Cat pose: benefits and technique

Yoga was created as a universal practice for the holistic healing of the human body. Each element in it acts on a particular system or organ. A cat pose can help get rid of pulling back pain, scoliosis, or prevent osteochondrosis. In yoga, it is considered one of the simplest, not requiring preliminary preparation of elements. We will get acquainted with the goals and the technique of its implementation.

cat pose

The purpose of the asana

With a long sitting position or uneven physical exertion, the posture and muscles of the back of a person often suffer. As a result, pain, discomfort appear, and the appearance suffers.

The pose of a cat helps relieve pain and tension in the spine, increasing its flexibility. During the performance of the asana, a slight stretching of the flexor and extensor muscles of the back occurs, blood circulation and tissue oxygen supply are normalized. The general tone increases, a rejuvenating effect is noted. The cat's posture also fights spasms during the menstrual cycle in women. In addition, the internal organs receive a “massage” and the abdominal muscles are strengthened .

Recently, experts noted that the cat's position for pregnant women in the second and third trimesters is of great importance. It removes congestion in women in the lower body and shortness of breath, deepens breathing, increases joint mobility, prepares a woman for easy delivery. The same exercise is useful in the postpartum period for training the abdominal muscles.

Execution technique

Another name for the cat's posture is marjariasana. The technique of its implementation is quite simple.

marjariasana execution technique

  • Starting position - on all fours. In this case, the knees are located exactly under the hip joints, palms - under the shoulder. The upper part of the feet lies on the floor, the fingers are directed forward. It is necessary to fix the position in which the body weight is evenly distributed over the body and the natural curves of the spine are preserved.
  • On inspiration, the back bends, the chest straightens. The gaze is directed upward, the nape reaches for the tailbone. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the hips and arms remain perpendicular to the floor, and the elbows - straightened.
  • On exhalation, the back bends. The spine stretches up, the abdominal muscles are pulled up, the gaze is fixed on the knees, and the chin also extends to them. Elbows straight, hips and arms perpendicular to the floor.

The asana is performed in dynamics or in the rhythm of deep continuous breathing. The number of repetitions is determined individually (from 10 to 40 times per set). However, between inhalation and exhalation, you can make a small breath hold (from 3 to 10 seconds). At such a moment, one can more clearly feel the effect of the pose on the human body.

The cat's pose for pregnant women in the third trimester provides an embodiment on the elbows. The principle of breathing and action is the same. The forearms do not have to be perpendicular to the floor. Changing the position of the elbows carries a different degree and area of ​​load.

cat pose for pregnant


  • It is necessary to perform the asana on a special rug or rubber mat.
  • The best time for classes is morning or evening. In the first case, this is a great workout after sleep, in the second - stress relief after a hard day. In the morning, the practice takes place an hour before meals, in the evening - two and a half hours after dinner.
  • The breath is smooth, deep, without jerking. For a clearer sensation and control of movement, you can close your eyes. The cat's position is quite stable, so this moment will not cause loss of coordination.
  • In order to carry out a deeper deflection in the spine or its bending, you can mentally imagine that someone put a hand on your back or stomach, from which you need to tear yourself away.
  • Pregnant women should do this exercise under the guidance of an instructor. Only he can orient with regard to load distribution. And immediately before classes it is necessary to consult with your doctor.


Despite the ease and safety of execution, the pose of a cat still has certain limitations in execution.

yoga cat pose

First of all, these are back injuries that do not allow deep bending and extension of the spine. For neck injuries, one should not be too diligent with the practice of marjariasana. However, there is an option without including the neck in the execution process. In this case, the cat's pose is performed according to the rules of breathing and action, only the head remains in its original position (the gaze is fixed on the floor).


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