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Reviews about the work of companies today help to learn about the integrity of a particular corporation. They attract the attention of many potential employees and customers. Therefore, before contacting any organization, it is necessary to carefully study the information about it. Today, reviews about SKB Kontur will be presented to our attention. How good services does this company offer? Are employees happy with the job placement? What good and bad is there in a corporation? Answers to all these questions will help to judge the integrity of the service company and the employer.

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The first step is to find out what constitutes SKB Kontur. Reviews on this company indicate that the organization’s activities are currently priced.

SKB Kontur is a company engaged in the development of software for electronic document management, organization management and accounting. In other words, the company will help its customers get rid of paper media and completely switch to electronic documents.

Reviews about SKB Kontur indicate that this institution has existed in Russia for many years. The company was founded in 1988. She is the same age as IT-technologies in the Russian Federation. For all the time of its existence, the organization is dynamically developing and spreading.


SKB Kontur is an all-Russian company. It is common throughout the country. Therefore, potential customers trust this company - they are not some scammers.

Today you can find "SKB Kontur" in almost every region of the Russian Federation. For example, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Volgograd and Yekaterinburg. There will be no problems with applying for company services. And it pleases.

SKB Kontur is a company widely known in the Russian market of IT-technologies. You can be sure that clients will not be dealing with scammers or deceivers. The organization has been successfully operating in the country for more than 25 years.

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Reviews about SKB Kontur indicate that this company offers a wide range of services. All of them are related to document management and IT-technologies. The activities of the organization will be useful to almost any company.

Among the services of SKB Kontur distinguish:

  • creation of digital signature;
  • organization of procurement;
  • accounting statements;
  • reporting for IP (USN, UTII, patents and so on);
  • preparation and submission of any reports to regulatory authorities;
  • checking counterparties for debts, criminal records, and so on;
  • online inventory of goods;
  • transfer of cash receipts to tax authorities;
  • electronic security services;
  • electronic retail (document management).

All this is extremely useful. Especially services related to reporting to regulatory authorities. Reviews of SKB Kontur indicate that the corporation’s activities greatly simplify the lives of most firms in Russia.

About the work of employees

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But what do they say directly about the work of the organization under study? In general, reviews about SKB Kontur are mixed. Judging the integrity of the company is problematic.

The bulk of customers respond positively to the work of employees. Workers of SKB Kontur are sympathetic and friendly people. They will always help customers find the right service for them. All questions are answered as soon as possible. Employees advise, help and advise.

At the same time, in many cities of the Russian Federation (for example, in Yekaterinburg), SKB Kontur receives not the best reviews. Employees of the company do not differ in friendliness, and also can not answer the questions asked. Quite often, the client hears: "I will clarify this question and call you back." All this negatively affects the impression of the integrity of the corporation. Some say that employees at SKB Kontur are trained in how to mislead customers so that they use the services of the company.

Service speed

The speed of service in the digging also leaves much to be desired. What customer reviews does SKB Kontur receive in this area? Not the best.

The bulk of clients indicate that the company not only employs inexperienced and unfriendly staff, but also slowly performs its duties. For example, it’s almost impossible to wait for bills and acts of completed work - employees always have some excuses.

Nevertheless, some say that SKB Kontur is pretty fast. Some customers have long been cooperating with the corporation and have no complaints about the speed of service.

About telephone

In Volgograd, "SKB Kontur", feedback on the activities of the company does not differ too much from the opinions of the company's customers in any other city. Many claims are expressed for the organization of telephone communications.

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If you believe the numerous reviews, then SKB Kontur has long been responding to customer calls. In addition, as was already emphasized earlier, many employees cannot answer trivial questions. Calling the company is problematic. Sometimes you have to wait for an answer for 15-20 minutes.

At the same time, some of the regular customers of SKB Kontur say that the corporation has telephone communications at its best. Phone numbers of some employees are always available, and operators answer quickly and politely. At any time, you can reach the company and get timely advice.

What to believe? There is no evidence of either positive reviews or negative reviews. Nevertheless, negative opinions about the organization of telephone communications with SKB Kontur are more common. Therefore, they attract more attention.

Customer calls

But that's not all! Reviews about SKB Kontur quite often indicate that company employees constantly bother customers with their calls. Moreover, according to published opinions, not for consultation, but for the offer of new services.

Almost all customers are annoyed by this phenomenon. Employees constantly call, persuade, call back. It is not possible to refuse such information even after the end of cooperation with SKB Kontur.

Sometimes you can see reviews indicating that the calls from the studied company simply get. Some users urge to unite and write a collective complaint against the director of SKB Kontur because of constant telephone calls, which continue even after the refusal of a particular service.

About the company as a whole

So what can be said about SKB Kontur as a whole? Customer reviews do not give any unambiguous point of view. This organization has its pros and cons. But in general, this is a good organization that helps get rid of financial statements. The bulk of customers indicate that it is services related to accounting and reporting that are rendered at the highest level.

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But not everyone likes cooperation with SKB Kontur. This organization calls its customers to promote services, acting with particular perseverance. Some services of the corporation are not provided in the best way, and employees work far from always well. You can encounter both experienced and responsive personnel, and with unaware, illiterate and even rude people.

Employer promises

SKB Kontur is not only a service company, but also an employer. The company is constantly developing and is recruiting new staff. In Yekaterinburg, SKB Kontur receives positive feedback from employees. Especially for the employer's promises guaranteed after employment.

At the interview, all applicants are promised:

  • official work under an employment contract;
  • full social package;
  • Friendly team;
  • career;
  • decent pay;
  • timely payments;
  • free training at the expense of the company;
  • flexible working hours.

Of the shortcomings, only the presence of ordinary posts in employment is highlighted. A manager cannot get a job at SKB Kontur immediately. This fact upsets many experienced workers.

On salaries and official labor

In Moscow, SKB Kontur receives mixed reviews from employees. In the same way as in any other region of the Russian Federation. The bulk of subordinates indicate that this employer is working with everyone. You can get a job without difficulty. Almost all who come for an interview can hope for a place in the company. At the same time, they work with all subordinates under labor contracts, the corresponding entry is entered in the labor book. "Black" labor at SKB Kontur is not welcome.

Despite this, some employees still claim that they will not be able to wait for official employment from the employer. Many have to work without registration. This fact is repulsive.

In almost all regions of the Russian Federation (for example, in Volgograd), employee reviews about SKB Kontur are negative for salary levels. The bulk of subordinates are not happy with their earnings. The personnel working at SKB Kontur indicate that the employer is cheating - salaries are lower than promised, but they arrive on time.

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Only sometimes you can see that the employees of the studied employer are satisfied with their earnings. In general, the level of wages is not too high, but it can not be called low.

Career and general impressions

His career at SKB Kontur is mostly spoken in a negative way. Getting a job in this company, you can not hope for an increase. The employer being studied is not suitable for building a career. But for stable earnings, the company is not bad.

Reviews about the employer SKB Kontur indicate that the organization as a whole offers a variety of vacancies. And depending on the chosen place of work, the impression of the employer will change. Office workers are usually satisfied with SKB Kontur - the organization of labor is well provided, the offices have everything necessary for the performance of labor duties. The work is interesting, especially for programmers.

But the sales department at SKB Kontur doesn’t speak well of their employer. Many say that finding a job in a firm is a sign up for survival courses. You have to work a lot, pay little, are constantly fined and punished. Some indicate that employees of SKB Kontur underestimate their self-esteem. Therefore, work in the company is not recommended.


In Volgograd, reviews about SKB Kontur are left exactly the same as in any other region. Among them, you can find both positive and negative opinions. People say with confidence that the company under study is a good service company. It offers a wide range of services and good service.

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What else stands out SKB Kontur? Reviews about the employer are mixed. They indicate that in general it is possible to work in the company, but one should not hope for a high salary, fair managers and career growth.


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