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The reviews about Transservice-95 will help potential customers of this company immediately understand whether it is worth contacting for help in solving their problems. This is a large and well-known authorized service center that has been providing its services in the market for more than 20 years. This company specializes in the installation and professional repair of any consumer electronics.


Transservice Company in Moscow

Reviews about Transservice-95 are different, therefore, to understand what this company really stands for, you should carefully study it.

The company was founded in 1993, when, on the basis of a store that sold foreign household appliances, it was decided to create a service center for its maintenance and repair. By the way, in the future the company M-Video has grown out of this store, which is currently considered one of the most famous and successful in its segment. Initially, it was decided to send to this center all the equipment that was returned by customers in connection with the breakdown, as well as that which had not passed pre-sale training.

Currently, a small service center has grown into a whole group of companies, which includes branches in many cities and regions of the Russian Federation. Today, Transservice LLC has its representative offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk. The company says that in all branches, employees are committed to providing customers with high-quality service for maintenance and repair of household appliances. There is an opportunity to ask for help in the warranty and post-warranty period, order seasonal service.

In the capital itself, there are four service centers. Golovnoy specializes in the repair of audio, television, household and digital equipment. There are also special branches for the repair of embedded and domestic appliances, maintenance and installation of equipment, servicing exclusively corporate customers.


LLC Transservice

The company often declares its advantages, why you should turn to them. Here, customers are guaranteed the repair as soon as possible, the high quality of service, competitive prices, the setup of equipment and its qualified installation, the delivery of equipment for repair from the client’s home or office, competitive and reasonable prices, field service at a convenient time, participation in corporate programs from retail chains and manufacturers.

The company notes that they employ exclusively qualified specialists who are ready to immediately fill out your request for repairs, at any time to inform you about the status of the order, provide complete and detailed information about prices, services and promotions.

Transservice-95 in Nizhny Novgorod and other cities declare that their main goal is to satisfy all the needs of customers, improve the quality of services, exceed the best expectations of consumers, and develop in the interests of their staff, consumers and society.


Work in the transservice company

In the ACS "Transservice-95" provide a full range of services in this direction. For example, organize the installation of household appliances. In case of ordering this service, the specialist leaves the site within three days from the date of execution of the necessary documents. In this case, a one-year warranty is provided for the work, and a two-year guarantee for the service itself.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs are made. For example, if the warranty period for equipment has expired, you can contact the company to help with a paid repair. After preliminary diagnostics and establishing the cause of the breakdown, the preliminary cost of the repair is agreed with the client. The maximum term of the work is three months, but in reality it turns out to be much less. It is determined by the presence or absence of the required part in the warehouse, as well as the overall workload of the service department employees.

The company is famous for providing the opportunity to purchase various parts and accessories of foreign household appliances. About 7,000 items are regularly available that are constantly in stock. Here you can find the widest possible list of items - gaskets, switches, gas valves, hinges, baking sheets, regulators, cable reels. All these spare parts are delivered directly from the manufacturing plant, which guarantees their high quality, such parts will last longer than dubious Chinese counterparts, although they can be much cheaper.


Jobs at transservice

Since modern technology is sophisticated technical devices, real professionals are required to be able to install it in a quality manner. Therefore, this area of ​​work in the company pays special attention.

Due to its structural complexity, the installation of any large-sized one turns into a responsible operation, which only a true professional can do. After all, each type of equipment has its own individual characteristics that you need to know, to delve into all the details. At the same time, the final volume of work directly depends on the readiness of the place where this household appliance will be located; it is necessary to have a sufficient number of points for connecting to electric networks, prepared communications, sewage, gas and water supply.

If such connection points are present, they are ready for use, then the installation is carried out by highly qualified specialists of the company according to the standard scheme, at which costs can be minimized. This is due to the fact that there is no need to carry out work on laying networks. As a result, a small amount of consumable is used, labor costs are reduced. Such an installation will cost significantly less than an installation with a complete installation of all communications. However, it must be emphasized that only a specialist familiar with all the nuances can carry out a qualified installation of household appliances.

In most cases, standard installation is carried out when household appliances are installed instead of the old of the same type. For example, a washing machine that breaks down is replaced with a new one. In this case, it is necessary to adhere to the conditions so that during the initial installation all the requirements of the manufacturer, presented for this type of equipment, are met, all technical documentation is available.

When there is a need for improvements in communications, as a rule, this is determined by a specialist when leaving the place, then the work is carried out by company employees in accordance with existing rates. Each master working in a service center has the necessary conditions for the performance of work of any complexity, the warranty obligations that are provided to the client, the current price list, by which you can check for all items included in the contract.

The company claims that all their employees are highly qualified professionals, they perform work quickly and without serious complaints from most customers. Whether this is the case in reality, it will be possible to establish exactly by analyzing the reviews that are left by those who have personally encountered the activities of this company. Based on them, it will be possible to objectively evaluate how many satisfied customers are and how many are negatively configured.


Employee reviews about the company "Transservice"

Over the years, the company has been led by experienced executives who have long proven their professionalism.

The general director of the company is Yuri Vladimirovich Solomatin. He is helped by: the service director - Alexander Pedchenko, the head of the digital equipment repair department - Andrey Evgenyevich Vyakhirev, the head of the television equipment repair department - Andrei Alexandrovich Bocharov, the head of the small household equipment repair department - Maxim Fedorovich Lobanov, the head of the large repair department household appliances - Mikhail Yuryevich Motat.

Important positions in the company are also held by the head of the technical department Anton Vladimirovich Matveev, the head of the customer service group Alexander Mikhailovich Penderev, the manager for working with corporate clients Dmitry Alexandrovich Ushakov.


Currently, four branches of this company operate in Moscow. The largest and most famous of them is the Warsaw reception center. It is located at 1st Warsaw Ave., 1a, bld. 3, Transservice-95 LLC. Here you are ready to accept the equipment for warranty and post-warranty repair, you can order the necessary parts, spare parts and accessories. While you are waiting for the completion of the diagnosis, you can use the free Internet, charge your phone, drink coffee or tea. This branch is open from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturday the center closes an hour earlier, and on Sunday at 5 p.m. By telephone "Transservice-95" you can clarify any information about the stage of readiness of your order, the availability of certain parts and accessories in stock.

The premium reception center is located at the same address, only it works every day without breaks and days off from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Another reception center operates on the basis of the Taleon Service service center at 60/2 Leninsky Prospekt. This branch is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00, on Saturdays it closes at 17.00, on Sunday it does not work.

The company has its own unified dispatching service. Calls from customers are received on weekdays from 9.00 to 20.00, on Saturdays until 19.00, and on Sundays from 10.00 to 19.00.

The largest branches of the company in the regions of the Russian Federation are located in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. In the Northern capital, you can ask for help on Zagreb Boulevard, building 33, room 7, letter A. In Kazan, the company’s branch is located on 8 Protochnaya Street, and office 115, Nizhny Novgorod, on Artelnaya 29, office.

ACS "Transservice-95" in Yekaterinburg is located on Shartashskaya street, house 10. It works from 9.00 to 21.00 without breaks and weekends.


Customer reviews about the company "Transservice"

The company has a lot of branches in different regions of Russia, therefore employees are regularly required here, vacancies at Transservice LLC are open all year round.

For example, the company currently requires craftsmen to repair small and large household appliances.

Impressions of workers

Reviews about the company "Transservice"

Having learned how influential, reliable and famous this company is, many will want to consider options for cooperation. Indeed, in our time, not everyone can find a good and promising job.

In the reviews of employees about Transservice-95, many note that there are indeed many positive aspects. New employees are issued in accordance with labor legislation, they are given a full social package, the opportunity to take paid leave and sick leave.

True, some note not always fair and adequate authorities, which, if necessary, can fine a negligent employee.

Satisfied customers

Among customer reviews of Transservice-95 there are positive ratings left by users who applied for warranty or post-warranty service.

Some visitors note the high quality of service, the quick deadlines for the implementation of high-quality repairs, to which there are no complaints. However, it is worth recognizing that the overwhelming majority of such customer reviews about Transservice-95 are met. Increasingly, one has to face a completely opposite point of view.


In reviews of the Transservice-95 service center, customers complain about the lack of professionalism of most employees, which manifests itself already at the first contact with them. For example, for many quite a long time, they cannot even diagnose a broken technique in order to figure out what exactly is worthless. Despite the fact that initially it was promised to preliminarily determine the malfunction within half an hour, one can find a significant number of reviews about Transservice-95 LLC, which state that they could not figure out the problems even after a few days. Without even mentioning how to proceed with their elimination. In addition, the very attitude of the receivers is simply disgusting both to customers and to the technology itself. Workers can rude, return the computer with breakdowns, which were not originally there.

In many reviews of Transservice-95 LLC, customers claim that this is the worst service center they have encountered, they cannot even imagine what is worse. The duration of the repair is about a month, and a few more weeks have to be spent just to pick up your equipment. All this confirms the suspicions of incompetence and lack of professionalism of employees from previous reviews of the service center "Transservice-95".

Problems arise literally at all stages: during warranty and post-warranty repair and even installation and installation of equipment. Customers claim that often breakdowns occur after installing air conditioners. In the event of a breakdown in the store, it is recommended to contact just this service center. It is immediately surprising that the master took the time to come to the call only on the 9th day after the appeal, when the application was officially left.

In addition, questions were raised about how he diagnosed. Looking only at the error generated by the air conditioner, he determined that the sensor and board required replacement. He noted that the dismantling should be carried out by the customer, which is not provided for in the service contract. In addition, everything can be done from the balcony. As a result, you have to call the installer to dismantle, which takes 5,000 rubles for work for five minutes.

When the master from this service center appears next time, it often turns out that they ordered the wrong parts that were required. In addition, they initially incorrectly determined the breakdown. After dismantling, it turned out that the external unit is working, and the problem lies in the internal one. As a result, spare parts are ordered already for the indoor unit with a waiting period of another three weeks.

In the reviews of Transservice-95, customers conclude that in this situation the incompetence of the master is manifested, which incorrectly diagnoses the breakdown, orders the wrong parts, as a result, the customer’s time is wasted. At the same time, one has to deal with boorish treatment in a call center. They refuse to warn in advance about the arrival of the master, because of this, you spend the whole day waiting at home, the master himself does not answer calls when it becomes necessary to clarify the delivery time of parts. Repair due to incorrect diagnostics is delayed indefinitely.

In the reviews of Transservice-95 in Nizhny Novgorod and in other cities, many customers note the sluggishness and frank sluggishness of the masters and employees of this company. Often users are faced with a situation where all the deadlines allotted for repairs have passed, and the company not only does not return the repaired computer or household appliances, but also refuses to give information when the work will be completed. In the reviews of Transservice-95, customers insist that this is blatant lack of professionalism, a complete lack of logical work in a company that has been operating on the market for many years.

As a result, if you familiarize yourself with a large array of reviews about this organization, we can conclude that problems arise during any work, without exception, almost any problem causes difficulties for local craftsmen.

Customers urge never to hand over any equipment to this service so as not to face even bigger problems. The repaired equipment is regularly delayed indefinitely; getting it back, as a rule, is very problematic.

In general, only a few customers who have encountered this service admit that they can recommend it to anyone. The overwhelming majority calls for never contacting him.

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