Hainan. Weather for months. What is she like?

The favorite vacation spot of many Russians is Hainan Island. The weather for months seems to invite you on a long-awaited vacation and to get acquainted with an exotic country. This is actually an amazingly beautiful and even somewhat mysterious place, which is sometimes called East Hawaii.

General description of the resort

Hainan monthly weather

The territory belongs to China and is located in the tropical zone in the south of the country. From all sides, the warm waters of the South China Sea wash Hainan. Weather for months, according to experts, is due precisely to this natural phenomenon.

The subequatorial climate prevails on the coast, three hundred days a year you can enjoy the clear sunny weather. These resort places are created for the relaxation of man. Pros:

  • pristine nature;
  • clear sea and magnificent beaches;
  • healing air;
  • great ecology.

It is generally difficult to convey in words how amazing and unique Hainan is. The weather in April here resembles our August weather, which in itself can already be considered a miracle.

All this together distinguishes the island from other resorts in Southeast Asia. Most of the tourists are tourists from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries.

Resorts of the island meet their guests throughout almost the whole year. The average annual temperature reaches + 24 ° C, and water - 26 ° C heat. The peculiarity of the climate is the constancy and absence of sharp temperature drops. In December, the island begins a dry season, which ends in late March. The wet season lasts eight months, from April to November.

In general, Hainan (the weather for months guarantees this) is ideal for a beach holiday from late February to mid-June or in the autumn months.


China Hainan Monthly Weather

January is one of the coolest months of the year. In the daytime, the air temperature warms up to + 26 ° C on average, and at night to + 19 ° C.

Although the rainy season has already ended, it is quite fresh in the evening hours. Water in the sea is kept at 24-25 ° C heat. But in the winter months often come cold currents that interfere with bathing. But this time is great for sightseeing trips. Winter is also favorable for health-improving procedures.

Hainan's thermal springs are famous for their healing properties that save from many diseases.


Hainan ... Monthly weather on the island can be very different, but it is in February that it gets warmer. The average monthly daily temperature is + 27˚, at night it drops to + 20˚. Sea water - up to + 25˚.


With the onset of this month it gets hotter, during the day the air temperature reaches + 29˚, and at night - up to + 22˚. A beach holiday in March brings pleasure, sea water is comfortable for swimming (+ 28˚). Do not forget about sunscreens, because, despite the beginning of spring, the sun in this region can be aggressive.


Hainan weather in April

In April, the average monthly temperature in the daytime reaches + 31 ° C, at night the air cools to + 24 ° C. Sea water warms up to + 28˚. According to experienced travelers, this month can be safely considered one of the best for traveling to Hainan.


May days are also ideal for relaxing on the island. It is quite hot during the day, up to + 32˚, at night the temperature drops to + 26˚. Perhaps only sea breezes save from the heat. The sea warms up to + 29˚.


Hainan Island monthly weather

In June, the island begins the rainy season. In these latitudes, summer belongs to the hottest season. Often the mark of the thermometer reaches + 40 ° C. The island is dominated by monsoons, the mood is changeable. It is getting hot, humid and stuffy. The average temperature during the day is + 32˚, at night - + 26˚. The water in the sea warms up to 30 degrees.


There is an unfavorable time to visit Hainan Island. The weather for months, as already mentioned above, offers relaxation in the spring, but in the midst of summer this should not be done. For example, in July the rainy season continues. During the day, the air warms up to an average of + 32 ° C, at night - + 26 ° C. Water in the sea - up to + 30˚. Exhausting heat and high humidity can adversely affect health, especially the elderly and children. True, for fans of surfing and outdoor activities this is not a hindrance.


Hainan monthly weather

The last month of the summer is carried over by both tourists and locals a little easier than July. During the day, the air warms up to 31 ° C, at night it drops to + 26 ° C.

In general, indicators do not differ much from July indicators. There is a small likelihood of typhoons that usually crash onto the island at the end of the month.


Humidity increases. The average temperature during the day reaches + 31 ° C, at night - + 25 ° C. Sea water warmed up to + 29˚. If at this time of year there is an ideal place to relax, it is China (Hainan). Monthly weather here is favorable for relaxing and exploring local attractions year-round. However, it was at the beginning of autumn that the flow of tourists to the island increased significantly.


Hainan weather in April

Favorable time for a beach holiday. The water in the sea is warm (+ 29˚) and is suitable for swimming. The average temperature in the daytime is + 30˚, at night - + 23˚. Do not forget about sunburn protection.


The rainy season has come to an end. It is already cooler at night (+ 21˚), although during the day the air warms up to + 29˚, but the water has cooled down to + 26˚. Typhoons are also likely. Therefore, at the end of autumn, you can buy tickets at a reasonable price.


Precipitation is less. In December it gets colder, during the day 27 ° C of heat, at night the temperature drops to + 19 ° C. And although the water temperature in the sea reaches + 24˚, swimming is already cool. In December, the island hosts the main traditional holidays and festivals.

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