Do-it-yourself gates from a professional sheet: drawings, calculation, design

Fences on a suburban area perform certain functions. They are made of various durable and reliable materials. Despite the fact that today there are a huge number of them on the market, gates from profiled sheets are very popular. Do it yourself (photo of structures can be seen in the article) to make them quite real.

do-it-yourself gates from a profiled sheet

Types of gates from a profile sheet

At the moment, you can easily make a gate from a professional sheet with your own hands. Initially, you need to choose their type. So, fences of this type can be:

  • closed;
  • half closed.

Many people have a question about how to build a semi-closed type gate from a profiled sheet. Everything is pretty simple. The profile sheet is partially used in sections of the fence. It can be located:

  • in the center;
  • up;
  • at the bottom of each collar.

It is also possible to make a door from a profiled sheet with your own hands without welding or with its use. In the first embodiment, the installation of the material is carried out using special rivets.

do-it-yourself gates from a profiled sheet

Varieties of gates from a profile sheet by type of construction

To make the gates from a profiled sheet with your own hands, you need to first determine the type of their design. She may be:

  • based on the frame;
  • without him.

Note. The second type of gate is suitable if one of the halves is deaf and will not function.

The frame is usually made of metal. Used for this pipe of various sizes and diameters. The parameters of such a frame depend on the size of the collar. Often you can find a wooden frame.

Tip. More practical is considered a metal frame for gates from a profile sheet.

What is the reason for this? Firstly, the materials are endowed with similar characteristics. Secondly, it will be much easier to mount profile sheets on a metal frame.

do-it-yourself gates from a professional sheet

A tree in the process of exposure to climatic and weather conditions can give deformation of its structure. Because of this, profile sheets fixed on such a basis may become loose over time. So, it will be necessary to repair such gates.

The advantages of the profile sheet in the design of the door

The popularity of gates made of such a material is due to the excellent technical properties of the material itself. He has:

  • strength;
  • reliability;
  • moisture resistance;
  • fire resistance;
  • durability;
  • practicality.

The first property depends on the thickness of the profile sheet. In the manufacture of gates, the following material thicknesses are mainly used:

  • 2 mm;
  • 3 mm.

In some cases, it may be more.

Reliability is provided by resistance to various mechanical and physical influences. The metal is not able to absorb moisture due to its dense structure. It does not burn and does not melt (due to temperature conditions).

The service life of the material reaches 20-30 years. With proper care, it can increase significantly. Its surface is reliably protected by special means:

  • primer;
  • paint.

    do-it-yourself gates from a professional sheet

The first tool is applied to the material during its production. It further avoids the appearance of corrosion and rotting of the structure from moisture. Paint can be:

  • polymer;
  • powder.

The second option is more practical, since it rarely forms chips and scratches. The surface of the material in this case is rough.

Moreover, the profile sheet can have a wide variety of shades. The surface is matte and glossy. And this affects the appearance of the gate.

Door leaf constructions

Before you make a gate from a professional sheet with your own hands, you need to clearly know what they consist of. So, the main components of this design are:

  • bearing pillars;
  • supporting posts;
  • collars;
  • gate;
  • fittings.

Each of these components has its own specific functional characteristics.

Do-it-yourself gates from profiled sheet without welding

Functions of the pillars in the gate

These designs are pre-installed. They serve as a support for holding collars in the same plane, which have a certain mass. Their sizes depend on what material the door frame is made of.

Note. For such an element, round or square pipes with a thick wall of large diameter are selected.

Supporting posts

These types of pillars are an integral part of the collars themselves. Especially if the latter are large. They are installed in the center of the structure and fastened using welding equipment. In essence, they are an element of the collar frame.

Note. The columns can be in the form of shaped pipes or simple metal rods of different sizes and diameters.


This is the most important element of the whole structure. Their number may be different. As a rule, two gates are enough for the gates to be endowed with functional capabilities.

do-it-yourself professional gates

Note. The gates can be solid or with elements of forging and a metal pattern.


Such an element may be freestanding or mounted internally. If the first option is used in the design, then additional support posts are pre-installed for the gate. If the second option is used, then the gate is mounted inside one of the gates and opens separately from the main structure.


These include:

  • loops;
  • rivets;
  • locks;
  • pens;
  • heck and so on.

Important. They must be of excellent quality, since the functionality of the gate depends on them.

Hinges are mounted on poles and a gate, collars. Rivets fasten profile sheets if necessary. Locks, handles, etc. are installed both on the gate separately, and on the gate.

Profile door functionality

There is nothing difficult in building a gate from a profiled sheet with your own hands. Projects of such designs are quite diverse. They depend on what functionality is endowed. So, the gate can be:

  • hinged;
  • sliding.

The first option is characterized by the fact that the gate opens outward or inward. You can do this yourself or automatically. To do this, there are special devices that are connected to the power panel.

The second is a modern view of the gate from the profile sheet. They operate only with the help of an automatic system. They can be of any kind and size. They are installed not only on poles, but also on special rails using special rollers. As rails, a channel of the required size is used.

Important. In order to make high-quality gates from a profiled sheet with their own hands, design drawings for this are pre-compiled. This will make it possible to correctly calculate the required amount of materials and determine the appearance of the future fence.

do-it-yourself gates from a profiled sheet drawings and calculation

Optimum gate parameters

The gates in the design of the fence allow not only to protect the suburban area from the penetration of “uninvited guests”, but also to give the opportunity to freely enter and leave the yard.

The optimal dimensions of their width are:

  • 2.5 m;
  • 3m;
  • 4 m

In the first and second embodiment, it is more rational to place the gate next to the structure.

Note. To properly make the gates from the profiled sheet with your own hands, their dimensions must be set in advance. The basis for their determination will be a ready-made span between the sections of the fence, and you can choose a place for the design yourself.

do-it-yourself gates from a profiled sheet drawings and calculation

Stages of construction of a gate from a profile sheet

There is a certain order of work that needs to be done before making the gates from a profiled sheet with your own hands. A photo report is compiled in the works in order to see what efforts and how much time was spent. It will also be nice to see how the appearance of the site has been ennobled.

So, you need:

  • make a project;
  • calculate the amount of materials;
  • to make halves of a gate and a gate;
  • install support poles;
  • mount the collars.

All this must be done correctly, so that later you do not encounter problems with the installation of the structure.

Drawing of a simple gate from a profiled sheet with a separate gate

Designing and rendering materials

The first thing you need to start with in order to make the gates from a profiled sheet with your own hands is drawings and calculating the required amount of materials and tools. The following are taken into account:

  • sizes of collars;
  • distance between supporting posts;
  • the presence of a gate in the collar;
  • construction height.

Note. If the width of the gate is set independently, then there are some recommendations for determining the height.

The gate height is considered to be optimally 1.5-1.7 m. Although it is often chosen 2 m. It is also worth considering that the load on the supporting posts significantly increases. So, you need to carry out their high-quality installation and fastening. In some cases, dressings are made at the top of the structure.

Production of collars and gates

For such work you will need:

  • profile pipes;
  • metal rods;
  • corners and channel;
  • profile sheets.

Next, a picture is selected. Suppose you can mount profile sheets on a rectilinear metal frame that has square and rectangular shapes, and you can mount it on sections made of metal rods. Moreover, this is not performed completely on the entire collar. Quite often, various forged or cast elements are fixed at the top and bottom of the structure.

Structures are immediately primed and painted.

Installation of support columns and installation of collars

Previously, in the place of the future structure, holes are dug up to a depth of 1 m. With sandy soil, this parameter can be greater. Pillars are installed on the sides of the gate. They need to be concreted. For this, a concrete solution is prepared from:

  • sand;
  • cement;
  • water;
  • special hardeners.

A small fraction of sand and gravel is added to the pits. The thickness of the layers should not exceed 20 cm. The posts are set according to the level. They must be in a level plane. Then they are poured with concrete mortar.

Note. It is worth considering that you can’t immediately mount the gates on them. They must be settled. It will take a few days.

Then the gates are mounted on them, which are also level and welded loops. You cannot open the structure on the first day. Welding seams should be strengthened. Then perform additional painting on the damaged canvas, and the gate can be used.


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