Cecile Lupan Technique: Learning Should Bring Joy

The Cecile Lupan methodology is not scientific: it deals with the natural and multilateral development of children, taking into account their characteristics and personality. Cecile Lupan did not develop the methodology as a psychologist, but as the mother of two daughters, who sought to teach babies to learn the world from an early age through a variety of means.

Technique Cecile Lupan

How did the Cecile Lupan Method

After the birth of the eldest daughter, Cecile was carried away by the technique of Glenn Doman. Catching Glenโ€™s enthusiasm and ideas, she studied with her daughter using math cards with dots. She managed to achieve insignificant results, but she failed to fully interest the child. Then Lupan deviated from the methodology of Doman, but at the same time retained his principles, which she considered correct:

1. The best teachers for children are their parents.

2. Game training should be discontinued before the child becomes tired.

3. Do not check your baby.

4. Interest must be maintained with fresh ideas and speed.

Based on these four principles, a methodology for the early development of Cecile Lupan was developed. In addition, she used the information collected in various books and her theatrical training. To the rigid principles of Doman, Cecile added creativity, amusement and emotionality. Lupan gradually developed a system of exercises and games for children, which are aimed at revealing their potential and the formation of personal qualities.

Early Development Technique Cecile Lupan

Cecile Lupan Methodology: Basic Principles

According to the method of Doman, children need to be trained according to a strict schedule. But Cecile is convinced that it is necessary to conduct developmental classes, given what the child is interested in right now. It is necessary to develop his innate abilities. She also does not support Domanโ€™s recommendations for loading children's brains with information. The brain is, of course, a piggy bank of knowledge. But, according to Cecile, this approach will not lead to positive results: the child needs to be taught to generalize and process the information received. The Cecile Lupan methodology is based on the idea that learning should be interesting, bringing joy to both the baby and the parents.

Features of the Lupan technique

The main idea of โ€‹โ€‹the technique developed by Cecile is that children do not require tutelage, they need attention-interest. Excessive guardianship and intrusive help of parents is perceived by children as a violation of personal space. The child needs to be left to himself more often, so that he can engage in matters of interest to him.

Center for Early Development Moscow

And, of course, in the desire to develop the intelligence of your baby, do not forget about his feelings. The child needs love, hugs and kisses. Children who are confident that their parents love them, develop faster, perceive the world around them with interest. They strive to learn more and adapt perfectly to any social group.

Cecile Lupan was able to convince parents that only they are able to channel the potential talent of the child in the right direction. Not a single center of early development can do without its methodology (Moscow is no exception). One of the advantages of this method is that for the education and development of children there is no need to buy any special tools - everyone needs everything at hand.

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