How to place an ad on the Internet and what should it be? What makes it bring huge profits to its owner?

It’s very convenient to declare your product or service to the millionth army of potential buyers using the context, as it saves time and minimizes costs. You can submit a free ad on the Internet at one or more sites, and in a few minutes you will see a counter of the number of visitors who have shown interest. It would seem that the job is done, we calculate the profit. However, most often the result does not appear as fast as we would like, and not in the volume as planned. Or another situation: they did not have time to refresh the page, and the first call from an interested person already appeared on Skype. What affects the performance?

It’s important not what is sold, it’s important how it is done

how to advertise on the Internet

A low response to a posted message about a product (service) is the result of efforts. Yes, given the existing capabilities on the network, this procedure does not take much time. Nevertheless, even at minimal cost, you need to take into account some nuances, they are most often called sales secrets. Before deciding how and how to advertise on the Internet, do the following:

  • sell yourself first;
  • then sell the manufacturer;
  • suggest a result.

No matter how strange it may sound, but in the end it is necessary to offer not a product (service), but a result, a solution to the situation. And you need to do this through proper design and contextualization.

The best marketing tool is you.

post a free ad on the internet
Selling yourself starts from the moment when the user (seller) reads on the main page of the site how to place an ad on the Internet for free and gradually fills out the registration form. An important point is the introduction of personal information and the number of contacts. It is correctly noticed that those sellers who have a photo in their profile, completely filled out personal information and active contacts are more successful. Why? Because the profile that was worked on during the registration evokes a feeling of confidence, testifies to the seriousness of the owner’s intentions.

After the information about the product (service) is broadcast, you need to make sure that these contacts are in operation 24 hours a day. If this is not possible, make a reservation at once. The goal of this step is to become alert to others, while not forgetting yourself. This approach on the part of the seller is credible, which means it works for a positive result.

Give the customer what he wants

post an ad for free over the internet

The seller needs to think in advance about how to place an ad on the Internet from the position of the buyer. To do this, it’s enough to answer my own question: what would I like to see in the description, looking for what is required? Give an answer to it when describing your product / service. What does it give? Guarantees. Netizens are afraid to be cheated. It is not enough to see the word “guarantee”; it must be supported by arguments.

In addition to external data (photo), the subject of the sale must have a description of how it solves a particular problem, how quickly, what is the level of quality. In three or four sentences, indicate the manufacturer, referring to the brand. If the brand is not well known to anyone, then it is worth adding a couple of proposals for related products of the manufacturer.

The quality of the services provided is confirmed by work experience at the enterprise, studies, personal best practices. Before placing an advertisement on the Internet, make several scanned copies of educational documents or entries in the work book, enclose written recommendations from clients. Describe in detail everything that the proposed service includes. This will work great for a quick result.

Compensation is directly proportional to the efforts made.

how to advertise online for free
Another important point is the cost. A gross mistake is made by those who believe that if you place an ad for free on the Internet, then you can set the price as you like. Price, of course, is a voluntary matter, and does not depend on the way information is presented. However, it must be reasonable. Situation: two offers with almost the same approach are presented for sale, the difference is only in cost. The buyer prefers the one whose price is higher. What is this mistake? Not. It’s just that in a more “expensive” version it is said briefly and clearly what it is made of, what is included in it and what benefits it represents for the buyer. Everyone enjoys the benefits! Give it to potential buyers - and they will not keep you waiting.

When the seller is his own boss on the network

Those who do not know how to place an ad on the Internet, or rather, do not want to spend time searching, registering, fulfilling the conditions of portal administrations, should consider creating a personal free page. It is created on Google or Yandex.Disk in the form of an ordinary document. After all product information has been posted, the document is saved. Using tools for working with a file, access is opened to all Internet users, and after a second, millions of people on these resources see a new document in their files.

In this way, you can change the information an infinite number of times, create entire ad units with and without links to third-party resources, add and edit images. Changing information is the seller’s right, but the quality should remain unchanged.


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