Tarot of the Black Cats: meaning and features

The mysterious deck with black cats was released in 2011. Her cards had a black and white shirt. All 50 copies were quickly sold out. Later, an experienced astrologer, Law Scarabeo, released a new deck of cards called the Black Cat Tarot. It included 78 lassos, to which was attached a small book with a detailed description of each card. It is she who is often used by both experienced magicians and beginners in the field of Tarot.


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Not only black cats are gathered in the mysterious deck: among them there are 2 white representatives of the animal world. From ancient times, cats were considered mystical animals and personified a connection with the other world. They were and remain the "guides" of two worlds: the earthly and the spiritual. In the Black Cats Tarot deck, furry animals have human qualities. Their body resembles a human, but animal nature is preserved in it. Thus, it is not difficult for deck users to associate images with human destiny.

Tarot cards "Black Cats" do not require special treatment. It is necessary to tune in to work with them on an intuitive level. You should make friends with the magic deck, and then the cards will give true advice.


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Initially, the Black Cats tarot cards were invented by practicing astrologer Maria Curara. Next, the deck was redone by other specialists. Work on the creation of "Black Cats" was carried out for about a year and a half. The author invented all the lassos personally; images on maps were drawn by hand. Fluffy animals were the astrologer's favorites. Therefore, she portrayed them in the Black Cat Tarot cards . Kurara admits that every card has been experienced in her life. Sketches were not drawn in advance.

The deck of magical animals really seems alive. And although many drawings on it are not perfect, her structure is excellent. It is original and at the same time undemanding to use. The deck of Maria Kurara is universal: it can be used to analyze various life situations. "Black Cats" become excellent advisers in family affairs, money matters; help to understand the causes of disease.

To date, there are 2 decks of Tarot cards. Perhaps in the near future will appear and the third part.


On fortune-telling maps, the silhouettes of black cats are anthropomorphic. Animals in a magic deck live their own lives. White beasts are depicted on two Black Cats Tarot cards . The deck gallery is presented in an alternative outline. 2 light cats are the cards “Fool” and “World”. The first image acts as a "white crow" against a background of black fluffy animals. It helps a person understand his life roles. In the Mir map, a black cat discards its dark fur coat and appears as a white beast. The card characterizes the need for re-exposure, changes in internal attitudes, which helps a person to reach a new level of consciousness.

Major Arcana (0 to 10)

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The Black Cats Tarot includes 22 Major Arcana.

0 - Fool. The white cat shown on the map reflects going beyond the generally accepted rules and laws. The bright fluffy beast has devalued the existing knowledge and is completely ready for new discoveries and exploration of the world around. On the map, the cat is holding a mouse. It symbolizes a sense of fear that stops the Fool in his futile pursuits. If this card appears during fortune telling, a person needs to analyze his life and, possibly, change it.

1 - Mage He is able to control the whole universe. He has a special connection with space. This card reminds that the fate of a person is in his hands, and he himself can change the course of life events.

2 - Witch or High Priestess. She is wise, calm, strong; she has the ability to control the world. Her appearance suggests that a person should listen to his intuition. And she points to inner strength.

3 - The Empress. This is a magnificent woman and a caring mother. She always makes decisions herself and builds life with her own mind. The “Empress” tells us that changes can happen in life; one must be prepared for the birth of the "new."

4 - The Emperor. This is the ruler of the world. Strong and self-confident person. His appearance during fortune-telling indicates the possibility of success in business.

5 - The priest. Responsible for spirituality. A map can have a double meaning: indicate blind faith or a correctly chosen life path.

6 - Lovers. It represents the emergence of something new in life or an update of the old.

7 - Chariot. Prompts that the person is in a hurry; caution and unhurriedness in business should be shown.

8 - Strength. It personifies inner power, wisdom, cunning. A strong spirit can stop any aggression.

9 - The Hermit. The map indicates the desire for loneliness; a man is tired of everyday fuss and is looking for a way in the truth.

10 - Wheel of fortune. Personalizes life and destiny. A person must decide: choose the direction and pace of life or manage the situation yourself.

Major Arcana (11 to 21)

Tarot Meaning Black Cats Gallery

11 - Balance. The secret name of the card speaks for itself. She encourages a person to look at themselves from the side. Perhaps the balance is lost and needs to be restored for the return of vitality.

12 - The Hanged Man. On it a black fluffy beast is connected by thin threads. They, in turn, accumulate dew drops that prevent the victim from dying of thirst. This is the most mysterious Black Cats tarot card. Its meaning is as follows: a person feels like a victim of circumstances or needs a change in established views.

13 - Death. It is not without reason that this lasso is located under the black number 13. But its value is not bad. A man needs to say goodbye to the old in order to bring something new into life.

14 - Moderation. The card symbolizes harmony, tranquility, economy, laziness. The goals set will lead to appeasement and satisfaction with life.

15 - The Devil. This card shows a black cat in a mask. She lures other animals into the sacrificial fire. “Devilish” card reflects temptations, blind passion, thirst. Man has a "dark" side of character, which he carefully hides under the mask of virtue.

16 - The tower. This is destruction. A person needs to be prepared that everything can collapse in one moment. The map will not save anything: neither work, nor relationships, nor friends.

17 - Star. Reflects the birth of a new one. The card means that the work spent will be appreciated in the future and will bring the desired results.

18 - the moon. On this map, a black cat falls into the water, where it is tormented by fears and lies in danger. But this is actually an illusion. The moon helps answer many questions. To get rid of internal fears, a person needs to relax.

19 - The Sun. Bright warm card symbolizes happiness, prosperity, success, delight. She predicts that very soon life will sparkle with new colors.

20 - Rebirth. The map symbolizes the rebellion from the ashes. A person will feel freedom, and get rid of old illusions.

21 - World. This is the second card, the main character of which is a white cat. She completes the major arcana. The map tells that a person is clean, happy and in harmony with the outside world. It also characterizes the peaceful completion of work or life periods.

Junior Arcana

There are 56 of them in the Black Cats Tarot deck. The meaning of the cards and their classification will be considered below. Minor Arcana is divided into several groups.

  1. Wands.
  2. Pentacles.
  3. Swords.
  4. Cups.

Senior arcana characterize the main events in human life. The younger ones describe his daily activities. The first ones are called to explore the soul. The main task of the younger lasso is to study the relationship of man with society and events that are part of everyday existence.


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Each card has specific features and attributes (links) in the Black Cat Tarot . The interpretation of the minor arcana is made in conjunction with the older.

  • The dispute is the two of wands. Indicates the appearance of controversial situations on both sides. A person needs to make a choice to end this argument.
  • The top is a triple. Predicts the achievement of goals. The man is close to the goal.
  • Communication is the four rods. It characterizes the relationship between people.
  • The problems are the five wands.
  • Success is six. It suggests that the time has come to reap the fruits of their labors.
  • Courage is the Seven of Wands. The map shows a black cat that resists the lion. The card calls for courage, courage and even despair.
  • The rush is the eight of the rods.
  • Danger is nine. The card calls for caution.
  • Awareness - a dozen wands. On the map, a black cat in one paw holds a candle, and in the other - a cord from a lamp. The image indicates that soon a person will find a way out of the situation or an understanding of secret things will come to him.

The "Wands" group of cards "Message", "Gustiness", "Care" and "Strong Spirit" complete the group.


It can be difficult to quickly decipher the meaning of the tarot. Black Cats Gallery, designed in an original style, allows you to quickly and better understand the situation. Fairytale cards reveal the secrets of the human soul and suggest how best to do in a particular situation.

  • Confidence - Ace of Pentacles: indicates the right direction.
  • Blind game: a person does not see everything that happens to him.
  • Work.
  • Hostage: characterizes the inner isolation of a person.
  • Reason: immersion in sad thoughts and loss of faith in one's own strength.
  • Help: the people around you need support.
  • Patience.
  • Skill: a certain level to which a person should strive.
  • Humility.
  • Stability.
  • Juggler - Page of Pentacles: Indicates the existence of numerous options that allow you to "escape."
  • The extract is a knight of pentacles.
  • Saving is the queen.
  • The strategist is the king of pentacles: the black cat of this card knows how to increase his fortune.


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These lower acres are responsible for mental activity, intelligence. The Black Cat Tarot includes 14 cards:

  • Ace that symbolizes victory.
  • Two - means reconciliation.
  • The three is the gap.
  • Four is the need to take a break.
  • Five is a symbol of struggle.
  • Six - characterizes determination.
  • Seven is an action.
  • Eight - represents fear.
  • Nine is a symbol of loneliness.
  • Ten - means completion.
  • The page of swords is the guardian.
  • The knight portends a break.
  • The Queen of Swords is in charge of the body.
  • King characterizes hardness.


These arcana are responsible for emotions. They also correspond to 14 cards of the magic deck. Ace symbolizes happiness; deuce personifies love; the three is magnanimity; the four symbolizes saturation; five personifies sadness; six is ​​responsible for memory; the seven are illusions; figure 8 corresponds to departure; nine portends awards. The page ends with the Page of cups (pimp), Knight (proposal), Queen (dreams), King (scientist’s mind).

For whom is a deck suitable and how to work with it?

tarot black cats meaning

This is an oracle of universal type. With it, you can make a alignment to clarify various life situations. To get acquainted with the cards, you need to decompose the deck in this way: place the main lassos with black cats in a circle and see what the path of the mystical animal will be from point 0 to 21. Then you should follow the story lines of minor heroes (Leo, Shark, Mouse): intersect they or not. And then you need to analyze the landscapes, against which all the actions take place. This is necessary to establish intuitive contact with the Black Cat Tarot cards . Reviews about working with the magic deck are numerous and positive. According to those who managed to get acquainted with the new product, black cats willingly make contact with their master and very soon begin to whisper answers to exciting questions.

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