How to make gifts for veterans on May 9 with their own hands?

Unfortunately, every year less and less veterans celebrate the day of the Great Victory with us. All of them have lived a difficult long life and deserve our attention not only on holidays, but also on all other days of the year. Even the smallest child with the help of an adult can make gifts for veterans on May 9 with their own hands. Such a joint pastime of parents and children will not only make it possible to please those who, in the days of their youth, bravely went into battle and defeated fascism, but also help to raise a child in the spirit of patriotism and love for the motherland.

nice gifts to veterans on May 9 do it yourself


The simplest gifts for veterans on May 9 with their own hands can be prepared from colored paper and cocktail tubes. To do this, cut two circles of yellow cardboard with a diameter of 3 cm and 8 strips of red or white paper about 10 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide. In addition, you will need a St. George ribbon. If it is not, then such an ornament can be made by gluing two strips of orange onto black paper. To collect the flower, double-bent strips of petals are glued to the first circle, which are arranged in a circle. A tube is applied to the outside of the core, and a second circle is pressed on top, smeared with glue from the inside. When the flower is ready, cut the ends of the St. George ribbon to get two cloves, and glue to the stem. You can also take a textile black and orange ribbon, in which case it is better to just tie it to a tube.


To make traditional gifts for veterans on May 9 with their own hands in the form of postcards, you will need colored cardboard and paper, as well as scissors, brushes, glue and felt-tip pens.

how to make original gifts to veterans on May 9 do it yourself

You can come up with a variety of options for such crafts. They can be voluminous, with applique or drawn. You can also print holiday symbols on the printer and use it as a part for making postcards. For example, a postcard with the silhouette of the Monument to the Soviet soldier-winner in Treptower Park in Berlin will look interesting. It can be supplemented with the inscription "May 9", and next to stick several voluminous paper carnations. To make them, you will need to cut 8-9 circles of small diameter from corrugated paper, make a fringe along the edge and, laying on top of each other, glue in the middle. Then the petals should be lightly tattered to make the flower look like a lush clove.

how to make useful gifts for veterans on May 9 do it yourself

How to make useful gifts for veterans on May 9 do it yourself

Postcards and flowers are, of course, wonderful, but older people will be more pleased with something more practical. For example, together with a child, you can make felt slippers for a veteran. To do this, you need the pattern shown in the photo. To make the product more durable and presentable, mothers can process all the slices on a sewing machine with a zigzag seam or trim them with braid. In conclusion, you can instruct the child to sew large bright buttons on the slippers. He can give such a gift to a veteran both separately and with a holiday card. This useful present will surely please the veteran and will be a testament to the care and respect of the grandson.

how to make gifts to veterans on May 9 do it yourself

An interesting and useful craft will come out of a plastic bottle for shampoo. If you cut out a part of it so that you get a pocket and make a special hole in the size of the plug of the charger of your mobile phone, you get an original suspension for this gadget.

Nice gifts to veterans on May 9 do-it-yourself

Instead of a banal bouquet on May 9, you can present the original flower arrangement in the form of a star to great-grandfather or another relative or neighbor whose youth passed in the powder smoke of the Second World War. It is quite simple and you can easily make it yourself. To do this, it is necessary to cut a five-pointed star from a floral sponge and draw it around the edge with leaves, securing them with a stapler. You can use a dark green glossy ribbon. Then you should take large red carnations or gerberas and fix them on the surface of the star so that the sponge is not visible. In conclusion, the composition can be decorated with a St. George ribbon and / or badge with the corresponding symbols.

gifts to veterans on May 9 do it yourself origami

Gift from CD

If you do not know how to make gifts for veterans on May 9 with your own hands, then take a look at a simple option from the CD. To make it, you will need one old CD, tape or braid, colored and corrugated paper in different colors, glue and scissors. The work is performed in the following order:

  • three circles of different colors with a diameter equal to the diameter of the CD are cut out of paper;
  • two circles are glued to the disk, and under the wrong side they put a ribbon in the form of a loop so that it can be hung on an craft when it is ready;
  • a circle of smaller diameter is cut from the third workpiece so that a strip of 2 cm width is obtained;
  • stick a strip in the form of a circle on the outside of the crafts as edging;
  • the number 9 and the letters "M", "A" and "Z" are cut out of paper;
  • decorate them with a disk;
  • cloves are made from corrugated paper as described above;
  • glue flowers onto a disc on top of colored paper;
  • stick St. George ribbon.


Do not know how to make gifts for veterans on May 9 with your own hands? Origami can be an interesting option for such crafts. For example, even the smallest child can try to make a star in this technique that will decorate a postcard or floral arrangement.

To do this, you will need:

  • take five squares of the same size, which need to be bent so that the folds divide each of them into 4 parts;
  • bend the corners to the center;
  • straighten two opposite;
  • bend each detail diagonally;
  • take one blank and tuck the second into it so that its left corner is inside the right corner of the first part;
  • do the same with all other parts, getting folds up and down.

DIY gifts for veterans on May 9

Plate with photo

Original gifts for veterans on May 9 with their own hands will be able to make using old photographs of the Second World War. To do this, find a photo of the soldier to whom the souvenir is intended, or download a suitable wartime picture from the Internet, for example, depicting the hoisting of the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag. Scan the photo and print it on the printer. Cut it in the form of a circle of the desired diameter and stick it in the center of the old plate. Coat with a layer of clear varnish. Paint the sides of the plate with indelible (preferably stained-glass) paints . For decoration, you can also make a laurel branch from salt dough, paint it green and stick it next to the photo.

Now you know how to make original gifts for veterans on May 9 with your own hands and can help your children prepare for this great holiday.


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