DIY drainage system: varieties and features of the structure

In order for puddles not to stand in the yard, it is necessary to build a drainage system. It is open and closed. The second option is characterized by what is in the ground. Do-it- yourself drainage system is built, and the process does not take much time.

do-it-yourself drainage system
As for the open structure, for its construction you just need to dig a ditch. Basically, you can build a combined system. For work you need a shovel, pipes and other materials. Before starting the procedure, you must definitely determine the natural slope of your site. Of course, it is necessary to draw a system diagram on paper. This will greatly facilitate the work.

Do-it-yourself drainage system is constructed as follows: in accordance with the drawing, dig the entire network of trenches, the slope of which should not be higher than 4 cm. Now observe whether the water will drain. At this stage, you can easily fix all the mistakes made. Now you can lay the corrugated pipe through which the liquid will be discharged from the site. Naturally, geotextiles need to be laid under it, and in order for the system to function well in the cold season, all elements should be insulated. Further, the system is filled with sand, expanded clay or crushed stone. The main pipe should be buried somewhat deeper than the collecting ones.

DIY surface drainage
Next, the do-it-yourself drainage system is buried, and grates are installed on the surface to collect water. Moreover, this is done so that they are slightly below ground level, so that liquid can drain into them.

There are also simpler systems, for example, wall and ring. For their construction, you do not need to use special materials or tools. And they are built much faster than closed types. Do-it-yourself wall-mounted drainage system is constructed if the building has a basement, cellar or basement. However, you need to do it at the stage of laying the foundation. Dig a trench around the base. In the deepest place of the site should be a pumping well. In the corners, you can build viewing niches. Naturally, such a system should be equipped with a clay lock, which is arranged at a distance of 1 m from the foundation.

DIY site drainage scheme
If necessary, do-it-yourself open drainage of the site , the scheme of which is primitive. The only requirement for it is the distance from the walls of the building, which is up to 3 m. In addition, it should be equipped if the structure does not foresee ground floors or basements, and the soil is clay.

In order for the system to be effective regardless of its type, you need to lay it slightly below the maximum deep point on your site. Ring drainage is quite simple. It is a system of trenches covered with gravel or other material that can pass water. Moreover, it must be carefully rammed. A pipe wrapped in waterproofing material should lie under a layer of crushed stone.

The type of construction presented is the surface drainage of the site. With your own hands, the presented design can be built quickly. To do this, you only need a shovel and a little time.


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