How to break a cast-iron bath: expert advice

A bathtub made of cast iron, according to masters engaged in repair work professionally, is the most durable accessory. Nevertheless, the time comes when it needs to be replaced. Many owners of old baths try to delay this moment as long as possible, covering for this product with new layers of enamel. Some approach this issue radically. This category prefers to completely remove the old bath from the house, and not to install a new one in its place. It can be dismantled with and without preservation. Having tried to make this accessory intact, beginners encounter difficulties and wonder whether it is possible to break an iron bath. Or have to endure it whole? In this case, you have to hire a brigade or call someone for help.

How to break a cast-iron bath in the bathroom? This issue becomes very relevant for those who have decided not to use the old accessory anywhere else. It will be easy to cope with this task. You will find information on how to quickly break up an iron bath in this article.

how to break a cast iron bathtub in the bathroom

About dismantling methods

There are two ways to replace an old bath:

  • With conservation. The bathtub is neatly disconnected from the rest of the communication in the house and carried out. In the future, it can be used. Judging by the reviews, this method is complex and time-consuming.
  • Without saving. In this case, you can either break up the cast-iron bath or saw it with an angle grinder. The pieces of the bath are then carried out. Due to the fact that the product now weighs much less, one person can cope with this work. According to experienced masters, if necessary, to dismantle the bath, they mainly resort to this method. The disadvantage of this method is that the procedure is accompanied by a very large roar.

What is the feature of the method?

According to reviews, we can conclude that the procedure for breaking the bath with a sledgehammer is the most proven method of dismantling. Nevertheless, it requires considerable physical effort. Destroy the bath into several parts is not available to everyone. Work must be carried out by a physically trained person. In addition, the procedure itself should be performed in the afternoon. Otherwise, a scandal with neighbors is inevitable.

Is it possible to break a cast-iron bath with a sledgehammer


Before proceeding to dismantle, you need to prepare the room in which the work will be carried out. It is desirable that there is nothing superfluous in the bathroom, namely various cabinets and bedside tables. In order not to damage the toilet, if the bathroom is combined, it is better to remove it from the room. The floor must be covered with a rubber mat. Otherwise, the cast-iron product laid on the tiled surface will slip.


Since the bath will first need to be disconnected from the pipes, the master needs to get the following:

  • Adjustable and ordinary keys.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Pliers.
  • Hacksaw for metal and grinder.
  • Crowbar.
  • Sledgehammer.
how to break a cast-iron bathtub with a sledgehammer

Due to the fact that gross physical work will be carried out, the master should worry about the means of protection. It is necessary to prepare special gloves and goggles.

Where to start?

Before breaking a cast-iron bath, it must first be disconnected from the entire communication. First of all, the overflow is disconnected. According to experts, cast iron pipes were installed in many old houses. Therefore, after many years, they rust very much, become scum and with the dismantling of cast-iron plumbing, the master may have difficulties. The situation is better if communications are represented by metal-plastic components. In this case, they simply unscrew. It is enough for the master to cook only pliers. There are frequent cases when the overflow grill is very sticky.

how to quickly break a cast-iron bath

Before breaking a cast-iron bath, you need to dismantle this element. Many craftsmen clamp it with pliers and scroll counterclockwise. If it is not possible to dismantle the overflow in this way, it is cut off by a grinder. Judging by the reviews, often the fasteners have a very rusted thread, which can only be dealt with after cutting it. First, several incisions are made on the grate, and then the overflow is knocked down with a chisel. Then the cross is knocked out under the grill. As a result, the siphon should hang freely, connected to the rest of the sewer communication. To remove it, the master needs to get rid of the coupler. Some beginners are wondering if a cast iron bathtub can be broken with a sledgehammer. According to experts, this is quite possible. It is only necessary to adhere to a clear sequence of actions.

About the weak point of the bath

Those who have never done anything like this before and do not know how to break a cast-iron bathtub with a sledgehammer, experts recommend finding his most vulnerable spot in this sanitary ware. Judging by the numerous reviews, it is located in the bottom, namely near the drain hole. It is there that one should beat with a sledgehammer.

is it possible to break a cast-iron bath

Working process

After the product has found its most vulnerable point, the following steps need to be performed:

  • First of all, the bath should be slightly moved away from the wall. To complete this task, you will need a chisel and a hammer, with the help of which a sanitary product is eliminated from the cement mortar around the perimeter. The optimal distance of the bath to the wall is from 100 to 150 mm.
  • Using an angle grinder equipped with cutting wheels, several cuts should be made in the bathtub. The task of the master is to deprive the product of strength. Cutting points on the bath should be its curved edges on both sides. They are used as stiffeners. If the work is done correctly, then from strong blows to the bottom of the cast-iron product, it will develop.
  • Break the drain hole. At this stage, the bath does not need to be turned over. The master only inflicts very strong blows with a sledgehammer on the drain from the inside of the bath. Judging by the reviews, after these actions the bath is divided into two separate halves. If this does not happen, then it will happen to deal with its sides.
  • Turn the bath sideways and cover with old rags. Burlap is also quite suitable. Blows are made on the outside of the cast iron product. As a result, the previously drained drain hole in the bathroom should be even more expanded. After several strokes in the bathroom, a long strip forms along its entire bottom.


At the very end, the cast-iron bath must be completely turned over. The bottom of the plumbing product should be pointing up. At this stage, the sledgehammer handles the sides. As a result, the bath is divided into several pieces, which will then be convenient to make. In addition, the bath can be divided into smaller pieces. To do this, have to work as a grinder. The gas cutting method is considered quite effective.

Some tips from experts

Those who do not know how to break a cast-iron bath are recommended by professionals to adhere to safety precautions. Mostly this work is done by two people. Since the procedure involves a grinder and a sledgehammer, you can protect yourself from injuries if all actions are agreed.


Due to the fact that particles of broken iron can get into the face from strong blows of a sledgehammer, the plumbing product should first be covered with burlap. This will also protect the bathroom itself. The dismantling speed and safety directly depend on the correct organization of labor.


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