We create a unique design (decorative stones) of the garden with our own hands

It is not at all difficult to create a unique and extraordinary design (decorative stones) of the garden with your own hands in the Eastern style. Do not listen to other people's advice and repeat someone else's actions - just trust your inner voice and imagination and enjoy the work. Such a kindergarten can be equipped even in the smallest corner of your site, but this does not prevent it from being a place conducive to relaxation and unity with nature.

DIY garden stones

As a rule, a similar design (skillfully placed stones) of the garden with your own hands is done in order to increase the aesthetic appeal of the landscape of the site. After all, few will remain indifferent at the sight of a harmoniously composed composition. According to ancient oriental teachings, such places have considerable healing effects on the human body. Most often, designers recommend making a composition that combines all four elements of nature - water, earth, air and fire.

How to make an oriental design (decorative stones) of the garden with your own hands

In order to properly organize such a corner, you should correctly place the main elements. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Air is always with us. The fire in this case will symbolize the sunlight, which helps to grow and develop all living things on the planet. Stones are the earth, it is among them that beautiful flowers grow. And if you manage to create such a corner in the place where a small stream flows - your rock garden will become ideal. If you wish, you can create a small decorative water mill or an artificial waterfall, which will give your stony garden even more attractiveness.

rock garden

In order to create a beautiful composition proportional in all respects, one should carefully approach the choice of material, namely stones. Ordinary cobblestones and fragments of building materials will not work. Only natural stones of all shapes and sizes should be used. Each of them needs to be examined and thought over how it will fit into the overall design, which plants can grow on it, and so on.

You can create a very unusual landscape using rocky slides. However, few people know that laying the picturesque boulders and garden stones with your own hands and sprinkling flower seeds between them is not all the actions necessary to ensure that your corner takes on a beautiful and flowering appearance. Before starting to organize such a kindergarten, it is necessary to fertilize the soil well, after that it is necessary to carefully sow the seeds of plants and only then can stones be laid. This is done so that in future flowers grow from the gaps between them.

DIY garden design photo

Properly organized rocky garden design with your own hands, photo examples of which can be seen in most glossy magazines, will become an unusual corner of calm and concentration and a favorite place for relaxation for all family members. And if you are fond of eastern philosophy, this place will help you achieve the greatest harmony with the world around you.

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