Truck volume in cubes

This article will talk about different classes of trucks. All their main characteristics, types and other technical features will be presented. At the end of the article, a table will be given with the main indicators of various types of trucks, starting from Eurofury 82 and ending with an isothermal van.

truck volume

Truck classification

To date, the following types of trucks are distinguished:

  • tilt;
  • onboard;
  • refrigerator;
  • isothermal.

The concept of “truck” includes a truck tractor and a semi-trailer with a carrying capacity of twenty tons. According to generally accepted standards, the volume of the truck in m3 is from 86 to 120 units. The name of the machines: “truck tent”, “thermos” and others comes from the type of semi-trailer.

Fura-awning (eurotent)

In the truck equipped with an awning, it is possible to arrange various equipment, for example, fixing handrails or other elements. It is possible to remove the awning, and load from the top, side or back.

If necessary, the racks are dismantled and long items are loaded into the wagon. Because of this feature, tent trucks are most in demand in the road transport market. The volume of the truck varies in the range of 86-120 m 3 , as mentioned above.

truck volume in cubes

Insulated trucks are used for transportation of goods without a particularly regulated temperature during transportation, because this machine design only maintains the initial temperature for a short period of time, for long-term transportation with a given temperature inside you need to choose a refrigerator. The dimensions inside and the volume of the truck in cubes largely depend on the amount of insulation used in the design of the machine.

Dimensions of the refrigerator (refrigerator truck)

The truck for transportation of perishable products is equipped with an autonomous refrigeration unit, which is mounted in a semi-trailer, so it is possible to create the necessary temperature inside the semi-trailer. The temperature inside the truck can be set from minus twenty to plus twelve degrees Celsius, regardless of the temperature around.

how much truck

Refrigerators are divided into classes, in accordance with the European classification. Depending on the temperature, the trucks can be divided into the following classes:

  • Class A - inside temperature from +12 to 0 degrees Celsius;
  • Class B - the temperature inside is from +12 to - 10 degrees Celsius;
  • Class C - temperature inside from +12 to - 20 degrees Celsius;
  • Class D - temperature inside ≤ + 2 degrees Celsius;
  • Class E - temperature inside ≤-10 degrees Celsius;
  • Class F - temperature inside ≤-20 degrees Celsius.

The dimensions of the refrigerator truck with a carrying capacity of 20 tons are as follows:

  • height - 2400-2500 mm;
  • length - from 13200 to 13600 mm;
  • width - from 2430 to 2450 mm.

At the same time, the volume of the truck to choose is determined by the consumer in the range from 82 to 86 cubic meters.

Sizes of an open length meter (scows)

Shalanda is used to transport, as a rule, building materials and equipment that are not afraid of precipitation. The characteristics of the scows are as follows:

  • carrying capacity - 20,000 kg;
  • length - 11700-13600 mm;
  • width - 2350-2450 mm;
  • body type - open;
  • loading is possible - side, back and top.

Train Options

A road train is understood to mean the articulation of at least a semitrailer, trailer and tractor vehicle. The total volume of the truck will be 120 cubic meters. Road trains transport from 86 to 120 cubic meters of cargo, without the need to issue special permits. However, the carrying capacity of the road train does not exceed fifteen tons. A machine with a volume of 120 cubic meters is the best option for transporting bulk light cargo.

Road trains have a carrying capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 kg, with overall dimensions of:

  • height - 2600-3000 mm;
  • length - from 13600 to 16000 mm;
  • width - about 2430-2450 mm.

And the volume of the truck reaches 120 cubic meters, the body is closed, loading is carried out from the side, above and behind.

Specifications and the length of a standard truck (depending on type) are presented in the table.

Machine name

Volume of the truck, cubes

Eurofur 82


Eurofur 86


Eurofur 90


Eurofur 92


Jumbo Truck


MEGA truck








Isothermal Wagon


Low loader platform


Open platform



truck volume in m3

Regardless of the type of truck, when choosing these machines for transporting goods, you get a universal car with high traffic and ample carrying capacity. Trucks remain an integral element in the implementation of transport services to enterprises.


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