Ear pain in children is serious

Toddlers always suffer more than we do, because we are well aware of what it is and what it is, and it is hard to explain to the meaningless little ones why it is he or she who is suffering, not the neighbors. That is why earache in children is a difficult test, both for themselves and for parents. First you need to ask the crumbs what pain and where exactly it hurts. It may be that the throat hurts more, and the ear simply prevents you from lying when the caring mother once again puts the baby under the covers.

In any case, knowledge of how to relieve tinnitus by folk methods will not produce results for a long time. The cause of the disease can lie much deeper. For example, in an infectious disease of the throat that spreads through the nasopharynx and gives an ear inflammation.

What exactly hurts? It is rare, but it happens that the boil delivers pain. Wherever he is, pleasant is not enough. If the location of such inflammation is not located too deep, then adults can easily determine the cause of the pain.

Another cause of ear inflammation can be otitis media. More often it is an infectious disease, which without a course of antibiotics will not pass in any way. That is why it is necessary to consult a doctor, whatever the pain in the ears in children. It is also possible that the auditory canal is clogged with sulfur, dead skin pieces, etc. From all this, a cork is formed, which can not only cause inflammation, but also mechanically impair hearing for some time.

But most often , ear pain in children appears with a cold. Hypothermia of the middle ear can result in inflammation. The most correct symptoms: fever, pain in the ears when swallowing, nausea, hearing loss (temporary and further deterioration).

If you are currently unable to visit an otolaryngologist or ENT specialist, it is worth relieving the child’s torment. The surest methods are warming. You can drop a couple drops of sunflower or olive oil in your ear. At the same time, its temperature should be room temperature so as not to burn and warm. A scarf with a warm compress, a plastic bottle or a heating pad with warm water helps a lot.

How to relieve ear pain for a long time, only a doctor will tell you, because the main thing is to eliminate its cause, and not the fact itself. To improve the patency of the Eustachian tubes, it will be nice to drink a lot in small sips, if pain allows. This not only nourishes the inside with tissue fluid and slightly relieves inflammation, but also mechanically frees them from contamination. You can also chew gum or yawn more often. The pain in the ears in children can worsen or begin in a supine position, because the pressure on the eardrum is greatest. Namely, it most likely hurts, it has a lot of nerve endings. It is better to have the child half-sitting or sitting.

If the ear pain appeared after the baby was swimming or diving, then the reason is the water that has accumulated in the ear. If it is not possible to remove water by conventional methods, for example, jumping on a leg with your head bowed down with a sick ear, then you must resort to methods of quickly removing fluid. Glycerin and isopropyl alcohol will perfectly evaporate water and a couple of drops will not harm the ear.

It happens that at first there are no special reasons to worry, and only after sleep can you notice a small amount of pus on the baby's pillow. This means that an abscess or inflammation has burst. In this case, even ear pain when swallowing may not appear. It is necessary to consult a doctor. The only thing that can be done is to gently and gently clean the ear canal and rinse the pus from the area around the ear.

Analgesics can also be used to eliminate pain, but they will not cure a possible infection and the pain will recur.

Take care of your ears in the throat when warm, do not walk in the rain, and teach children from an early age how to do the right thing, and problems with your ears will not affect you.

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