CJSC "USIN-Real Estate": employee reviews about the employer

Today we have to understand what the USIN-Real Estate employee reviews are. They will help to understand how this company is a conscientious employer. It’s hard to find a good place. We have to study all the pros and cons of a particular company before employment. What does USIN-Real Estate offer its applicants and employees? Can this company be called a conscientious organization? Or is it better to look for another place to work permanently?


First of all, you have to understand what USIN Real Estate is. In what area does this organization work? This is a company that offers real estate transaction services. More precisely, the real estate office. "USIN-Real Estate" offers the sale, purchase and rental of real estate.

yusin real estate employee reviews

The organization has no more specific functions. This is the most common real estate agency, which is constantly gaining new personnel for work. But what kind of feedback does USIN-Real Estate get? What features should all applicants pay attention to?

Promises from superiors

For example, it is worth considering the promises made by a potential boss to subordinates. This is an important point, emphasized in the reviews of employees. It is noted that "USIN-Real Estate" offers favorable working conditions.

Among the promises to date, the following nuances can be distinguished:

  • official employment;
  • flexible working hours;
  • decent income;
  • Friendly team;
  • professional and career growth;
  • social package;
  • the possibility of combining or part-time;
  • training.

zao yusin real estate employee reviews

This is a standard list of what almost every modern employer offers. But how much does USIN-Real Estate faithfully treat its subordinates?

About employment

It pleases all applicants and employees that the company does offer official employment. An employment contract is concluded with all subordinates in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. This is a mandatory point that is observed by the employer. Unofficial work "USIN-Real Estate" is not welcome.

Although some negative still speaks out for the organization. CJSC "USIN-Real Estate" sometimes gets not the best reviews from employees. Some talk about working without an employment contract. Allegedly, the employer does not immediately immediately formalize his subordinates into the company.

Indeed, you will have to work a little without employment - during training. During this period, the employee only gets acquainted with his duties, he decides whether this or that vacancy is suitable for him. But in fact, a person works in the same way as all other subordinates.

yusin real estate employee reviews in Krasnoselskaya

Lack of formal employment during an internship or training is normal. In this case, if necessary, a citizen can, without labor and negative consequences, refuse further cooperation. "USIN-Real Estate" acts exclusively by law.


What about career growth in a company? "USIN-Real Estate" reviews from employees in this area are mixed. The thing is that some subordinates talk about the complete lack of career advancement. Allegedly, it is impossible to get a promotion in the agency. Ordinary employees remain in their posts throughout the entire period of employment.

At the same time, some workers claim the opposite. It is emphasized that the career growth of USIN-Real Estate offers, but you will have to seriously try to increase it. The increase can be obtained, but only small and elusive. There are a lot of such reviews, so they inspire public confidence. At the same time, there is no evidence of the truthfulness of the words about the lack of career growth, as well as its presence.


Real estate agency "USIN" reviews are mixed. Some employees say that the work schedule in the company leaves much to be desired. Sometimes you have to work more than the time prescribed in the employment contract, and without additional remuneration. Fortunately, there are not many such complaints.

cao yusing real estate reviews

Most often, the feedback from employees emphasizes that USIN-Real Estate offers a flexible, virtually free work schedule. Yes, it also happens that you have to work long and hard. Even on a weekend, you cannot be 100% sure that there will be no need to go to work. But basically, the schedule is flexible and convenient. It is great for combining or as a side job.


CJSC "USIN-Real Estate" receives different reviews. There are good ones among them, and not the most flattering ones. Subordinates respond positively about the work collective. The bulk of the workers say that they have to work in a friendly and responsive company. Colleagues are generally always ready to help. Beginners are helped to get comfortable in the workplace. There is no competition or rivalry; conflicts in the work team are minimal.

But sometimes not the most friendly colleagues are found. There are very few of them, usually they quit quickly. It is impossible to insure yourself against not the best working team. There are more positive reviews about colleagues at USIN Real Estate than negative reviews. This employer is perfect for sociable people who need to work in a friendly team.

Job interview

What else stands out "USIN-Real Estate"? Reviews about the employer are generally mixed. Quite often, employees emphasize that the interview is somewhat non-standard. This is both good and bad at the same time.

real estate agency yusin reviews
Interview at USIN Real Estate group. Most often, the fact that applicants are in a small room in large numbers. This creates some discomfort. Recruitment managers are not always attentive to the visitors, but they try to take time for everyone and talk about various vacancies.

"USIN-Real Estate" employees sometimes get not the best reviews. You can find opinions that indicate that at the interview potential employees are promised golden mountains that are not actually offered. Simply put, cheat.


And what about earnings? In this area, not the best receives USIN-Real Estate employee reviews. On Krasnoselskaya, 38/19, in Moscow, is the head office of the organization. It is here that many complain about low salaries. Although initially the employer offers decent wages.

yusin real estate employer reviews

Subordinates emphasize the lack of salary per se. Or in some posts it is, but very low. The main income is the percentage of transactions. Therefore, the prospect of high profits is available, but it is not so easy to use it. In practice, subordinates at USIN Real Estate receive little.

About the boss

The management of the company earns far from the best reviews of employees. He receives a lot of complaints. Most often, discontent appears for paid tuition. In fact, in order to start working in a company, you need to pay for an internship. This point does not suit many. After all, some of the applicants are eliminated at the time of training.

Many also talk about the leadership of USIN-Real Estate as people who are unfair to their staff. Employees are burdened with work, they often have to deal with some kind of hostility, to defend their rights. There are no confirmations for these reviews, but they are very common.

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