Learning to shoot video on a SLR camera

Many people, when buying a camera, are faced with the problem that they absolutely don’t know how to shoot with it and what to do with the captured material.

How to learn to shoot video on a DSLR camera?

A few simple tips will help solve this problem.

Many aspiring photographers or videographers who are looking for their first camera often come across the abbreviation DSLR. Although this is not the key knowledge for creating photo or video masterpieces, but I think that it is also necessary to know the theory.

DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) is a digital single-lens reflex camera.

What kind of camera should a beginner buy and what to do next?

For starters, the simplest, at first glance, Canon 650D SLR camera is suitable . He shoots great and, plus everything, doesn’t cost that much money. This option is perhaps the best and budget for a beginner. The camera does its job efficiently, on it you can master all the basic skills of video mastering. Many well-known videographers began their journey precisely with this apparatus, and did really wonderful work. If you want to try yourself as a videographer, but don’t know which camera to buy, the Canon 650D is your choice.

Okay, we decided on the camera, but what else should be purchased for a comfortable and high-quality shooting? Without fail, you must purchase a tripod suitable for the camera in order to avoid shaking during shooting. As you know, a tripod is mainly used for static shooting; Watching a video shot with just a tripod is sometimes wildly annoying, which leads to deep boredom. In order to give your video picture a more dynamic effect, without shaking, you need to think about buying a monopod and steadicam, these stabilizers will give your work excellent stabilization, a beautiful, and most importantly, dynamic picture.

Well, they bought a camera, a stabilization system too, it remains to determine the lens. Here I can advise the most standard “kit EF-S 18-55mm f / 3.5-5.6 II" that comes with the camera. But for a more artistic effect in a video, it’s best to get a Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 lens first. These two lenses are great for a beginner. The first will make it possible to shoot with a wider viewing angle, and the second is used to achieve the so-called cinema. This set is perfect for entry-level masterpieces.

I also want to advise you to buy a flash card with a large amount of memory, 68gb will be just right, since the footage takes up a lot of space, and it’s not very convenient to rearrange the flash drives, because they can easily get lost somewhere. It would also be nice to buy an additional battery, because the problem with the charge is an eternal dilemma, and always, as luck would have it, the charge ends at the most crucial moment, but if you play it safe and buy an additional battery, this problem will not be worth it.

As soon as you have purchased a camera and everything you need for it, immediately start shooting

A few tips will help you achieve good results.

Before shooting, write on a piece of paper what you want to capture. Set yourself super tasks. Write sample locations where you will be shooting. Simply put, write down all your thoughts on paper to make it easier to navigate the location of the shoot.

Try to always carry the camera with you so as not to miss out on bright moments.

In order to gain experience, remove everything that seems interesting to you, and then try to mount something from this material (by the way, I recommend the Adobe Premiere pro program for installation). Thus, you will gradually accumulate shooting and editing skills. No need to be afraid and shy. Shoot, mount, make mistakes and work on them, because you are just starting your way in this difficult but very exciting business.

Watch videos from other people more often. Discover something new, be inspired. Draw conclusions for yourself how to shoot, and how not to. If you really liked someone else’s video, take it as a basis and shoot something similar, there’s nothing shameful about it, but it’s a great experience.

In order for your work to be noticed, appreciated, or indicated errors, put them on the appropriate Internet portals. There are many groups on the social network "VKontakte" dedicated to user videos. If you are not too lazy and put your work on public display, they will always point out errors and advise you on how to fix them.

Read fiction books as well as literature that focuses directly on video. Literature develops imaginative thinking, which is very necessary for the videographer. I advise you to read: "Video DSLR. Secrets of the successful start of video shooting on the camera "A. Makarov

Notice the little things, try to see in genius something brilliant. After all, the most ingenious is in plain sight.

Be observant. Every day different situations occur with us, with people around us. Try to look at these situations from a different angle. Think of all these situations as works of screen art. Mentally adding to them various episodes and proposed circumstances. So, you see, based on these typical and commonplace situations, you will have a wonderful idea in your head to shoot your own video work.

Learn to set specific goals and make a step-by-step plan for their implementation. Keep a diary, write down your goal there and every day write down what you did useful to achieve the goal.

Watch more films, go to theaters, get rich culturally, and then you will surely succeed. The main thing is never to give up and always move only forward.


Following these simple tips, you can feel like a professional in shooting and gradually learn how to shoot high quality videos.

Less beaten frames and good luck in this insanely interesting business!

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