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Only healthy and well-groomed nails make a woman beautiful and attractive. Regular correct processing of the plates can maintain the health of the skin and nails for a long time. Making a professional manicure in Balashikha is not difficult at all. There are many beauty salons where real masters work. Here are some of the most popular nail salons in this city. Meet the top five.

First on the list

Fast & good is a very popular network of express manicure in Balashikha - these are studios that are located not only in Balashikha, but also in Schelkovo. High-class specialists work here. Here you can get quality service at affordable prices. The workshop specializes mainly in the provision of manicure and pedicure procedures. But also in Fast & good you can perform shugaring, hair removal and make eyebrow and eyelash corrections.

balashikha manicure
For hands:

  • manicure - childrenโ€™s, menโ€™s, hardware, European, classica, brazilian, Spa. Correction of form, massage. The classic manicure procedure in Balashikha will cost 400 rubles .;
  • coatings - gel polish, shellac, vinyllux, cat's eye, thermo, matte, and it is also possible to work with client materials;
  • removal - shellac, varnish, biogel, extended nails;
  • artificial lengthening of nails - French, aqua design, nail tips, forms, repair;
  • designs - slide, photo, artistic, volumetric, lunar, ombre, rub, rhinestones, double jacket, molding, etc .;
  • strengthening and treatment - gel, biogel, acrylic powder, paraffin therapy, ibx, vitagel, brazilian.

For legs:

  • processing the nail plate - classica, complex, Light, hardware, children and men;
  • removal - shellac, varnish;
  • coating - gel polish, shellac, vinyllux, thermo, cat's eye;
  • treatment - vitagel, ibx.
  • the cost of complex treatment of legs - from 1150 rubles.

One of the pleasant surprises of this studio is a gift certificate, which can be purchased for presentation to a loved one or colleague. There are salons at the address: Balashikha, Entuziastov highway, house 36, building A, the building of the Vertical shopping center. St. Tretyakov, house 8, the building of the Atak shopping center. St. Sverdlov, house 30. In the city of Schelkovo, this salon can be found in the Auchan City shopping center at the following address: Bogorodsky microdistrict, house 9. There are many options. And for those who live in the Aviatorov (Balashikha) microdistrict, there are great offers from MonAmi studio, which was not included in this list.

Second place

Nails Studio - specializes in manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, eyelashes. High quality materials are used here, and an individual approach to each client is practiced. The designs in this studio are diverse, as high-level specialists with extensive experience work here. In Nails Studio, you can create a wedding design, French manicure, a light and elegant jacket, abstraction, and even add precious and semiprecious stones. For example, opal. A classic manicure in Balashikha costs about 350 rubles. In addition, you can carry out the procedure for eyelash extension (3D volume) using natural materials (mink, sable, silk), do eyelash perm, correction and removal. Armpit and mustache hair removal is also performed.

microdistrict of aviators balashikha

The salon is located in close proximity to the Aviatorov (Balashikha) microdistrict at the address: st. Sverdlov, house 16/5. Open daily until 19:00.

Third on the list of manicure masters in Balashikha

An equally popular salon is SOINTERA. Professional masters will carefully and accurately perform manicures of any complexity. They value safety and quality here, therefore all instruments are sterilized, and preparations are checked, tested and have all the necessary certificates. Tools are processed in a dry oven, as well as a solution of estilodez. In addition, tools are used in an individual one-time kraft package, and high-class specialists of this salon put their soul into their creations.

manicure studio balashikha
Manicure in this salon will cost around 600 rubles. It is offered:

  • various techniques, as well as coatings - shellac, vinyllux, paraffin therapy, artificial lengthening of nails with gel;
  • professional make-up and eyebrow styling;
  • sugar hair removal;
  • injection and aesthetic cosmetology;
  • SPA body treatments and massage;
  • hairdressers, nail experts, cosmetologists and a unique specialist in sugar hair removal work here.

The Institute of Beauty is located at Lenin Avenue, 24. Open until 21:00.


This beauty salon has impeccable service and a comfortable manicure studio in Balashikha. During the procedures, brands are used - Loreal, GEWOL, Creative, Opi, SPA Organics, Casmar, GJ. "Status" offers:

  • manicure;
  • hairdressing services;
  • aesthetic cosmetology;
  • solarium;
  • tape hair extension;
  • polishing and keratin hair straightening and other popular services whose list is constantly updated;
  • classical processing of nail plates. It will cost 500 rubles.

For hands here it is proposed:

  • Spa care;
  • building up;
  • massage;
  • various design coatings;
  • applying therapeutic compounds and masks.

manicure balashikha
For legs:

  • polishing
  • correction and other related procedures.

The Beauty Institute is located at 4 Flerov Street, Building A. It is open until 21:00.

Fifth place

Hair Salon. Manicurists in Balashikha strive to realize even the most daring and almost unrealistic desires of the client. Not only nail procedures are carried out here, but also the services of hairdressers, cosmetologists and masseurs are offered.

Sterilization of devices is carried out with disinfectant solutions in the sterilizer and air-dry heat. The classic procedure for women in this office will cost 400 rubles. Pedicure - from 1100 rubles. Building - from 1700 rubles. When designing, various sliders, stickers, rhinestones are used, and paraffin therapy for hands is also carried out.

manicure in balashikha where to do

In Balashikha, the salon is located at Entuziastov Highway, Building 9, Atak Shopping Center, ground floor. It works - until 21:00.

High-quality manicure in Balashikha - where to do it?

I would also like to mention the excellent studio "Malta". Beauty and Tanning Studio offers the following services:

  • hardware cosmetology and visage;
  • hair removal;
  • solarium;
  • a hairdressing salon;
  • coatings - OPI, CNC.

The masters of this salon have vast experience in visage and perfectly transform the hands of customers. It offers extensive care for hands and feet, classic, decorative and combination coatings, correction, prosthetics of the nail plates. "Malta" offers innovative systems of manicure coatings - gel varnish under the cuticle.

It is located at: Sverdlova street, 21. Opening hours: from 10:00 to 21:00, daily.

The rating of nail care salons is based solely on real reviews from happy customers. Go for it!


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