Taxi "Chocolate": driver reviews, conditions and description

Taxi Chocolate is a young Moscow company operating in the field of passenger transportation. It employs very ambitious people who know the market firsthand. In the park only at the moment there are more than 200 cars of the comfort and economy class. All cars are painted in a light chocolate shade, equipped with special checkers and child seats. Judging by the reviews of drivers about the taxi "Chocolate", the cars are quite comfortable and cozy.

taxi Chocolate drivers reviews

Company's mission

The company is headed by professionals. They consider their mission to provide passengers with a truly “chocolate” service. As it is written on the official website, they are ready to do everything so that each client feels “chocolate”, from the moment of landing to arrival at the place. For this, the drivers hired by the management serve a beautiful taxi with pleasant music and a delicious smell. At the same time, they will give each passenger a chocolate bar.

Benefits for regular customers

To use the transportation services in Moscow and the region, it is worth calling by phone in a taxi "Chocolate". Dial should be the number indicated on the site. After a few beeps, a polite dispatcher will answer, to whom you can tell where you are coming from and where. It is worth noting that even in negative reviews of drivers about the Chocolate taxi, the politeness of people "on the other side of the tube" always says in a positive way.

Additional advantages of the company for ordinary passengers include:

  • serving only clean and beautiful cars - real “chocolates”;
  • good rates for a trip around the city;
  • the opportunity to meet at the airport with a sign and help with luggage;
  • lack of additional charges for oversized cargo ;
  • free travel for children accompanied by adults.

In addition, all guests of the capital, without exception, drivers can help with obtaining additional information, if necessary.

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Benefits for Corporate Clients

For businessmen and companies that plan to travel employees somewhere, the benefits and conditions of the Chocolate Taxi are as follows:

  • supply of foreign cars not older than 3 years;
  • the possibility of a trip with the symbols of the customer company and without it;
  • the ability to move through designated lanes;
  • the presence of a personal manager;
  • the ability to pay after the fact;
  • special prices and features;
  • the possibility of obtaining additional services.

Drivers are also ready to provide corporate clients with all the documents necessary for reporting.

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Service "Taxi for a day"

Taxi Chocolate is also ready to provide any of its cars for a day to corporate clients or those who take a comfort class car. After the order, a driver with a car arrives at your disposal, he is ready to fulfill almost any of your instructions. Detailed rates are indicated on the website. Payment for trips is made at 100% amount before making them.


You can look at the Chocolate tariffs at any time on the official website, they are painted there in more detail. In general, the prices are as follows:

  • Feeding up to 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road is free of charge, outside the Moscow Ring Road + 10 rubles / km.
  • Meeting at the airport - the cost of the trip + 200 rubles. + payment of the taxi driver’s expectation of you or your guests.
  • Weekends and holidays - the Night tariff is applied around the clock.
  • Free waiting - 10 minutes, then - according to the tariff.
  • The cost of car equipment for a child seat is +100 rubles.

In principle, for Moscow these are quite affordable prices.

Taxi Chocolate fares

Jobs and conditions

All residents of Russia (Muscovites and those who can come to the shift) are ready to offer a taxi "Chocolate" work in Moscow. Driver reviews indicate that it’s worth trying to earn money here. Moreover, you can be hired as a taxi driver without collateral, rent and all kinds of commissions. As the company’s employees write on their website, earnings in a Chocolate taxi can range from 70 thousand rubles. per month. If we talk about other benefits, taxi Chocolate also offers all its employees:

  • the opportunity to undergo free training;
  • connection to various market aggregators - Uber, Yandex.Taxi or Gett;
  • the ability to receive orders from its own dispatching company;
  • lack of costs for maintenance, gasoline and washing (all this the company takes upon itself);
  • the ability to work on modern Kia Cee'd cars (all cars are not older than 1 year old, equipped with an automatic transmission);
  • the presence of a hostel for nonresident (from 250 rubles for 1 day).

If you are interested in what are the working conditions for the Chocolate Taxi, then this:

  • work schedule - 1/1 (that is, a day after a day);
  • salary - from 70 thousand rubles., calculation - twice a month;
  • the presence of special licenses to bypass traffic jams (provided for each car);
  • the opportunity to work even if you do not know Moscow.

For all applicants for the position of driver in a taxi "Chocolate" the following requirements are met:

  • the ability to use Yandex.Navigator;
  • compliance with all traffic rules;
  • ability to drive a car with automatic transmission;
  • length of service as a driver - at least 5 years;
  • the presence of a Russian driver's license;
  • citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • competent speech and neat appearance.


  1. Individual approach to ordinary and corporate clients.
  2. Delivery of chocolates to each passenger.
  3. Transportation of people in the "taxi" mode.

Despite the presence of a large number of requirements, drivers in reviews of working in the Chocolate taxi say that it’s easy to start working with the company, the main thing is to correctly answer the many questions that employers will ask you. But to make good money, you have to work hard.

taxi job Chocolate driver reviews

Employment by a taxi driver

If you go to the official website or read the reviews of taxi drivers “Chocolate”, it becomes clear that contacting the company in order to find a job is possible in three ways:

  1. Fill out the form on the page "Jobs".
  2. Call the phone number that is on the site.
  3. To arrive at the address indicated in the “Contacts” (Moscow, 1st Nagatinky passage, 15).

In any of these cases, you will first need to talk with the Chocolate Taxi managers. If everything goes well, you will first be offered to undergo training, and then connected to the control room. Next, it will be necessary to take out and pick up the car, get on the line. That's all, you can start earning.

Positive feedback from drivers about taxi "Chocolate"

The reviews of the company's employees are divided almost in half: about 40% are positive and about the same negative, the rest are neutral. The first are:

  • the presence of brand new comfortable cars (nice to drive);
  • convenient work schedule (you can adjust for yourself);
  • gasoline, tires, maintenance, washing - all this is at the expense of the company;
  • timely payments and work in pleasure;
  • compensation for refining that sometimes occurs.

In addition, according to reviews of taxi drivers "Chocolate", managers can "close their eyes" to some shortcomings.

Negative feedback from employees

Many drivers speak about the Chocolate Taxi not so flattering. In their negative reviews about working for the company, they write that:

  1. Managers do not pay extra money to ordinary drivers.
  2. Do not return the franchise (about 30 thousand rubles) and the deposit if the driver does not work for 2 months, and thereby do not comply with the conditions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation upon dismissal.
  3. Pay only 10% of the order value.
  4. They deceive hiring people: they write one thing in advertising, and when you arrive, the conditions turn out to be different.
  5. Do not appreciate professionals.

In addition, some drivers recommend not to indicate in the resume that there is a personal car and not to ask smart questions. Then the attitude of the company's managers will be more loyal.

Taxi Chocolate What conditions


It is worth noting that reviews about working in the Chocolate taxi, written by different people, sometimes strongly contradict each other. Why it happens? Most likely, due to the carelessness of the drivers themselves, getting a job. Future taxi drivers can recommend:

  1. Do not be afraid to ask questions at the interview to managers, if any. If the experts do not answer, then it is better to turn around and leave. There is a lot of work in Moscow, enough for everyone.
  2. Do not agree to work if something does not suit you. There are other taxis in the city, you can find where to go to work.
  3. Carefully read all the contracts that are subject to signing. This is necessary in order to know exactly what conditions and requirements the company makes.

In addition, you should not hope that if you are first approached with some kind of arrogance, you can even say rude, after entering the post, something will change. Appreciate yourself and your own time.

Customer reviews of the Chocolate Taxi

Oddly enough, there are no negative reviews about the work of the Chocolate taxi in this case. People who have used his services at least once write that cars always arrive on time. Cars - clean, tidy, brand new. Drivers are polite and competent. The passengers are treated to chocolates, and when driving, they comply with all traffic rules. They deliver to the right place very quickly.

In addition, former passengers write that taxis are very beautiful, painted in a pleasant brown color. Inside, it smells like chocolate. If suddenly the company cannot fulfill the order for any reason, it independently transfers the order to another agency, while the tariff remains the same. Interestingly, most of all children like to ride this taxi. Still would! After all, each of them gives the driver a sweet treat. Also, many clients write that they are ready to once again use the services of "Taxi" and recommend it to others. So the service is up to par.

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Taxi "Chocolate" in the video of Anna Sedokova

On October 5, 2017, Anna Sedokova hosted the premiere of the video “Not Your Fault”. It is interesting that the famous singer chose “Chocolate” taxi from many others. The fact is that according to the scenario, she had to run out of a luxurious mansion after a night with her beloved man, and to meet her there was to go a whole string of taxis in which women in pink dresses similar to hers were sitting. These cars stop in a group at the cottage, but not one of them picks up a suffering girl.

It is worth noting that the company was pleased to take part in the filming of the video, as a result of which the “chocolate” taxis played the role of “supporting actors”. Anna Sedokova herself, after filming the video, in her video chat with users on very flatteringly spoke about the work of taxis and drivers. She said that she made the right choice. Praised the employees of the company, who went to meet her literally in everything. I recommended everyone to use the services of this wonderful service. So, I think this really should be done!


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