Dyukov Alexander Valerievich: a successful businessman and a strong personality

In 2012, a popular publication published a ranking of the best leaders. In the nomination "Fuel complex" V place was taken by Alexander Dyukov. Let's get to know him as a unique person, a top manager of a new Russian generation.

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Dyukov Alexander Valerievich - Head of OJSC Gazpromneft

He is a native of a beautiful city on the Neva. Alexander was born on December 13, 1967 in St. Petersburg. After successfully graduating from school, he enters the Order of Lenin at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute. After completing higher education in 1991, Alexander Dyukov begins his professional career. He works in the Sovex joint venture of his hometown and rises from the rank of ordinary engineer to deputy general director. Moreover, he further improves and deepens his education as much as possible, combining work and classes at the institute. In 2001, having successfully completed his studies at IMISP, he received a promising MBA diploma.

It is worth mentioning that in the personal life of a businessman there are also many events that affected the activities and formation of such a businessman known as Alexander Dyukov. A family and an ideal life with a wife and two children are already in the past. Now Alexander’s life is full of new temptations. It is no secret that now Alexander Dyukov and Olga Slutsker officially announced their relationship. From this moment, the divorce proceedings with his wife began Dyukov Alexander Valerevich. The wife did not interfere with her husband's desire.

Dyukov's track record

The track record of Alexander Dyukov is very rich, since he successfully completed quite a few difficult steps on the career ladder.

Since 1996, he joined the Petersburg Oil Terminal Closed Joint Stock Company as Director of Finance. Having established himself in this position, Dyukov receives a new appointment to the post of general director of the enterprise.

In 1998, Alexander V. Dyukov already held the position of Director for Economic Affairs in the open-type joint-stock company “Sea Port of St. Petersburg”, and soon Alexander became the general director of this enterprise.

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It was during this short period of stay at the post of Alexander Dyukov that Aleksey Miller, who now heads Gazprom and is the direct head of Alexander Valerievich, was under his leadership. Since 2000, a young talented leader has been offered to become the chief adviser, and then even the chairman of the board of directors of Petersburg Oil Terminal CJSC and Rosneftebunker OJSC. Until 2003, he successfully and very fruitfully worked, combining both positions. And this, of course, is very difficult.

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Time of trials and victories

For three years, starting in February 2003, Alexander Dyukov has been acting president of Sibur and, since July 2005, has been president of AKS Holding. ” This period of successful activity of Alexander Valerievich can be characterized nevertheless as a period of testing. Since this is a kind of complex obstacle course, which is the task of stabilizing the position of a certain, not the most respectable and successful, subsidiary of Gazprom and bringing this structure to a functioning level.


In this case, Alexander Dyukov had to lead the Sibur petrochemical holding. This organization was already then characterized as a troubled asset and was in a very poor state. After Dyukov held certain organizational events and made a number of correct and important key decisions in management, Alexander Valerievich not only managed to stabilize the holding company’s state of affairs, but also turned it into a very prosperous object that brings huge profits.

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Now Sibur-Holding is a leader in gas processing and production of petrochemical products. The reward for Alexander Dyukov for the successful, fruitful overcoming of the test was the leadership of a larger and more representative part of Gazprom. Since November 2006, he has been appointed Acting President of Gazpromneft. Dyukov Alexander Valerievich in December of the same year was elected president of the company.

At the same time, by an order of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 29, 2007, Alexander Valerievich was included in the Government Commission, which considers issues in the field of the fuel and energy sector and the mineral resource base.

Sports Business

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In 2008, Alexander Dyukov, interestingly, received an additional Zenit FC. The two largest holdings, Sibur Holding OJSC and Gazprom OJSC, are sponsors of the Zenit Nevsky FC. After the end of the first term of the election, namely in 2011, the contract with Dyukov was extended for another five years promising. Under his talented, very sensitive leadership, a new company, Gazpromneft-Aero, was formed. In our country, the history of the aviation fuel business began precisely with it.

Using the latest oil refining equipment, Gazpromneft receives aviation fuel of the highest quality. At the same time, the principle of careful and rational use of natural resources with which our land is rich is always observed to the smallest detail.

Gazprom's success is the result of professional leadership

Thanks to its leadership, Gazpromneft is now a solid and stable campaign with an excellent reputation. She is one of the largest Russian oil and gas companies, which is engaged in oil and gas production, production and marketing of petroleum products. Now Gazpromneft has launched a new advertising company under the slogan “Strive for more”, which formulated its main principle of development for the coming years. An integral merit in the development of Gazpromneft belongs to Alexander Dyukov.

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