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The versatility of the Iveco EuroCargo truck became the key to its success: it is not only distinguished by its solid capacity, but also by its maneuverability and ease of operation even in small sections and central streets of the city. At the same time, the characteristics of Iveco Eurocargo for long-distance cargo transportation are pleasantly surprising.

EuroCargo trucks are mainly used for intra-regional and inter-city transportation. Given that long cars are equipped with a berth, they are often used as transport for intercity and interregional transportation, however, drivers in reviews of the Iveco Eurocargo car note that such trips should be carried out only on high-quality roads due to the small clearance of the truck.

Versions of the truck with a 4x2 wheel formula, used mainly for urban and intra-regional transportation, are more popular. More rare and exotic are considered layouts 6x4, 6x4 and 4x4. Iveco trucks occupy an intermediate position between the lightweight Iveco Daily models and the Iveco Stralis trunk models in the company's lineup.

IVECO EuroCargo Owner Reviews


The EuroCargo model was first released in 1991 and became the most popular Iveco model: in total, more than 500 thousand cars were produced during the entire existence of the trucks.

The mass of trucks varies from 7 to 18 tons, depending on the specific modification. All versions are conditionally divided into light and heavy groups. Heavier models, in fact, are equipped with significantly more powerful power units:

  • Engines with a capacity of 130 to 210 horsepower are installed on trucks weighing from 6 to 10 tons.
  • For cars weighing from 11 to 18 tons - engines with a capacity of 210 to 320 horsepower.

The range of power units installed on the Iveco Eurocargo, has eight engine options.

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Engine range

Four and six cylinder diesel engines are installed on EuroCargo trucks. The first are represented by 3.9-liter engines with a capacity of 130, 150 and 170 horsepower. The group of six-cylinder power units is represented by engines of 5.88 liters and power of 180, 210, 240, 280 and 320 horsepower.

All motors belong to the Tector series and are equipped with a common rail electronic injection system with a bypass valve and a turbocharger and meet all EEV requirements. Efficiency and reduced fuel consumption by 5% are guaranteed by SCR technology and a special AdBlue additive.

Characteristic features of Tector engines are ease of maintenance, reliable operation and low weight. The SCR system, unlike the EGR exhaust gas recirculation system, does not return the exhaust gas back to the combustion chamber, which is seen as a definite advantage in reviews of Iveco Eurocargo. The characteristics of Tector engines make them one of the best in their class in the following areas:

  • Optimum ratio of working volume and torque.
  • High-performance engine operation, smooth movement and rare gear changes are guaranteed to achieve maximum torque at low speeds and maintain it over a wide range.
  • Minimum costs for maintenance and operation: replacement of engine oil is required every 80 thousand kilometers, transmission - every 300 thousand.
  • A huge advantage for the urban truck, noted by the owners of "Iveco Eurocargo" in the reviews, is silent operation.

The basic modification of Iveco trucks is equipped with a 115-liter fuel tank. An additional option is to increase the volume of the tank up to 200 liters.

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Iveco Eurocargo trucks are equipped with five different types of transmissions:

  • Five-, six- and nine-speed manual gearbox ZF with manual control.
  • Eurotronic-6 six-band robotic transmission with gear selector located on the steering column.
  • Five-speed automatic transmission Allison.

Chassis and brakes

The EuroCargo design is based on a chassis made of high-alloy steel with a flat plane, which allows mounting bodies of various lengths - from 4,135 to 10,550 meters.

The front and rear Iveco trucks are fitted with multi-leaf or parabolic springs, and behind - pneumatic rear suspension. A choice of ECAS electronically controlled air suspension allows you to manually adjust the loading height of the frame.

The truck brake system is fully ventilated disc drive with hydraulic drive with vacuum booster. An additional motor brake significantly improves overall safety. Heavy modifications EuroCargo equipped with brake mechanisms with pneumatic drive.

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Responses of Iveco Eurocargo owners

The decisive factor in favor of buying Iveco EuroCargo for many motorists is the affordable cost of trucks: unlike their European counterparts - Mercedes, Man and others - they cost significantly less.

All Iveco Eurocargo owners in their reviews point to a high level of comfort when working "on board": for example, the truckโ€™s cab is equipped with single seats borrowed from the Iveco Stralls main tractor.

Advantages include a high landing, good sound insulation and excellent visibility provided by wide glass and six exterior mirrors. Parking is greatly facilitated by a small window located on the right door.

Ease and simplicity of management is another plus, for which the owners of Iveco Eurocargo are very flattering about the trucks in the reviews. The presence of a power steering facilitates the rotation of the steering wheel and makes it smoother. Despite the rather large dimensions, Iveco cars are very maneuverable even in urban streets. The driver's seat is equipped with a wide range of settings and reduces the load on the lumbar during long trips. Separately, it is worth noting a good head optics and fog lights.

The car is very economical not only in terms of fuel consumption, but also in terms of maintenance and operation: in the combined cycle, the truck consumes 16-18 liters of diesel fuel per 100 kilometers. Many models are equipped with GPS-navigators with fuel level sensors and walkie-talkies.

Owners of "Iveco Eurocargo" in the reviews note the confident behavior of the truck during long-haul flights and especially on the routes. Acceleration dynamics and high-speed threshold in many respects resemble passenger cars with one exception - dimensions. The speed of 100 km / h is maintained at 2000 rpm, regardless of the load of Iveco EuroCargo.

Against the background of the advantages of the truck, its disadvantages are somewhat lost. One of the most controversial points in the reviews of the owners of Iveco Eurocargo is a small ground clearance, which is not very convenient for trips on Russian roads. The dashboard is finished with cheap plastic, it would be advisable to increase the cross-section of the wires, since they are easily frayed by cambric, the transmission, according to some owners, is too short. Overloading the car, of course, is not worth it - you should adhere to the values โ€‹โ€‹indicated in the technical passport. Spare parts are difficult to find on the Russian market, which is why they have to be ordered and wait a long time.

Despite the presence of certain controversial issues, the experience of the actual operation and the feedback of the Iveco Eurocargo owners confirm the good reputation of the car as one of the best universal medium tonnage trucks in the world, suitable for operation in any conditions and for performing various, sometimes very specific, tasks.

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Prices for Iveco EuroCargo

Official Russian dealers offer Iveco trucks for at least 4 million rubles. Since the LEuroCargo model is one of the most popular and widespread, it can also be purchased at the secondary car market. Car versions of the 90s of the production will cost 250-700 thousand rubles, for models of the 2000s they will have to pay up to 1.7 million rubles. The most expensive cars of 2010 are considered to be the most expensive: the prices for them vary from 1.5 to 3 million rubles, depending on the configuration, technical condition and appearance. Before buying, it is advisable to inspect the Iveco Eurocargo by photo and be sure to - on the spot, ideally - together with a trusted mechanic who can determine the real condition of the car.

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