Lump sum payment to pensioners: to whom it is supposed and how to receive

Everyone who leaves for a well-deserved rest during their long working years has a legal right to retirement benefits. Often the amount of pension payments is insufficient for a comfortable existence. Therefore, the state is obligated to pay lump-sum benefits to pensioners in addition to basic income from the amount of pension contributions.

Means of pension savings (SPN): the essence of the concept

lump sum payment to pensioners
Pension savings - this is the amount of money that is on the personal pension account of a citizen who takes part in the mandatory pension insurance system in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (or in a non-state Pension Fund). They include:

  • the amount of insurance contributions that were transferred by the employer throughout the entire period of work in accordance with the rules of mandatory pension insurance for the funded share of a citizen's pension;
  • for persons participating in the State Pension Co-Financing Program - the amount of insurance premiums additionally paid as part of the funded part of the retirement pension; the amount of contributions of employers who participate in the Co-financing Program as a third party; the amount of contributions transferred from the state budget to co-finance the accumulated part of the pension;
  • part of the funds (or the entire amount) of family (maternal) capital, which was used to form SPN;
  • income from investing the above funds.

Who has STS

one-time social payment to pensioners
DITs are formed for citizens born before 1967, if they are participants in the mandatory pension insurance system, and also worked / work in any period of time after 2001. These include the category of persons in whose favor insurance contributions for the funded pension were regularly made by the employer from 2001 to 2004. These are men born between 1953 and 1966, and women whose birth year falls on 1957-1966.

A funded pension is available for mothers who have sent maternity capital to form STS, as well as for participants in the State Pension Co-financing Program.

The main innovations in the field of payments of SPN

Recently, the Government of the Russian Federation has been developing a law, according to which, every citizen has the opportunity not only to receive a life pension from retirement savings, but also rely on a one-time social benefit. In addition, each pensioner is given the right to receive urgent pension payments to SPN, which were formed at the expense of insurance voluntary contributions.

lump sum payment to pensioners
Opportunities for the transfer of rights to receive SPEs by successors also expanded. A few years ago, successors had the opportunity to receive STS only if the insured citizen died before he was granted an old-age pension. According to the adopted Law, if after the death of the insured citizen a part of the urgent pension payment remains unpaid, successors may apply for it. The innovations touched upon the succession of SPN formed at the expense of maternal (family) capital.

Types of Pension Payments

According to the law, every citizen, except for lifelong payments of pension funds, can count on lump sum payments to pensioners.

Pension benefits are:

  • urgent pension payment;
  • lump sum payment to pensioners;
  • STS, which are accrued upon reaching retirement age;
  • payment of funds of the insured pensioner to his successors.

One-time pension allowance

one-time cash payments to pensioners
A lump-sum social payment to pensioners is an opportunity to receive a share of a labor pension throughout life, not only in the form of monthly payments, but also as a lump-sum payment (if there are certain rights). Also, citizens can receive an urgent pension payment, which was formed at the expense of additional deposits.

Who is entitled to a one-time payment

One-time cash payments to pensioners are made to the following categories of insured persons:

  1. Citizens applying for pension payments in connection with the loss of a breadwinner.
  2. Persons receiving disability pension and disabled pensioners due to illness.
  3. Citizens who are not eligible for retirement benefits due to lack of seniority, but who are subject to state retirement benefits in the form of a social pension.

Lump sum payment to pensioners: who provides

A lump sum payment of SPN funds is carried out by the PFR or NPF, depending on where the insured person made insurance contributions. The payment of a lump sum to pensioners is regulated by the Government of the Russian Federation.

List of required documents

lump sum payments to pensioners
A lump-sum payment to pensioners has an application form. To receive it, you must personally contact the territorial branch of the PFR or the non-state Pension Fund by submitting a written application, and provide the following documents:

  • identity document of a citizen of the Russian Federation ;
  • certificate of compulsory pension insurance;
  • a certificate issued by the inspector of the territorial branch of the PFR on insurance experience and the size of the labor pension;
  • bank details for the transfer of a one-time payment due to SPN.

When can I get the money?

According to the law, the decision on the payment of a lump sum is made within a month, starting from the day of the submission of a written application to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation with the provision of the necessary package of documents. If the result is positive, a lump sum payment to pensioners is carried out in a period not exceeding 2 months from the date of the decision. In case of refusal to assign payments, the Pension Fund shall notify the citizen in writing of the decision made, indicating the reason.

Lump sum payment

The size of a lump sum payment to pensioners depends on the amount of STEs on their pension account at the time of assignment of a retirement pension. For citizens born before 1967, pension savings were formed over three years (2002-2004), so the amount of payments is from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

One-time payment to pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

lump sum payment to pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Citizens of the Russian Federation who have been dismissed from service at the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the right to pension provision and registered for receiving a lump-sum allowance during the period of service are entitled to a lump-sum social allowance.

Lump-sum payments to pensioners can be provided at their request, if they were accepted before March 1, 2005 for registration as needing housing in the corresponding body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

Thus, there are no legal grounds for providing a citizen with a lump-sum social benefit if the pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not in the queue for housing under a labor contract or lump-sum payment in the internal affairs bodies.

Benefit for retirees continuing their employment

Every third citizen of the Russian Federation, who is on pensions, continues his career. Naturally, many are interested in the question of whether a lump sum is paid to working pensioners.

As a rule, working pensioners do not receive lump sum benefits. In the event of dismissal due to a layoff, the employer is required to pay the usual severance pay.

lump sum payment to working pensioners
In view of the above, each Russian pensioner can apply for an STS. For those who are only going to apply to the PFRF for the purpose of granting a pension, lump-sum payments due to SPN will be made upon their written application simultaneously with the appointment of an old-age pension.

To receive a lump-sum allowance, two conditions must be met: a citizen must have the right to old-age pension (or already be a pensioner) and have the means of pension savings. Then the PFRF will have no reason to refuse to pay a lump sum. The Government of the Russian Federation takes care of retirees and regularly introduces innovations in the legislative framework so that citizens who have gone on a well-deserved rest do not need anything.

It is worth noting that each pensioner can manage the funded part of the pension at his discretion - you can receive it as a bonus to the labor, or specify a specific payment period (the entire amount will be issued within a year, two or even five), or you can receive it at a time. The latter option will be more advantageous in cases where the SPN is small.


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