Coffee "Jockey": reviews, price. Coffee "Jockey" in the east

Jockey coffee appeared in Russia relatively recently, about 15 years ago, and more precisely in 1999. Almost immediately, he fell in love with consumers and is still in great demand. Millions of Russians prefer it to any other varieties. And this is not surprising, because for a fairly reasonable fee you get a decent high-quality product.

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Why is the Jockey so popular

This is undoubtedly the merit of the technologists and managers of Orimi Trade. In order to get a rich and rich taste, the St. Petersburg company purchases quality Arabica beans from Brazil, India and Bolivia. Jockey coffee occupies a huge percentage of the consumer market, about a third of total sales. This indicates the highest quality and acceptance by customers of the brand. In addition to purchasing high-quality grain, the company took care of the technical side of production. Modern technology for processing, roasting, grinding coffee beans and their packaging allows us to provide the market with the necessary volumes of excellent products.

Until recently, there was a good tradition among Russians - when they came to visit, they brought with them a package of their favorite drink, most often it turned out to be this particular brand of coffee. So, the fame quickly spread, and in every house the “Jockey” became a symbol of good morning, cheerfulness and good mood.

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Varieties of coffee "Jockey"

The sales market offers a flavored drink in its most diverse forms, and each finds its own consumer. The famous series offers you the following types:

  • Ground, the most popular species that is most appreciated by consumers.
  • Coffee bean is a true drink of gourmets who know a lot about its taste and aroma. It is in this case that you can be sure that you fully took into account the entire technology of preparing the morning drink and get an excellent result.
  • Instant coffee drink with various additives is an option for the busiest. It does not differ in the richness of taste and aroma, but as an express option helps out on a busy schedule of workdays.

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What to choose from this series

If you have enough time or drink a fragrant drink only on weekends, then choose coffee "Jockey" in beans. This is how you can experience that unique flavor. Thick and seductive, he will hover in the kitchen for a long time. In addition, you will need to purchase a coffee grinder, and then the preparation of coffee will turn into a real ritual. The grains in the package are already fried, it will not be necessary to spend time on this. Pour them into a manual or electric coffee grinder and turn into powder. This is not a finished product that can be poured with boiling water. It still needs to be welded correctly, but we will talk about this a little later.

An additional bonus is the fact that it is coffee beans that is stored longer and has a unique taste and aroma. He is the bearer of the maximum amount of his initial qualities.

The second popular option is ground coffee "Jockey". It differs from the previous one in some time and money saving. You do not need a coffee grinder, the grain is not only fried in advance, but also ground. But this is not instant coffee. It also needs to be properly prepared in order to get a strong, rich and aromatic drink. With a large shortage of time, you can simply pour boiling water in a cup, and when the particles of grains sink to the bottom, drink. But in this case, the drink loses a lot. The grain does not have enough temperature to give all the taste, the volume of the cup is too small, and the boiling water quickly cools. Therefore, it is better not to practice this method.

The last type is instant coffee. Thanks to the quality packaging, it is stored for a very long time. In principle, it has little in common with real coffee, but it saves time, which is especially important in the rhythm of a big city. In addition, you do not have to buy a Turk and acquire special knowledge on making coffee. You just need to pour boiling water over the powder - and you can drink it. Instant coffee bags are available in a wide variety of flavors, which may please a less demanding customer. For connoisseurs, chemical flavors and flavors in coffee are completely unacceptable.

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How to make coffee in a Turk

If you bought a product in grains and ground it yourself or purchased ready-made powder at once, then you still have to learn the mystery of making a fragrant drink in practice. So, you need a Turk - a small vessel, a bit like a vase, it is better if it is copper, and a stove. Preferably gas, but this is not too critical. In addition, arm yourself with a spoon with a long handle, immediately prepare cups, water, coffee powder, sugar and spices.

We begin the ritual, we will prepare coffee in the Turk. First you need to warm it up over a small fire, then fall asleep powder, while without water. You can calculate the amount based on the proportion of 7 g per 60 ml of water. Simply put, one teaspoon with a slide for each small cup. If you like very strong, or vice versa, you can vary. Warm up the powder a little, and then fill with cold water.

While the water is warming, pour boiling water into the cups, this will keep them warm by the time you pour the drink. Stir the coffee and remove the light froth with a spoon. It should be laid out in cups, after pouring water from them. As soon as coffee begins to rise in the Turk, the process is almost complete. Remove it from the heat, mix, then put it on for a couple of seconds and pour into cups. The light foam that you posted there will beautifully frame the drink.

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"Eastern Jockey"

This is the most popular type of this variety. Oriental Jockey is a unique blend of Arabica, collected in America and Africa. You need to try it, words can not describe. It feels notes of fruit, the aftertaste of an expensive wine, an amazing aroma of chocolate. If you are a fan of spiced coffee, you can add cinnamon, ginger, vanilla or any other component to your taste, then the drink will gain an additional charm.

This variety is great for making real espresso. A mixture of grains gives you the opportunity to experience a stunning duo of delicate, creamy shades of taste and exotic spice.

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Classic Jockey

This drink has a mild and well-balanced taste. It is based on a mixture of exquisite arabica varieties:

  • Colombian grains are a delicate shade of real chocolate. Experts will surely appreciate it.
  • Brazilian Arabica makes the drink strong, thick and rich.
  • Kenyan varieties add some sourness, which is considered good form. If you don’t like it, then choose another “Jockey” for yourself.


This is the main factor determining the choice of Jockey coffee. The price is very affordable, in comparison with other varieties even low. Packaging “Oriental” coffee (250 g) will cost you only 125 rubles. Reliable vacuum packaging protects ground grains from contact with air, which ensures their excellent preservation. For comparison, the same package “Chibo” costs 215 rubles. Coffee beans cost a little cheaper, starting at 90 rubles per pack.


All, without exception, positive reviews. It emphasizes the wide range and availability of the product, excellent taste and unmatched aroma. In addition, consumers praised the vacuum packaging, which allows ground coffee to maintain maximum taste and color. Its large volume allows many days in a row to enjoy an incomparable taste.


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