The latest ideas for manicures at home

Bright and, at the same time, laconic manicure is the dream of every girl. After all, it is very important to look great from head to toe. Sometimes the smallest details can make the right impression. Therefore, you need to be aware of fashion trends that apply not only to clothes and shoes, but also the ideas of manicures. So how can

Manicure Ideas
decorate the nails at home?

In fact, all ingenious is really simple. You do not have to β€œreinvent the wheel” or puzzle over complex patterns. Today, almost all the bright moments are in fashion. Modern manicure ideas are amazingly omnivorous. It is enough just to arm yourself with your own imagination and the most breathtaking means for nail design. You will certainly find yourself in a trend.

Do not be afraid to seem too bold. Flashy shades of varnish are in fashion. The ombre effect will be especially beneficial. It consists in the following innovation. A smooth transition of one shade of varnish to another should form on the nails. And the border does not have to be exactly in the middle. This is also a great option for French manicure, when only the tip differs in color. To achieve this effect, apply two varnishes on the foil, carefully mix the border with a toothpick, then apply the resulting coating to the sponge and gently press it to the nail. The ombre looks especially relevant using matte shades.

It would seem, what other ideas of red manicure can be? After all, this shade is considered classic and speaks for itself. However, not all so simple. Solid manicure gradually fades against the backdrop of new ideas. Try to diversify it with a white tint. This rather bold and extravagant decision will allow you to stand out from the rest of the fashionable women. Narrow strips of special shiny foil are perfect too.

Red manicure ideas
Do not be afraid to experiment. Trendy manicure ideas with rhinestones - this is the best solution for any special occasion. Moreover, the trend is not only small shiny pebbles. Large rhinestones will invariably draw attention to your flawless nails. That's just to fix them you need more reliable. Otherwise your manic
Rhinestone Manicure Ideas
the jure will be ruined at the height of the party. For reliable fixation, use special gel polishes that freeze in ultraviolet rays. In this case, even the largest rhinestone will be securely fixed on the surface of the nail.

What other modern manicure ideas are there that are easy to translate into reality at home? One of the innovations is the combination of glossy and matte shades of varnish. In this case, the colors can be exactly the same. Play on the contrasts of the texture. A very stylish option is a glossy pattern on a matte basis. And all this in black. Such a manicure is worthy of the cover of any fashion magazine.

The design with sparkles does not lose popularity. He still holds high positions and has an excellent rating. Therefore, the ideas of manicures using small and large sparkles are still in trend. Highlight the tip of the nail or the smile line. Color glitters can also easily hide varnish defects.


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