DIY plasticine monsters

Many children, especially boys, are very fond of playing with unusual toy creatures: robots, cartoon characters and frightening creatures. Rubber zombies, stretching "lizuni", artificial spiders, snakes and plastic skeletons attract attention and develop the imagination of the children. The most popular are the unusual plasticine monsters created by your own hands.

Horror stories at the peak of popularity

Images of monsters and other similar creatures captivate children from TV screens. The modern film industry is teeming with a variety of animated stories of this nature:

  • "Ghostbusters";
  • "Monsters corporation";
  • "Monsters vs Aliens";
  • "Monster High School" and others.

Plasticine figures will be interesting to children. You can buy a horror toy on the shelves of the store, but it’s much more interesting to mold the character yourself from improvised materials.

plasticine monster

Plasticine figures

You can make a horror story from natural materials, household items, salt dough or clay. But much more interesting are the monsters from plasticine. The material, created specifically for children's modeling, is ideal for making flexible elements in the shape of a monster, making it more awesome and original. Small details in the form of eyes and fangs complement the idea.

The monster will turn out bright and unusual, if you use the appropriate colors of plasticine. For the manufacture of toys such colors are well suited:

  • red;
  • Orange;
  • green;
  • light green;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pink.

Characters will be interesting if you add several different colored details.

do-it-yourself horror stories

How to mold a monster from plasticine?

Before starting work, the child alone or with the help of an adult must prepare all the necessary materials:

  • plasticine;
  • a board and a plastic knife;
  • additional elements: eyes, matches, threads, etc.

To sculpt a monster, they take both a monophonic piece of plasticine, and the remains of different colors.

Creating a fantasy creature is easy:

  1. We carefully knead the plasticine mass in our hands until it becomes soft. Divide into two identical balls.
  2. Smooth one with your fingers, giving the shape of an oval or pear. This will be the trick of the freak.
  3. The head can be depicted both in the form of a circle, and in the form of any other geometric shape.
  4. We connect two parts with a match or a toothpick. A thin wand must be thrust into the core of the body, and "put on" the plasticine head of the "evil zombie" on its tip.
  5. From two small pieces of plasticine we sculpt triangular-shaped ears resembling a shark fin. Sculpt on the head.
  6. We take a small plasticine piece of the same color as the monster. That will be the jaw. We attach small fangs to it (from white plasticine, the tips of matches or toothpicks, transparent beads). We stick a "predatory mouth" to the lower part of the face.
  7. We outline a place for the eyes: with the help of a pen we make indentations. In this area we sculpt white balls with black dots in the middle.
  8. From two scanty plasticine rings we sculpt wide nostrils. Place them directly under the eyes, in the center of the face.
  9. Twist two plump sausages. Sculpt under the head on both sides of the body. You can make thick fingers on big paws.
  10. The front of the body is supplemented with a round tummy.
  11. The lower limbs are made of four flat circles. The flatter ones should be attached on the sides of the lower body. Then we sculpt two horizontal cakes for them. Get a sedentary monster.
  12. We cut the toes with a knife.

You can give expressiveness by making big ears, long thin hands, huge feet. Antennas at the crown, a tubular nose, a gaping mouth, a convex belly and a tail with spikes will complement the scary image.

You can also make small circles, like peas, from bright or black plasticine and attach to the head, body and tail. We decorate each cut finger on the paw with a black sharp nail.

Plasticine monsters will successfully decorate the shelf in the nursery and will allow you to beat the most fantastic fairy tales.


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