How to make fuel pellets with your own hands at home

During the constant increase in energy prices, most owners of summer houses and private homes are trying to find an alternative to this heat source. Biofuel is in demand in the countries of America, Europe and Asia. Fuel pellets are especially popular. The manufacture of this heat source at home significantly reduces costs during the heating period .

Making pellets with your own hands is not so difficult. Granules of this material are produced by technological processing of agricultural waste, wood production and natural fuels.


  • The main advantage of these pellets is a very high heat transfer compared to other natural fuels used. As a result, this heat source is considered very popular in our time.
  • These granules do not occupy a large area due to their low weight and very high density. For example, home-made pellets for heating a house with an area of ​​180 m² occupy about 4.5 m². This is an important advantage of this material.
  • Such fuel granules do not contain dust and spores.
  • Do-it-yourself pellets made with proper storage will not ignite, as a result of which they are fireproof.
  • In the production of this environmentally friendly fuel, chemical and other substances harmful to human health are not used. DIY made pellets are safe for children and allergic people. It is quite possible to store them in the living room.
  • When using pellets for heating private houses, the formation of ash and carbon dioxide is reduced compared to coal. And significantly reduced financial costs for heating residential premises and households. buildings, because fuel granules have a constant density, high thermal conductivity.

Making pellets with your own hands and using them for heating personal housing among our compatriots is increasingly finding adherents. To create fuel pellets at home, straw, peat, cereal and wood waste, chicken droppings, sunflower husk are used. Mainly used for this are bark, sawdust, chips and agricultural waste.

Production basics

  • In order to make pellets with your own hands, you must initially grind the raw materials with a large crusher. Small pieces of the starting material should be obtained, which as a result of this will quickly and efficiently clean and dry.
  • Ultimately, the moisture content of raw materials should not be more than 15%, otherwise it is poorly pressed.
  • Then the source material must be crushed using a fine crusher. According to technological standards, high-quality raw materials should not exceed 2 mm. Chips, sawdust and fiber shavings are crushed with a hammer mill.
  • When the moisture content of the material is below 8%, steam is treated up to 12%. For used softwood, water is added.
  • Pellet fuel pellets are pressed with a cylindrical or flat die. Press can be purchased for home production. Its power and equipment are selected according to your desire.
  • After pressing, the finished granules are cooled and dried. The resulting products are stored in large canvas or paper bags of 20 kg.

Do-it-yourself pellets made in the proposed way allow you to stock up on fuel material for the entire heating season.


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