Modern methods of staff recruitment

Properly selected staff is the key to high productivity of the entire team. In the case of staff technology that has not been perfected to the smallest detail, you run the risk of staff turnover and a decrease in discipline among the rest of the staff. To create a successful, close-knit team, we advise you to study the basic and non-traditional methods of personnel selection, which will facilitate the life of the enterpriseโ€™s management, as well as save time and nerves of the recruitment manager.

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Golden rules for selecting candidates

The first impression of the applicant, of course, plays a large role, but the basic rules for finding candidates for a vacant position contain clear personnel selection methods, which are primarily useful for the HR manager to consider.

personnel selection and selection methods

  1. Determine the number of vacancies that will meet the strategic requirements for the successful development of your business.
  2. For each vacancy, indicate the specific position and the degree of responsibility of the employed employee, duties, tasks, and prepare instructions for their implementation.
  3. Decide how you will search for candidates, use several methods, including non-standard ones.
  4. Choose which recruitment and selection methods you intend to use and inform applicants about them: a preliminary interview with the candidate by phone, filling out a questionnaire, and a CV.
  5. Master the skill of secondary selection. After the questionnaires and resumes reviewed, conduct a personal interview and testing of the applicant.
  6. The following is a decision to hire a new employee and sign a contract with him.
  7. The last point is the development of a program to adapt a newly hired employee and its successful implementation.

As you can see, the main personnel selection methods imply careful preparation for the interview not only of the applicant, but also of the employer himself, but a carefully planned search for applicants significantly reduces the risk of hiring the wrong specialist.

Secret Recruitment Techniques

Socionics or social analysis. The author Carl Jung discovered 4 personality archetypes, each representative of which is able to best perform certain tasks:

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  • Logician. A person who is able to think logically, subjectes everything to an objective assessment and refers to the mental type. His task is to streamline everything, eliminate chaos.
  • Ethics. It is also capable of objectively evaluating what is happening, but it belongs to the โ€œfeelingโ€ type. He is trying to create a comfortable atmosphere within the team.
  • Sensory. Specifically thinking type, "sensing", capable of producing specific things.
  • Intuitive. An intuitive, abstract thinking person who generates ideas.

Having learned how to easily recognize these 4 types of personality, the recruitment manager is able to create a team, each member of which is in its place, corresponding to its type of thinking.


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