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dots for nails

To date, many girls prefer manicure at home. It is not so expensive and takes less time. In addition, the master can not always correctly understand your wishes at the expense of manicure, and as a result you will not get what you wanted. But if you independently "wield" a brush, then such a nuisance does not threaten you. You can experiment with drawings and colors. In order to make nails beautiful at home, you will also need some devices that are used in salons. For example, brushes for painting of different thicknesses, nail files of different stiffness and, of course, dots for nails. In the article you can find several options for manicure using dots, as well as find out the prices for this device.

dots for nails Price

Dots for nails: manicure

There are many beautiful nail art options that use this thing. The first one is the simplest. You will need a varnish base, a varnish of a pale color (pink, blue, gray, yellow), several bright varnishes that work well together, and a fixative for the varnish. Cover the nail with the base. Then apply one or two coats of the primary color. Take dots for nails and type on the tip a little varnish of a different color. Put a few small dots on the nail. Also do with the rest of the varnishes. Cover with fixative. To do such a manicure is very simple, but it looks very impressive.

Now consider another option. "Flower manicure" looks gentle and cute. You will need a base varnish, a delicate pink or blue varnish, two shades of green varnish, two shades of red varnish, and a fixative. Apply the base under the manicure and primary color (pink or blue). Take dots with red varnish and make a point in the center, with a different shade of red make a few more smaller dots around it. Using green varnishes and the same dots, dot the flower petals. Cover with fixative.

The third option is also not complicated manicure. You need a base, varnish of any color, black and white varnishes, fixative. Apply base. Then, in one layer, paint the nail with the first color (primary). Dotsom with black varnish make a few large points on the plate (1-1.5 mm). Dots with a whitish color, make the dots in the center of black. The first points should be twice as large as the second. Wait until everything dries well. Cover with varnish-fixer.

how much dots for nails

Dots for nails: price

There are different types of such devices, respectively, and their prices are different. More precisely, it is impossible to say how much dots for nails cost in different cities of Russia. There are those that are made entirely of metal and they cost a little more, but there are plastic ones (more precisely, with a plastic handle) and the price is lower. There are bilateral dots of various sizes. In the store you can buy dots for twenty rubles. True, it can really disappoint you, so it’s better to spend a little more money on the purchase, but buy a better quality product. Do not spend a lot of money on professional or decorated dots with some pebbles and other trinkets. A product worth more than two hundred rubles is money wasted.


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