How to make a dumbbell at home? Practical tips

You want to have a beautiful body, but going to the gym requires too much time and money? There is an alternative - classes with weighting materials at home. Although it should be noted that the purchase of dumbbells and barbells will also cost a tidy sum. The following question arises: "How to make a dumbbell at home?". To get the necessary equipment, you don’t need so much: cement and sand, empty bottles, a piece of an ordinary iron pipe, metal cans.

How to make a dumbbell at home?

First, determine how much dumbbell weight you need. If you need inventory from 0.2 kg to 1 kg, then to solve the question of how to make a dumbbell at home, it will be enough to take small plastic bottles and fill them with water or sand. For a slightly larger weight, add a little water in the sand container and close the lid tightly. For classes, you can use elongated tin cans with any content. Their weight is usually printed on the package.

How to replace dumbbells?

And how to make a dumbbell at home, if you need a more solid weight, for example, 2-6, or even 8 kg? It will take a little more effort. Take 4 metal cans, for example, from paint, fill two of them with cement mortar, insert a piece of metal pipe into this solution. Make sure that the pipe is perpendicular. After the solution has solidified, repeat the operation for the other side of the pipe. The obtained dumbbells should be handled carefully, do not drop them sharply on the floor, since concrete is a heavy, but brittle substance, it can crack or crack. By the way, the bar is made in a similar way. Dumbbells need a short handle and light weight, and for the bar pick up a longer pipe and large cans.

How to replace dumbbells if there is no cement mortar and iron pipes at hand? Plastic bottles with water or other fillers, for example, all the same sand, will help out. Choose their weight depending on the exercise. Not always the shape of the bottles is comfortable and suitable for grip. You can pick up such plastic containers that already have a handle in their design. Another option to solve the question of how to make a dumbbell at home is to use bottles packed in a sturdy bag with sturdy handles. Such a bag can be used when lifting dumbbells to the chest when performing various types of wiring. If you need weighting materials to perform bench presses, it is better to use a wide, but not very high bag with a short handle.

Barbell Dumbbell.

If you have a familiar welder, you can order him to make homemade dumbbells. To do this, he will need short pipe cuts and sheet steel. The specialist will be able to independently cut metal circles of different diameters and make holes in them. It remains only to clean them. Do not forget to order special locks that will allow you to hold pancakes on the handle.

We hope that our tips will help you make the necessary equipment, and then become the owner of a beautiful body!


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