What strengthens nails? Recipes for beautiful and healthy nails

Improper nail care can lead to the fact that they will be brittle, have an unhealthy color and, accordingly, spoil the appearance of the hands of its owner. But nails are an important part of the female image, a lot can be said about them. And even a beautiful and neatly performed manicure will not be able to hide brittle and thin nails. So, you need to strengthen them.

what strengthens nails

What causes nails to become brittle?

Before you find out what strengthens your nails, it will be useful to understand what exactly leads to a worsening of their condition, and try to eliminate harmful factors as much as possible.

The first cause of increased fragility of nails can be a deficiency of important vitamins, such as keratin and amino acids. Of the latter, cysteine ​​is the most important - an amino acid containing sulfur. For the health and strength of nails, microelements such as calcium, phosphorus, chromium, selenium and zinc are also needed. The disadvantage of each of them can adversely affect the health of the nails in general. The reason for the lack of elements can be poor nutrition, diseases, stress and just spring vitamin deficiency. After all, it is at this time of year that nails can be especially prone to brittleness and delamination.

bath for nails with salt

Other causes of brittle nails besides lack of vitamins

Those people who, due to their profession or lifestyle, often work with chemically active substances - detergents and cleaners, often come in contact with water without protecting their hands with a special emollient cream, may have thin, stitched nails. Therefore, it is better to wash the dishes or the floor in the apartment with the help of various household chemicals in gloves.

Nails also peel and break due to their frequent build-up, the habit of biting their teeth, and inaccurate removal of gel coatings. Any mechanical impact leads to a thinning of the nail plate. Low-quality bright varnishes, especially those applied without a protective coating, can stain the nail and lead to its weakening.

Fragility can be associated with hormonal disruptions in the body of a woman after childbirth, during feeding the baby and pregnancy, as well as after diseases. Chronic diseases such as diabetes can also lead to this problem.

healing nail polish

Preventative measures

What strengthens nails? To prevent brittle nails, you should adhere to the following simple rules:

  • Try to do all the housework with gloves.
  • Be careful when filing your nails. Use your saw file to move strictly in one direction. Choose tools for manicure with a softer, gentle coating. Glass or ceramic files are suitable.
  • Be sure to use a protective coating when applying varnish. Use varnishes, bases and strippers to remove coatings from well-known brands that have established themselves on the market.
  • From time to time, instead of a colored coating, apply a treatment that will strengthen the nails, giving them a healthy look.
  • Do not forget to pamper your hands regularly with baths, and your body with vitamins. Try to eat right so that you receive all the necessary trace elements that are needed not only by the nails, but by the whole body. Bad ecology and stress are also detrimental to marigolds.
  • Do not often do extensions, and gel polishes should be very carefully removed. To do this, file the top layer of varnish, then apply a special tool, wrap the nails with pieces of foil and wait about 15 minutes. Then carefully, with gentle movements, remove the remaining coating with an orange stick. If necessary, hold the gel polish remover a little longer, but do not peel off the pieces of the coating, it is better to cover it with a transparent or therapeutic varnish on top.
  • Do not overdo the alignment of the nail plate. Also protect it from bruises and do not bang your fingernails on hard surfaces.
  • Try not to go outside in the cold season without warm gloves. Nails are very unstable to the effects of cold and excessive dryness. So in the heating season, try to maintain at home a more or less high level of humidity with the help of flowers or a special humidifier.

What strengthens nails? Now we will talk about some ways to strengthen the nail plate.

nails flake and break

Baths for nail health

What strengthens nails? It is recommended that you pamper your hands with spa treatments a couple of times a week to enhance their health. The most popular and effective is the nail tray with salt (sea). Dilute one tablespoon of any sea cosmetic salt with 250 ml of pure water. You can mix a couple more drops of lemon juice, vitamins in liquid form or a little iodine. Make sure that the water is warm and immerse your fingers in the bath. You can hold your hands there until the water cools down.

A nail tray with salt will give a healthy glow to your manicure.

For 200 ml of water, you can also brew a special herbal mixture of chamomile or burdock, which are most useful for nails. You can pour herbs with boiling water, let it brew, then dilute it and also hold your hands in the mixture.

You can squeeze the juice from beets, radishes or radishes and hold your fingers in it, but learn that the nail plate from this procedure can turn red in color, especially after the beetroot bath.

strengthening natural nails

Masks for strengthening nails

Strengthening natural nails can be done using masks prepared at home. Add in 5 tablespoons of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of essential oil or regular lemon juice. Dip your hands in oil, to which you can mix a little honey. The mixture should be warm. After wipe it off with napkins without rinsing. You can hold the mask on your hands during the night. Remember that sandalwood or tea tree oil is best suited for essential oils. Useful massage of nails and hands with oil.

salt baths

Healing nail polish

Professional cosmetologists can also offer their own ways to strengthen nails. On sale there is a special therapeutic nail polish that strengthens them. Alternate it with familiar coatings. Such a varnish contains vitamins A, E and many other substances useful for nails. It can also be used as a base for color coating.

Biogel strengthening coatings are also known, which last longer than usual, as they are fixed under an ultraviolet lamp.

what strengthens nails

Food secrets

Not only salt baths, special masks, varnishes will help you in the fight against unhealthy nails. All this must be supplemented with good nutrition. Nails, dairy products, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and lean meat will be especially beneficial for nail health. Remember that without a healthy diet, external beauty is impossible.

The key to beauty and health of nails is comprehensive comprehensive care, try to take into account all the above rules, and then your hands will look just perfect!

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