How to add Yandex mail in Outlook settings?

Outlook is included in the Microsoft Office suite of office programs. It provides the user with extensive planning, storage of phone numbers and mailing addresses. But, unfortunately, this program does not have built-in settings for popular email clients. To get Yandex-mail in Outlook settings, you have to tinker a bit.

Launch setup

At the first launch of the program, the user is prompted to immediately begin the procedure for setting up and connecting. If you have at your fingertips all the information you need to add an email client, you can proceed to fill out the special fields. If it is not, then in the menu you can refuse the setting and do it later. Please note that Yandex mail can be added only if you already have a registered mail account.

outlook setting yandex

First you need to specify the type of server. In Outlook settings, Yandex can be connected using POP3 or IMAP. In the first case, the mail is downloaded to the computer, in the second - it remains on the server.

When using POP3, all mail operations performed on the computer will not be reflected on the server. That is, if you delete letters in Outlook, they will remain on the server. This should be considered when setting up the program for the first time. Using POP3 is safer, but keep in mind that this can lead to clutter of the mailbox. Indeed, in order to delete the read letters, you have to go from the browser window. And this is not always convenient.

yandex mail

What data to enter?

Which data to enter in the required fields depends on the postal service provider. But since for convenience and safety, all mail services (Yandex, Google, use the same mail access ports. Vary only in domains. So, in Yandex-mail of the Outlook settings domain, the following data should be indicated in the fields:

  • The name that was used when registering the mail account.
  • E-mail address. For example,
  • Login. The program enters it automatically, using numbers and letters before the @ symbol, if the login is different, then delete the previous one and enter the one that is used.
  • Password (enter the password for the email account).
  • In the IMAP field, enter: .
  • In the POP3 field, enter: .
  • In the SMTP field, enter: .

But so that no error messages are generated, you must check the server port numbers. To do this, click on the "Other Settings" button. A separate window with five tabs will open.

yandex mail for the domain outlook setup

Other settings

The success of launching an email client depends on what data the user provides in this box. Here you can select the type of connection, additional connection and security settings. But in order to configure Yandex mail, first you need to configure the server port numbers using the connection that is already there. To do this, click on the tab "Advanced".

The figure shows that the arbitrarily specified server port numbers do not meet modern security standards. These numbers are not suitable for connection. To do this, enter the following port numbers in the Yandex Outlook settings:

  • IMAP - 993;
  • POP3 - 995;
  • SMTP - 465.

If the Internet connection is unstable, the signal is weak, then you should increase the waiting time for a response from the server. Increasing the reception time to 1-2 minutes is quite enough even when connected at a speed of 32 kbps to receive Yandex-mail.


Checking the Yandex settings in Outlook is automatic. Immediately after adding an account, the program sends a request to download mail or connect to the mail service. And after the program starts successfully, you can configure the connection security. After that, install additional verification of the login and password on the server, check it with an antivirus (if it is installed on the PC) and a firewall.

setup of yandex mail in outlook 2003

If during the configuration any errors were made, they will be shown in a separate window. Mail will not load at the same time. Considering that the information provided in this window is written in the language of β€œtechies”, it will not be so simple for an ordinary user to understand the causes of errors.

Possible errors and debugging

The most common mistake is an incorrect password or login. Sometimes users, having no information about what the port number should be, try to connect by the wrong one. To make corrections, if at the previous stage the settings window was closed, you should click on the tab "Tools - Email Accounts". In the window that opens, put a dot in front of "View or change existing accounts."

yandex mail

Compare the login, mail address, SMTP, IMAP (POP3) and re-enter the password. After that, check the port numbers. If they are indicated incorrectly, correct.

Sometimes users enter into the program the data of an email account that does not exist in Yandex, because they do not know that Outlook does not register new mailboxes. This program is designed to conveniently work with existing mail. Therefore, you first need to create a mailbox in Yandex, and then add it to Outlook.

The listed parameters and methods of working with the setting are suitable for setting up Yandex mail in Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Both on a PC and on mobile devices.


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