DIY wooden table: execution technique, necessary materials and tools, expert advice

Making a wooden table with your own hands, having minimal skills as a joiner, is quite realistic. Today, the market offers a wide range of furniture of various styles. But if you make an exclusive wooden table with your own hands, investing the creation of imagination, you can add a unique charm to your home with it. Yes, and it helps to save the family budget. Although many people like tinkering not for the sake of money - they get great pleasure from it.

Drawer table

Increasingly, craftsmen make furniture from trash that is designed for recycling. For example, to make a country table with your own hands made of wood, you do not need special skills and expensive materials. It is enough to use plywood containers made from fruits and vegetables. A table will require four pieces.

Cottage table made of wooden boxes

Boxes are placed on the side on the longer side. The short side of one is connected with screws to the bottom of the other. The top of the container looks outward to the side. Thus, a square with a void in the middle is obtained from them.

He walked in the middle of the structure with a piece of plywood. It is fixed with corners or screws under the first crossbar of the box.

A square recess in the center is filled with pebbles, expanded clay, shells, plastic stones for aquariums. To relieve pressure on the plywood bottom, the filler can be made of papier-mâché yourself, giving the details the shape of stones and painting.

To protect yourself from splintering and scratching, thoroughly sand open surfaces. For beauty, the table is treated with stain or burned. Top it is varnished.

You can fix the countertop on top of the structure. Then it makes no sense to fill the void in the middle. For this purpose, plywood, boards, an old countertop from another table are used. You can cut and assemble the top for the table from the two side parts of old polished cabinets. Fix the countertop using metal corners and screws.

Wooden pallets table

It is easy to make a charming garden table made of wood with your own hands from unnecessary pallets. Such remain after transportation of refrigerators, stoves, washing machines.

Garden table made of wooden pallets

Two to three pallets are stacked upside down. Fasten them with screws or metal corners. You can leave the table in this form. But some prefer to top the countertop.

To do this, use glass or a sheet of plywood. There is an option to lay parts from polished cabinets on a rack of pallets. For stability, they are also fastened with self-tapping screws or metal corners.

You can give the table mobility with furniture wheels. They can be bought in stores where they sell everything you need for repairs and for the home.

Tables from the bed

It is not necessary to buy boards, plywood, fiberboard or particleboard for furniture. Often, home masters use what they have to make a table of wood with their own hands. It’s easy to turn old, bored everyone furniture into beautiful and modern. You just need to put a little imagination and work.

For example, from one wooden bed you can make two small tables. Drawings will help to make tables with your own hands from wood.

Drawings for making tables from the bed
  1. Saw the bed. In drawing No. 1, the cut lines are shown with a colored dotted line. The result is 4 parts: under numbers 1 and 2 - future countertops with two legs, under numbers 3 and 4 - third legs. It is important only to take measurements and calculations before work so as not to make a mistake with the length of the legs: either the length of the bed is divided exactly into 3 parts, or one or both parts with countertops are made slightly shorter than its third.
  2. Now it remains only to attach the third leg to the countertop. This can be done using metal corners and screws. They fix it in the middle of the long side of the countertop closer to the edge, as shown in drawing No. 2, that is, on the opposite side from two finished legs from the bed frame.

You can leave the tables in this form. But for strength, it is better to fix the legs on the bottom with additional fasteners from the rails.

  • If the coating requires restoration, remove the top layer, sand, cover with stain and varnish.
  • The second option is pasting of visible surfaces with wood-like film.
  • The third option for restoration is suitable for those who make a children's table with their own hands from wood, using the old bed as the source material. It is appropriate to paint the surface and paint it in a fabulous style.
  • There is a fourth option: sticking on the countertop a beautiful paper drawing (ornament, plot illustration, photographs from the calendar), followed by coating with liquid glass.

Making such wooden tables with your own hands is not at all difficult. And you can use them as a magazine, children, coffee.

Hi-tech coffee table

To work, you will need the following tools: ruler, tape measure, chisel, screwdriver, file, hacksaw, sandpaper, grinder, jigsaw.

High-tech style involves the simplest solutions both in the form of furniture and its design. Therefore, we will make a coffee table with our own hands from wood with a rectangular tabletop and four legs.

First you need to prepare the cover. It can be made of boards either from fiberboard, MDF, chipboard or particleboard. We should not be afraid of warpage of the material, since they do not have to be soaked often, and the humidity in the room where they are usually installed is minimal.

You can use various designs. It is easy to make coffee or coffee tables from wood with your own hands, the photos of which are presented in this section.

  1. Before starting work, you need to determine the shape of the countertop.
  2. Then the option of supporting the table is considered.

The shapes of the countertops are round, oval, rectangular, square, with cut off rounded corners, the letter "G" and even any shape. The latter are described below in the sections on tables made of solid wood or saw cuts.

Supports come from rectangular plates or planks, from metal frames, from a piece of the trunk or hemp, or in the form of traditional legs.

Iron coffee table

The round table can be supported by metal frames. Such a countertop mounted on one leg looks beautiful. For stability, the bottom and top of the support are cross-shaped.

One-leg round table

Round tables with four legs are widely used, fastened to the countertop using a square wooden frame.

Wooden coffee table

Similar table support designs are often used for rectangular and square tables.

Instructions for attaching legs to the countertop on a wooden frame

Do-it-yourself drawings with a step-by-step description of the work will help you make a rectangular coffee table made of wood with your own hands.

The method of attaching table legs

The wooden frame, with which the legs of the table are attached, is made of four wooden boards. At their ends a chisel or crest - ledges are cut out with a chisel.

In the upper part of the legs you need to make grooves, that is, recesses. It is important in this way to hollow out the recesses so that the spikes fit into them, but are not too spacious.

The countertop will be attached exactly to the frame, so you need to calculate the location of the grooves and spikes so that the upper part of the structure is even - both the legs and the side cut of the frame are at the same level.

Joiner glue is poured into the grooves and the spikes of the frame boards are inserted. It is best to do this work in steps: first, glue each leg to one of the boards of the frame. After drying, two parts are combined into one. The third step will be gluing the structure together.

Fastening the countertops to the frame with legs can be performed using angular or zigzag brackets. Sometimes ordinary screws or self-tapping screws are used for this purpose, having previously made a groove in the chisel in the frame. It should have a conical shape and not be through. Thus, there will be a place for firmware with a frame self-tapping screw and the ability to screw it in.

DIY dressing table

This piece of furniture is not a first necessity. Many do well without him. If you wish, to simplify the work, you can make a dressing table made of wood with your own hands using the journal technology described above. Just next to the wall they hang a mirror.

If you make, for example, a dressing table made of wood with your own hands in the Empire style, then it will turn an ordinary room into a boudoir of a noble lady from the past. Although, of course, you will have to think through the rest of the interior in the room so that such a piece of furniture does not look pretentious in it.

Dressing table with curly details.

The dressing table is not designed to be heavy, so its design can be light. Furniture plates are ideal for work, from which it is convenient to cut parts.

  • For such a luxurious table, you will need two rectangular sidewalls on top, having a curved neckline for beauty at the bottom. The size of these walls should correspond to the upper part of the front side before the legs.
  • The worktop is rectangular.
  • On the facade of the table you need to cut holes for drawers. The front and back sides are curly, identical to each other.
  • The rails for the extension of the boxes are made of rails. They need to be attached with brackets to the front and rear walls.
  • When the bottom of the table is ready, attach a countertop. As a mount, zigzag or corner brackets are suitable.
  • The finished table is painted with white paint.
  • You can add a relief pattern made of plastic or apply a gold ornament through a stencil.
  • Beautiful carved handles complete the luxury of the dressing table.

But not all people love pretentious things with elaborate decor elements. Some prefer strict styles. They may be content with a coffee table, hanging over it on the wall or by placing a mirror directly on it.

Hi-tech dressing table

Folding tables

Such designs are successful options for small apartments. You can make a garden, children, coffee, coffee or toilet folding table made of wood with your own hands.

To work, you need such materials:

  • thick plywood for countertops;
  • whetstones for legs about 70 cm long (4 pieces);
  • bars for crossbars 45 cm long (2 pcs.);
  • crossbeams for fixing legs 50 cm long (4 pcs.);
  • metal hooks to secure the legs when folding the table;
  • bolts
  • nuts
  • washers;
  • furniture hinges;
  • nails
  • sandpaper;
  • paints and varnishes for coating.

Photos and drawings will help to make a folding table with your own hands from a tree.

Folding table
  1. The legs are connected in pairs by cross members at a distance of about thirty centimeters from each other, using bolts, screws or nails.
  2. Beams are attached to the countertop on the back side.
  3. Ready legs are movably connected using bolts in the form of frames crosswise.
  4. One frame is attached to the crossbar of the countertop with furniture hinges. The second remains free.
  5. On the second crossbar of the countertop, metal hooks are fixed, into which a free frame with legs will be inserted during operation of the table.
  6. The surface is treated with sandpaper so that there are no nicks or burrs.
  7. Varnish and paint cover the finished product, allow it to dry.
    Folding table assembly drawing

Sometimes folding tables are made stationary.

To assemble them, you need a main countertop, a pair of legs (shorter than the length of the main countertop from the wall to the opposite edge), two crossbars for legs, a narrow worktop holder (15-30 cm wide), screws, nails, furniture hinges (four pieces), paint or varnish.

The work procedure is simple:

  1. A narrow tabletop is attached to the wall to a height equal to the length of the legs.
  2. The legs are connected by crossbars using nails or self-tapping screws: one at the very top, and the second at a third from the bottom.
  3. The upper crossbar is connected to the back of the main countertop. To do this, use furniture hinges.
  4. The entire resulting structure must be connected to a narrow countertop attached to the wall with furniture hinges.

The table is almost ready to use. If desired, it can be painted or varnished.

It should only be remembered that such a design is rather weak, since it rests on furniture hinges. Therefore, you should not take risks by loading the table with rather heavy objects.

Do-it-yourself table made of solid wood

Not everyone can afford such luxurious furniture. Since it is impossible to make a wooden table of this type with your own hands without special tools for cutting a trunk that is large enough in diameter. And it’s very difficult to transport a wooden massif.

Nevertheless, if it was possible to find the suitable material and it is possible to cut the trunk along, then you can make a luxurious exclusive coffee table with your own hands from a tree that no one else will have. It is only important to find a tree whose branches will be thick enough, since they will serve as the legs of the table, and they should be located on at least three sides.

Solid wood coffee table

Although an array is allowed both with one branch-leg, and without them at all. Indeed, instead of branches, you can fix the sawn trunk on welded metal square or rectangular frames.

The choice of material for the table should be taken with great seriousness. Too dry wood may crack, and too damp will become warped over time. Therefore, it is easier to order material from suppliers. Moreover, cutting a tree in the forest without special permission is a matter of the court.

To work with the array will require an electric grinder. The upper part of the table - the shared cut of the trunk - is carefully sanded, polished, varnished.

The upper part of the table - the shared cut of the trunk - is thoroughly sanded, polished, varnished. The remaining surfaces, if desired, can be left in the cortex or cleaned of it. In any case, the processing of wood from corrosion and coating it with varnish is recommended by specialists.

Tables with solid wood table top

Interior items made of natural wood look very nice. At first glance it seems that it is impossible to make such wooden tables with your own hands. The photos with them, presented below, emphasize the amazing charm of the interior.

Of course, they do not fit into every design style. But, for example, in a country house or in the garden, such a table made of wood cut will be extremely appropriate. It is not difficult to make it yourself with your own hands if you have a tool and a tree for cutting, an electric grinder and desire, plus patience.

During operation, it is worth remembering that if a crack forms in the disk, it is required to “sew up” this place with metal brackets. Otherwise, it will go deeper, and over time, the table will become unsuitable for operation.

Table made of wood cut on metal frames

There are various options for their manufacture. The first includes do-it-yourself coffee or coffee tables made of wood mounted on welded metal frames. The photo shows that the saw cut of the tree from which the countertop is made goes well with the support of a clear geometric shape.

The legs of the table are two welded metal frames with holes on one side. Through them are the screws in the lower part of the countertop.

Table made of wood cut on a stem from a trunk

You can make a table from a saw cut tree with your own hands with one leg from a segment of the trunk near the root. This item looks more natural, as close to nature as possible. This is the second manufacturing option. The tabletop to the hemp is also attached with screws. It is not necessary to drive them into the leg completely.

Then, holes are drilled on one side of the saw at the points corresponding to the protruding hats. The depth of the holes is also regulated by the height of the protruding parts of the screws. For durability it is possible to fix fastening by glue. But if you do not do this, the countertop will be removable, which has its advantages.

Wooden legs are also made for such tables. Usually they require four pieces. Remembering that natural wood is much heavier than the materials that make modern factory furniture, the legs must be strong enough, strong enough to withstand heavy weight. They can be fastened with metal corners and screws, if they are rectangular.

For round legs, it is recommended to make a countertop on the inside of the recess.Then the cavity is filled with wood glue. After that, you need to insert the legs into the recesses. Excess glue is removed. But this method of fastening is considered the most unreliable - it is more suitable for light furniture.

It should be noted that saw cuts for tables are made both transverse and lobed. The choice depends on the shape of the countertops, which will be preferred by the owners of this type of furniture.

It is very important to carefully treat the surface of the table. This will require:

  • electric grinder;
  • sandpaper with a grain size of 120 and higher;
  • wood glue;
  • epoxy resin with hardener;
  • varnish.

The process itself is simple, but very painstaking.

  • First, an electric grinder is used.
  • Then the sections are treated with coarse sandpaper: the roughness should be minimal.
  • The recesses and voids are filled with epoxy resin, which is previously given the desired shade using various additives.
  • After the resin has hardened, the surface is ground again.
  • The last step is to varnish the countertop.

Table with wooden worktop

The easiest way to find material is for such a design. Here you can use discs of various diameters, even very small ones. It is important only to observe the identity of the thickness of the cuts.

In addition to the disks, the master will need:

  • the base of the countertop: plywood or wooden, or a finished table, which it was decided to restore;
  • wood glue;
  • epoxy resin with hardener for filling voids between saw cuts;
  • electric grinder;
  • sandpaper with a grain size of 120 and higher.

Following the step-by-step instructions, you can create a real masterpiece.

Preparing the base for the countertop

First of all, you need to cut out the base of the countertop of the desired shape. If plywood is used, it should be more than 12 mm thick. It is not recommended to take chipboard for this purpose, since this material can warp or even fall apart from moisture differences. An excellent result is achieved when using a ready-made old table with a sufficiently high bearing capacity to avoid deformation.

Foot fixing

If the table is made “from scratch”, it is best to take care of its supports from the very beginning. Then, when the countertop is assembled from saw cuts, it will be dangerous to carry out such work: you can hopelessly spoil all your work.

The old table selected for the decor should also be checked for strength. If necessary, strengthen old fasteners, tighten bolts or glue legs.

Bonding wooden discs to the base of the countertop

First, you need to expand on the basis of all available end cuts in such a way that there are as few voids as possible, so that the pattern of the discs is combined with each other. You can use trees of various species and even colors. If you successfully assemble the material, it will turn out beautifully and originally.

Then each cut is glued to the base with carpentry glue and left in this form until completely dry.

The design of the sides of the countertops

They are made of plywood, wooden slats or tin. Then, along the perimeter or circumference, if it is decided to make a round table of wood with your own hands, these sides are fixed. They should be a little more thick than the cuts. You can use nails or screws.

Epoxy Preparation

Both components of the packaging are mixed immediately before use. To give the desired color to the composition, coffee, soot, bronze powder are used. It is important to achieve exactly the shade that is most suitable for such a composition. But you should not experiment too long, because the resin hardens quickly enough.

Surface fill

Carefully fill all the voids of the countertops with a composition. The surface should be as flat as possible. But you should avoid getting colored resin on the cuts themselves, so that the pattern of the tree is not disturbed.

After complete drying, it is possible to fill the entire surface together with the discs with a transparent epoxy composition to make it absolutely even.

Sanding countertops

This process is final. After the sides are removed (if it is provided for by the design), they begin to work with an electric grinder. First use the coarsest emery wheel. Gradually, the master changes the nozzles into smaller ones.

At the very end of grinding, sandpaper is used. It requires manual work.

A huge number of completely different in purpose, design styles, methods of manufacturing tables, if desired, can be made with your own hands. Only a small fraction of the total number is presented here.


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