (DNS).


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