Haruyama gel polish: advantages, disadvantages, reviews

The fair sex is very scrupulous about their appearance. The beauty of the hands and excellent manicure are important details of the image. However, it is worth noting that ordinary nail polishes do not last very long, and therefore shellac technology has gained immense popularity. For example, Haruyama gel polish is in great demand and has already established itself as a high-quality cosmetic product. Excellent performance and ease of shellac application made this nail art technology the most popular today.

Haruyama Gel Polish

Inexpensive and very high quality shellac Haruyama is one of the best tools for long-term nail design. The manufacturer offers about 450 different shades for nail art for all occasions. In addition, lovers of non-trivial design solutions will also use Haruyama gel polish. The palette contains tones with the effect of "chameleon" and "cat's eye." In each season, several new fashionable shades are released under this brand, so the color scheme is truly impressive. The texture of the gel polish is thick enough to get the perfect coating in one application.

Haruyama gel polish

The Haruyama brand has been around for over 25 years. The uniqueness of the company's products is that it is hypoallergenic. Grateful customers consider Haruyama gel polish to be one of the most spectacular, persistent and harmless. It is also worth noting that the price of this product is very attractive and amounts to no more than three hundred rubles.

Advantages and disadvantages of Haruyama gel polish

It is worth examining in more detail the question of the popularity of this product. Shellac combines the beauty and brightness of a traditional varnish and the durability of a gel that was previously used for building. Moreover, this technology harms the nails much less than gluing artificial material.

Haruyama gel polish palette

Haruyama gel polish has the following advantages:

  • the composition instantly strengthens the nail plate;
  • protects nails from cracks and negative external influences;
  • nail art lasts up to 4 weeks without correction;
  • for manicure it is not necessary to file off a natural nail.

However, it is worth noting that the technology involves processing the nail plate with a buff, therefore it also does some harm to the condition of the nails. In addition, Haruyama gel polish has the following disadvantages:

  1. Under the shellac coating, the creation of a natural protective layer of the nail ceases. As a result, after stripping, the plates become very weak.
  2. Due to the shellac layer, the nail plate can stop or slow down growth, because oxygen partially stops flowing to it.
  3. The process of removing gel polish is very harmful to the nail plate.
  4. If the base for the color coating is applied with a too thin layer, there is a chance that the nail will be painted, and the natural shade of the plate cannot be returned, you will have to wait until a new one grows.

haruyama gel polish reviews

Haruyama gel polish reviews

If you believe the numerous reviews of girls who have personally tried this product, then the shellu Haruyama is characterized by excellent quality, a variety of shades and hypoallergenicity. The product has a thick consistency and a comfortable flat brush. In addition, gel polish perfectly strengthens nails and lasts at least three weeks.

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