How to install do-it-yourself cruise control?

Cruise control - what is it? The system required for long trips when the driver is extremely attentive. Cruise control is in demand in countries where there are long straight roads.

Cruise control what is it

Most drivers who bought a used foreign car (even a very expensive one) often do not realize the functionality of their car. Many drivers ask the question: "Cruise control - what is it?"

The device on the keys, which is built into the steering wheel of the car, is not used after switching on did not lead to the desired result. This article will show you how to set up cruise control yourself. and what is he like.

Set Cruise Control

Modern cruise control systems are passive and adaptive.

Passive system

The passive system includes:

  • keys to control the system;
  • automated controller for management;
  • electromagnetic valves;
  • throttle actuator.

Adaptive system

Adaptive cruise control operates at a vehicle speed of 30 km / h to 180 km / h. Modern systems allow speeds from 0 to 200 km / h. They allow you to maintain the right distance between cars. The system contains a laser or radar, which is located behind the radiator grill. The speed of return is scanned by the controller, which either accelerates the vehicle or slows down.

The adaptive system operates in constant speed mode. With a free path in the absence of transport, the adaptive system maintains a given constant speed.

How does cruise control work?

The servo drive uses the vacuum that forms in the collector of a functioning motor. The controller depends on the degree of signal input and the actual speed. In accordance with a given program, it controls the vacuum and ventilation valves of the servo drive.

The signal from the servo diaphragm is fed to the throttle control. This adjusts the fuel supply and maintains the speed of the car when the engine load changes.

The rough road, where the descents and ascents alternate, is overcome easier when you turn on the cruise control. Otherwise, you have to press or throw the gas pedal.

The controller was given a program in such a way that the cruise control scheme does not turn on forcibly at a vehicle speed of 40 km / h.

Cruise Control Scheme

The controller is in the off state when the driver presses the brake pedal.

How to manage cruise control?

How to manage cruise control?

Cruise control

The control keys are located on the multi-function lever or in the middle of the steering wheel. In some models, the front panel has the inscription CRUISE.

Management is carried out by means of the following keys:

  • Off, responsible for shutting down.
  • On, responsible for inclusion. When you press this key, the system itself is activated, but in order to set the desired speed, they click on the accelerator. For example, 60 km per hour, and then the Set key is pressed. The car will move at a given speed through the control of the controller. The indicator will light.
  • To speed up the car when cruise control is activated (pressing the On key), press the Res + button. A short press will cause an increase in speed by 1.6 km / h. If you do not release the Res + key, then the controller will remember exactly this indicator, which was achieved when the switch button was released.
  • A short press of the Set button when cruise control is activated (the On key has been pressed) will reduce the speed to the desired value.
  • If you overtake, press the accelerator pedal to increase the speed of the machine. When overtaking, press the pedal to increase the speed of the car. At the end of the maneuver, the pedal is released.
  • Turn off the cruise control by pressing the brake pedal. Upon subsequent activation of the system, without turning off the machine by the system, the set speed will be dialed and maintained.

If the cruise control system is functioning, press the gas. You can also set the speed to 90 km / h and increase it from time to time.

Terms of Use

Under the condition of frequently encountered descents or ascents, certain difficulties may arise when controlling a machine in which cruise control is activated. This is directly dependent on three factors, such as the steepness of the path, the set speed and the steepness of the descent. During the ascent, the speed may slow down, during the descent the engine braking may be insufficient. Press the brake pedal. This forces drivers to turn off cruise control in such inconsistent conditions.

What is dangerous?

  • It is forbidden to use the cruise control system if the road is covered with ice or wet. This may cause an accident.
  • Cruise control is not used at night, with fog, rain, snow.
  • The device sometimes malfunctions. It may make a mistake in determining an obstacle. The driver must be extremely careful even with the most modern system.
  • It should be noted that with a functioning cruise control you should choose a mode of operation that requires less fuel consumption.

Laser and radar systems

  • Laser devices are cheaper than radar devices. Their significant disadvantage is that poor weather conditions prevent the laser from seeing an obstacle. A machine stained with dirt is absolutely not perceived by the laser.
  • The radar system is usually installed on executive cars and expensive sports cars.

Toyota: do-it-yourself cruise control installation

Many are interested in how set the cruise control to Toyota.

Toyota Cruise Control

The process itself is not so complicated. The main thing is to adhere to a clear sequence of actions. In case of difficulty, you can always consult a specialist. You will be assisted by a professional auto repair shop.

What tools will be needed if you install cruise control with your own hands?

To install the device, prepare:

  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver sprocket T25;
  • keys, namely, the 19th number;
  • scissors and an awl with pointed ends;
  • a lever that controls the modes of the device (suitable for modifying your car);
  • new steering wheel trim panel, equipped with an additional slot for the control lever;
  • set of screws of the right size.

Practical execution

If you install cruise control with your own hands, then you must adhere to the following sequence:

DIY cruise control

  • The airbag is removed. For this purpose, use a knife to raise the plugs that are placed around the perimeter of the steering wheel. After this, use a curly screwdriver to unscrew the screws that support the pillow. It is not necessary to pull out the screws.
  • Disconnect the minus battery from the terminal.
  • After protection from various errors, carefully disconnect the connectors on the pillow. The connector with the blue wire is disconnected without problems, but with the yellow wire it is not so simple. When dismantling it, it is slightly lifted and shifted to the side. Be careful not to lose the springs located inside.
  • Disconnect the connectors using the wrench 19. Unscrew the fastening nut and remove the steering wheel.
  • Remove the blue wire from the white connector with an awl or scissors, and release the retaining clips. The removed wire is inserted into the connector of the cruise control lever.
  • When we finish connecting the lever, we begin to change the skin. To this end, the old casing is removed (four screws on the steering wheel are loosened) and the plastic clips are pushed. A new decorative element is installed in place.
  • The new trim is screwed to the steering wheel. Through the slit of the casing, the handle is removed and secured by two screws.
  • Assemble in the reverse order. Do not forget to fix the blue wire with the clamps. Based on the marks, set the steering wheel. Connectors are connected and the airbag is put in place.
  • When the assembly is completed, the battery is connected in the mode of driving on a flat road without obstacles. The result should be checked.

That's it, that's all. Do-it-yourself cruise control, ready to go.


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