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Many people decide to become a freelancer. Now one of the most popular professions on the Internet is a copywriter who writes custom articles. Naturally, there are a large number of exchanges where the author can take orders or sell ready-made articles. But not every site can offer really good working conditions, so all information about the resource must be found out in advance. We’ll tell you today about the TurboText website, reviews, prices and working conditions on which we will consider.

General information

The new generation exchange, which has been operating since 2010, has a large number of performers. She quickly gained popularity, and now many beginners and experienced authors are interested in her.

TurboText.ru is a good place for beginning authors, although professionals in their field find decent work here. The project administration constantly directs all its efforts to improving the working conditions of both performers and customers. But there are fewer second ones on the exchange, so quite often there is a lack of work.

If we talk about the services that the exchange provides, then they are the same as on similar resources:

  • Copywriting.
  • Rewriting.
  • Reproduction of articles.
  • Translations.
  • Micro tasks.
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How to register?

To register on TurboText, you must:

  1. Enter in the appropriate field F. I. O., indicate the place of residence, gender, e-mail and education. It is recommended to talk about yourself in detail, as this attracts more customers. Empty profiles are not in high demand among customers.
  2. Verify your email.
  3. To enter TurboText, you must enter an email address and password. In case of loss of a password, it can always be restored.
  4. After that, you become a registered user, however, you can only start work after a few tests.
  5. In order for you to have access to the performance of micro tasks, you need to confirm your phone number. To access the full functionality of the site you need to complete 2 tasks - a test and writing an essay.
  6. Taking the test is pretty easy, most of the questions can be found in school tests. With it, administrators check the grammatical knowledge of someone who wants to register.
  7. It takes 8 minutes to complete the test, so it is recommended that you prepare, and not rely on finding answers on the Internet.
  8. After successfully completing the assignment, you will need to write an essay. Themes are randomly distributed, but are not complicated. The owners of the exchange approached this with creativity, so the topics are not boring, but rather philosophical.

The composition must meet the following requirements:

  1. Uniqueness from 95%.
  2. Lack of grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.
  3. Compliance with a uniform writing style.
  4. Compliance with the technical specifications.

On average, text size varies from 1.5 to 2 thousand characters. The author is given a week to write, and three days are given for verification.

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Microassignments and orders

In the meantime, while checking your essay, you have the opportunity to perform micro-tasks. No special skills are needed for this, just log in to “TurboText”, and you will be presented with a list of available tasks, including:

  • Reposts and likes on social networks.
  • Commenting and reviews on blogs and forums.
  • Registration on the sites.
  • Voting.

On average, the price for such tasks varies from 10 to 15 rubles.

If your essay has passed the test, then you will have access to translation of texts, copywriting and rewriting assignments.

There are tasks for the implementation of which is given only 24 hours - urgent. There are still tasks that must be completed within 3-5 days. The contractor should choose an order depending on the speed of work and free time.

Most orders are found on topics such as:

  • Finance.
  • The medicine.
  • Construction.
  • Tourism.

The lowest paid topic is health and beauty. This is due to the ease of writing and the large number of artists who write in this direction.

Beginners on the TurboText exchange need to be prepared for the fact that at first they will get few orders. The best tasks get the "Pros". But if you try, then you yourself can become one.

In most cases, a novice author is given a choice of 3 to 5 orders. There are still personal orders, but in order to receive them, you will need to prove yourself well.

In order to find an order, you need to go to the "Search Orders" section. For convenience, the contractor has the ability to sort tasks by type, price, and deadline. It is recommended not to take orders that are paid less than 25 rubles per thousand characters, because you need to value your time.

You will see a list of tasks. In order to take an order to work, you must click on "Accept Order".

Even if you type in text in Word, you still have to paste it into the editor of the TurboText exchange. After editing and checking, click on "Submit Order".

When sending the order, you will need to fill in some fields:

  • Title - the title of the article.
  • Announcement - it is necessary to describe the article with the use of keys in 2-3 sentences.
  • Tags are words that set the subject of work.

Each technical task specifies requirements for verifying uniqueness, but we can say that TEXT.RU anti-plagiarism is in greatest demand among customers.

TurboText.ru provides an opportunity to take an order to the author without the approval of the customer, that is, automatically. To do this, just click on "Take to work." There is also a "Live", in which you can follow the tasks.

If you have written the text, checked it, and think that you did the job perfectly, then send it for verification. Automatic acceptance of the order occurs when the customer did not have time to check the work on time within three days.

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Rank classification

Each author has his own rank. At the very beginning, you will be a Beginner, and in order to achieve the highest Pro rank, you will need to work hard. But even having reached this rank, in no case should one relax.

It is recommended to order rewriting, translations and copywriting on TurboText because here moderators carefully monitor the quality of the author's work.

There are such ranks on the exchange:

  • Beginning.
  • Base.
  • Tall.
  • Pros.

What are the warranties?

People work on text exchanges because they offer guarantees here. After all, if you are looking for a customer on third-party resources, then it is likely to be deceived. Your text can be taken without paying, and you can not do anything about it. In this regard, text exchanges are much safer, so you need to start with them.

However, according to the information that is provided on the site, as well as reviews about TurboText, there is a problem on the exchange with guarantees.

As with any exchange, the amount that the customer must pay the author for the work is blocked here, but the former may refuse to pay for the work if something does not suit him. In various forums there are many reviews that customers simply did not pay the money, without specifically arguing for it.

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How much can you earn

TurboText provides work to freelancers, and their earnings depend only on their skill and hard work, so it’s hard to say how much the performer will earn, each will have its own figure.

According to information on the exchange, the performer for 1 thousand characters will receive:

  • From 22 to 30 rubles - a beginner.
  • From 45 to 60 rubles - the base.
  • From 95 to 150 rubles - high.
  • From 180 to 350 rubles - pros.

On average, from 50 to 60 rubles are paid for rewriting, and copywriting is estimated to be more expensive - 90 rubles.

The best authors working with both personal and general orders earn about 25 thousand rubles a month, while they spend 5-6 hours a day on work. But according to reviews about TurboText, about earnings, it is very difficult to achieve such results.

Website Advantages

The following advantages can be distinguished from this exchange:

  1. An opportunity to take the order you like without confirmation from the customer. However, you should always carefully study the technical specifications. It is not recommended to take orders that are too complicated and complicated, as well as write about things that you do not understand at all. If you have a question about the order, then you can always ask it to the customer. In most cases, they respond quickly, so it’s better to ask for clarification than to write a text that does not meet the requirements of the customer.
  2. The project has a convenient “best-of-kind” system that helps both copywriters and customers. The latter no longer need to consider dozens of portfolios, and performers quickly take orders to work. There is a risk of getting a poorly written article that a beginner worked on, but there is always one. In addition, on the website you can place personal orders for the author with whom you have already worked. You can also submit a task for a tender so that employees are selected in a more classical way.
  3. Rates that are above average on other exchanges. A beginner can receive from writing an article from 20 to 30 rubles. for one thousand characters, 40-60 rubles. at the basic level, and at the highest - from 60 to 200 rubles. In addition, punctuation marks and spaces are paid here.
  4. Most often, the contractor can choose an order on a topic of interest to him. Those categories of people who have knowledge of English have assignments for translating text into Russian.
  5. Intuitive interface and good editor. But still, it’s best to write articles in Word, and then paste them into the exchange editor. Thus, you will protect yourself from losing text due to system crashes, because there is no autosave function. However, typing in the editor is convenient.
  6. The presence of a forum where any user can ask for advice, complain about the difficulties of work or find a new customer.
  7. The exchange has its own proprietary program to check the uniqueness, which many like. It is fast, understandable and qualitatively determines plagiarism.
  8. There is a rating. Performers are always pleased to be proud of their success, but it will be easier for the customer to choose a good copywriter. In addition, discounts are made to the largest customers, and contests with a cash prize or souvenirs are held for the best performers.
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Disadvantages of the site

According to reviews, TurboTex has its drawbacks:

  1. Big commission, which is 20%. It turns out that the contractor gives 1/5 of his earnings, which is not very fair. But the commission exists on any such projects, however, not so big.
  2. There is no instruction for beginners to help get started and understand its intricacies.
  3. There is no full portfolio. Information is available to users about the last 50 works that the author wrote, and about the ratings for them. You can also see general statistics, but to evaluate a syllable is possible only by test papers that are written on very peculiar topics.
  4. A large amount of advertising, which many do not like, as advertising banners appear everywhere. Advertising interferes with work and repels many potential users from the exchange. Still, the project does not earn on advertisements, but on a large commission.
  5. The design of the exchange, which is made in purple colors. This color is poorly perceived. If there is a little red color, then it activates mental activity. However, when there is too much of it, it causes disgust and irritation. In addition, it is harmful to the eyes. Eyes respond best to green and blue. Also, white color, which is often found in the design of text exchanges, contributes to maintaining a working mood.
  6. There are not as many articles on sale as we would like. The amount of work is unlikely to satisfy everyone.

Exchange Features

On average, it takes from 24 to 48 hours to complete the work, the check takes approximately 72 hours, but many customers check the work faster. In case of untimely verification of the article by the customer, the system automatically accepts and pays for the work.

The contractor may refuse to complete the task at any time, even if only one minute is left before the deadline. However, one should not forget that all failures are recorded in the statistics, and the customer himself can add you to the black list. In addition, if the contractor has many failures, then this causes suspicion on the part of the customer. Still because of this, the author’s level may decrease, and in the future lead to a complete termination of the exchange’s cooperation with him.

If the contractor has overdue the order, then from the "Dashboard" he gets into the public domain, where he becomes available to other authors. Delays are also fixed and displayed in the copywriter's portfolio, and also affect its level. If the author received a personal order, he will not go to another artist, even if the deadline has expired, but do not abuse it. In such cases, it is best to warn the customer about the untimely completion of the task.

The customer does not always rate the work, but there is nothing tragic about it. If the order is paid, then it is still counted in the rating. The same applies to grades 4. But if grades are lower and there are refusals to perform work from customers, then this will be very strongly reflected in the author's rating.

The withdrawal of funds is carried out on Webmoney. Funds are transferred once a week on Mondays. The user must create an application for withdrawal of money before 00:00 on Sunday, otherwise it will be necessary to wait another week to withdraw the money. The commission exists and in this case - 0.8%.

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User reviews

There are both positive and negative reviews. Some users recommend the creators to add functionality to the site, to introduce not so strict moderation. They note that there are not as many orders on the exchange as we would like, and prices often do not correspond to the stated prices. Among the negative reviews about TurboText, one can find complaints that there are few customers who adequately pay labor, as well as a high commission, which is unpleasant, because the author makes this money with his labor.

Still often there are stories about unpleasant experiences with some customers who did not pay for the work. Whether this is true or not is unknown. In any case, you must verify this yourself.

Among the positive aspects of the exchange note the lack of a tender system, the adequacy and loyalty of customers, the responsiveness and friendliness of administrators, as well as proofreaders, the content of the forum and quite acceptable prices, if you're lucky.

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“TurboText” is a good exchange, which makes it possible to earn money for a copywriter. Great for beginners. Earnings will always depend on the skills and productivity of the author, so it’s definitely difficult to say. The site has many positive and negative aspects. If you are satisfied with all the intricacies of working on this project, then you can safely proceed to the execution of orders.

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