Games at the table for a fun company of adults

A large group of friends, everyone knows each other and are on friendly terms. But something they lack, they need a rallying idea, which will be a game for adults at the table. They can start playing cards or choose computer games on several, stick into the phone in some kind of online game, or they can take and play the mafia or the bottle in the old way, especially if there are girls. But you can go in another, more interesting way.

Friends play

Below is a list of many unconventional and fun adult games.

Don't spill a drop

Like nothing else is suitable for a fun company that wants to play, a cool game at the table. It creates a friendly atmosphere and liberates participants, especially if they were not familiar with each other before. There can be an unlimited number of participants. The game is somewhat similar to the old custom in European countries, where everyone had to drink from one glass filled with alcohol.

The essence and order of the game is as follows:

  1. A large volume glass is selected.
  2. It is transmitted to each guest in a chain, at which time he pours alcohol there. It is recommended not to mix drinks with each other and not to overdo it with the bulk.

The loser is the one who, by his carelessness, spills a drop of alcohol. He will need to drink the entire volume of the glass and give a pompous toast.

Who am I?

This is a really cool adult game at the table, which you can play with different amounts of alcohol consumed. It somewhat resembles the “Mafia”, but without the choice of cards, and the number of characters is limited only by the imagination of the company. You will need:

  1. Paper to be glued to the forehead.
  2. Fun mood.
  3. Marker.

The game takes place according to the following principle:

  1. All participants are pasted on the forehead with a paper with the inscription. Anyone can be depicted on it, be it Adolf Hitler or an ordinary office clerk.
  2. In any sequence, the main thing is that it is convenient for the company, you ask each other questions. In which you are trying to learn something about your character.
  3. You should not be answered directly and immediately give out all the trump cards.

If someone identified their hero, then you can congratulate him - he won. For incorrect answers, penalties are imposed on the player, for example, to drink a glass of wine or any other alcoholic drink.

Funny boys

Guessing game

The game is called so because in a given allotted time a player must guess a certain number of words. As you know from psychology, most people start to panic if they are put in a time frame, so this cool game at the table in the company of friends has the second name "panic". It is worth noting that it will not be possible to play four or three of them; you must definitely have a large and even number of participants.

The essence of the game is described below:

  1. Each participant writes about 20 or 30 words on paper. Overly complex words that cannot be memorized in a short period of time, as well as adjectives and verbs, are excluded.
  2. A string of pieces of paper is thrown into the container or hat of one of the participants.
  3. Participants are divided into pairs, it is desirable that a man and a woman enter into one pair. This promotes rapprochement between the sexes, and also develops thinking, because the brain works differently for men and women, and now you will know what it is said to.
  4. Someone from a couple picks a piece of paper. After reading the written word, he must describe it to his vis-a-vis, and he must guess the conceived. All this happens at a predetermined time. The number of pieces of paper is not limited, it all depends on the guessing speed of one of the players.
  5. Then they change, and action four is repeated.

Take care of the score in advance, because the winner is the one whose couple guessed the most words.

Sign Language, or "I'm an Actor"

Cool game for adults at the table, which came to us straight from childhood. In your company, someone will have to be the host and, unfortunately, miss one game. Give preference to the most talkative and less drunk, so that there are no lascivious jokes and silly words. For those who have forgotten the rules, they are described below:

  1. The company is divided into 2 or 4 teams, it all depends on the number of people.
  2. In each group, a leader is chosen who will show you the word. And here give preference to the most artistic, so that there are more chances to win.
  3. The captain of the team comes to the leader, and he makes him a secret word.
  4. Without using the language, but only with the help of facial expressions, the captain tries to show the hidden word.

The team that guesses the most words wins.

Tower of babel

It bears such a name, because in the end it will still be destroyed. And the higher the tower, the more disagreement there will be between the participants. You will need dominoes or cards, because this is a real table game at the table. Its essence is simple:

  1. The first player lays the foundation for the tower.
  2. The second continues his work.
  3. If someone destroys a building, he is eliminated from the game or subjected to penalties. For example, you can make him drink a glass of vodka to "improve" his coordination.

As a rule, it is almost impossible to win such a game. And especially if your opponents are in a state of pleasure. But if you still managed to build a tower, then move on to the next contest.

Do you remember what you ate yesterday?

The name, of course, is literal and does not carry much meaning. This will be a fun game for adults at the table only if they are pretty taken to the chest. No requisites for the game are needed, but a facilitator is needed, the game will begin with it, the essence of which is described below:

  1. The host chooses any letter and names it. And other players should name any product that begins with a hidden letter.
  2. Whoever first guesses, he takes the place of the leader and continues the game.

The winner is the person who was able to name the largest number of words in hidden letters. As a prize, he can add more alcohol.

Unknown game

Riddle Box

One of the funniest games at the table. For her, nothing special is needed, you only need a box and various items of an extraordinary shape. That they had a "two-digit" form, and to say exactly what it is, was impossible. The essence of the game:

  1. A hole is made in the box for a person’s hand.
  2. The facilitator lays certain objects there and catches fear on the other participants. You can even say that in the box there is a snake or something more terrible. The truthfulness of statements is absolutely not important, the main thing is to scare.
  3. The participant of the show sticks his hand in the box and tries to guess what is there.

The winner is the one who guesses the most items.

Funny guy

Do you respect me?

The most fun table game for men in their prime. The story of the game goes into cliched films, where drunken heroes constantly ask each other: "Do you respect me?" Here is such a game order:

  1. All take a little on the chest and are divided into pairs.
  2. Talk about life is not easy.
  3. When bringing to a certain condition of alcohol in the blood, one of the players must ask the other whether he respects him. And he must answer why he respects him, or vice versa.

The winner is the pair of players who came up with the most ridiculous and fun explanation.

Gift in foil

At its core, it is very similar to the Box Puzzle game. And she got the name because of the specific presentation of the gift to the winner. It is played as a table game for a group of adults at a table. When playing, you must adhere to the following order:

  1. Pre-purchased foil and various items, it can be either sweets or something inedible.
  2. The object is wrapped in several layers of foil. And in each layer of the player there is a piece of paper with 18+ children's or other riddles.
  3. Correctly answering questions in riddles, a person unfolds one layer of foil.
  4. If he makes a mistake, then the item is transferred to the next player.

As a result, the prize is the one who unrolled the last sheet of foil. He receives a treasured gift.

Card game


The most difficult table game for adults if they are under the influence of alcohol. The main goal of the game is equanimity, and now we will understand what we are talking about:

  1. Friends are divided into two warring factions.
  2. Sit down opposite each other.
  3. One of the groups is trying to ridicule the unperturbed comrades, but, as is understandable, the goal of others is not to laugh.

The winner is the most serious of the company of friends, he gets some symbolic prize in the form of a glass of vodka to make it more fun.

Guess the melody, or find the meaning in my words

A truly unique table game for the company at the table. Its essence boils down to an attempt to single out keywords from a friend’s suggestions and make up the whole picture from them. Rules of the game:

  1. There will be no teams, only one participant absent from all. The rest of the company recalls the tune, a famous passage from the book and the like.
  2. Words from the passage are understood by all members of the group.
  3. Then the departed now returns.
  4. The facilitator asks each one a question, and they must answer them using his own word.
  5. And the one who came should highlight the keywords and guess the melody or famous phrase and so on.

The game lasts an unlimited amount of time, and there can be no winners in it.

funny company


Great game at the table for the anniversary of your friends. Especially suitable if the hero of the day is a creative person and will allow guests to express their "I". Briefly the essence of the game, divided into points:

  1. Everyone scattered around the room so as not to copy-paste the work of others.
  2. The presenter gives the participants a pen and a leaflet, preferably in A4 format.
  3. Any letter that the presenter chooses is called.
  4. The task of the participants is to draw on this letter a drawing dedicated to the hero of the day.

The winner is the one who draws the most original and cool drawing, and whose work will be appreciated by all members of the groups.

Magic bag

Suitable as a game at the table on the birthday of your friend. But you have to take it on your chest to make the tasks more interesting, and the competitions more fun. As a rule, adults are not optimistic, but in order to become them, you need to “dabble” a little. The essence of the game is extremely simple and is described below:

  1. It doesn’t matter where, but a dense bag is taken so that it does not let light in and objects that are in it are not visible.
  2. Each participant expropriates a personal item and throws it into a bag.
  3. Any of the participants takes out a random thing.
  4. The one whose thing is doing the job of the one who took it.

The one who came up with the most original task and who completed it comes out victorious and receives a sweet prize. And if the owner of the thing does not feel sorry for her, then you can give it to her.

Friendly people


A familiar game for the company at the table. Its coolness was proved by time, and who only in childhood did not play it. Therefore, we should rather start refreshing the information in our memory:

  1. Any empty bottle is selected, it is also possible from lemonade.
  2. Participants form a complete circle so that there are no gaps.
  3. The game takes place clockwise or counterclockwise, pre-specify this moment among themselves.
  4. So, the player begins to spin the bottle.
  5. The player pointed to by the bottle cuddles or kisses the one who twisted it.

There are no winners, although you yourself can determine the most original kiss by the results of democratic voting.

Intuitive fantasy

During the game, the brain is activated to the maximum amount. This is an extremely interesting game for the company of adults at the table. Its coolness lies in the human sense of perspective, now we’ll figure out what's what:

  1. The host chooses a drawing in advance.
  2. It is disassembled into small parts. For example, if there is a lion in the picture, then part of the tail, eyes, a little body and paw remains from it.
  3. Drawings that require further development are distributed to all participants.
  4. Their task is to complete the picture.

It is advisable to use a printer in the game, so that all the original drawings consist of the same elements. The drawing that most reflects the essence of the source wins.

Loung and dance

An original game for greater fun, it is definitely worth taking a little bit of alcohol here. This will contribute to relaxation, destroy the complexes, and you will dance like in youth. A very interesting event if you are tired of typical games at the table. The bottom line is this:

  1. One presenter is selected, who will also work part-time as a DJ.
  2. Fun music is played, and the presenter calls any part of the body.
  3. The rest of the participants try to dance to her.

The most original and extraordinary dancer wins here. And do not limit yourself to the banal parts of the body, let it be ears or something else.

games for company

Warming up

The perfect game at the table to help you get started on an alcohol event. And after all, everyone should participate, and only the lucky ones can remain sober. The order of the game is as follows:

  1. Three glasses are taken.
  2. In the first and second poured vodka or any other transparent alcoholic drink, and in the third - water.
  3. The player’s task is to choose a glass with non-alcoholic liquid. Of course, someone wants the opposite, and let it be so for him.

There are no winners here, the game acts as preparatory for other events.

Pick a pair

This game is not suitable for all companies. There should not be relatives or ready-made couples, otherwise nothing good will come out of the game. There should also be an approximately equal number of boys and girls. The essence of the game:

  1. The company is divided by gender into boys and girls.
  2. Girls go into a closed room, preferably as soundproof as possible.
  3. They make themselves a man.
  4. The guys at this time wait until they call the first of them. He will have to guess the one that chose him.
  5. If he is mistaken, he receives a delicious slap in the face and leaves the door. If successful, he remains in the room, but does not show any signs of attention to the girl who chose him. This is to ensure that others do not guess about their connection.

This game is perfect for forming new couples in the company and showing sympathy, which in other circumstances was shy to show.

Music Box

As in most similar games, it is not recommended to use the game in a circle of relatives or same-sex participants. But if your relatives are rather liberated people, then they will definitely like this game. The bottom line is this:

  1. Any box that can fit in a person’s hand and not slip out is chosen.
  2. The DJ turns on the music, while he must be with his back to the participants of the game.
  3. When the music stops abruptly, the one in whose hands the casket has stopped takes off one unit of clothing.

The winner is the most dressed person.

Analogies in meaning

A game at the table that suits intellectuals and people with fast brain reactions. You don’t need to drink here, because you have to think a lot and think a few steps ahead. How to play it is described below:

  1. The company sits at the table, and any word is chosen.
  2. Clockwise, everyone should pronounce a word that would be as close as possible in associations to the mystery. For example, “table” is specified, others say “leg”, since it is part of the table, or “tree”, since this consists of a table and so on.

The winner is the one who thinks and leads the most unusual associations faster than anyone. And in order to somehow equalize the chances, give him a glass of a pleasure drink as a prize.

Blitz Question

The growing trend has found its place in table games for adults. This event is aimed at improving interpersonal contacts between people in the company.

  1. Everyone is involved, but a direct interaction takes place between two individuals.
  2. They ask each other questions and answer them honestly.
  3. As soon as everyone is finished, each participant must submit his vis-a-vis. He calls his personal qualities, what he is fond of and so on.

The outsiders are those who least collected information about their counterpart in the allotted time.

Rhymes and Punches

Do not do in this game without a leader. He will lead the game, the essence of which is as follows:

  1. Participants sit on chairs or can stand.
  2. The facilitator speaks any word in the nominative case and addresses this to the audience.
  3. One who comes up with the most original rhyme replaces the leader, and so it goes on ad infinitum;

The most active player who invented the most rhyme wins.

How to diversify the games at the table

First, try to come up with something personally of your own or use collective integration and create a new one together. This will help you to unite and get to know each other better, as well as improve your skills in the company.

Or pretty drink, because then all the barriers are erased, and any game will seem the most fun and fun, all the girls - beauties, and you - courageous macho. To maintain your health, do not abuse alcohol, control the amount of alcohol drunk so that the next morning you can remember how fun games were held in the company.

Nowadays, drinking alcohol is losing its relevance, and this is no longer cool, as it was in the 1990s. Now young people play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. Do you take care of yourself and your health?


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