Do-it-yourself desks. Manufacturing instruction

Home masters often make their own desks. To do this is quite simple, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the technology before starting work. Such structures can become 75 cm high, while the length can be equivalent to 120 cm. It is better to make 70 centimeters in width. When purchasing material, you may prefer a planed edged board, the cross section of which is 40 x 140 millimeters. A floor rail is also suitable , the dimensions of which are 36 x 135 millimeters.

Preparation of materials and tools

do-it-yourself desks

Do-it-yourself desks can be made by stocking up with bars, furniture screws, as well as self-tapping screws. The bars can have dimensions of 40 x 60 millimeters. Their length should be equivalent to 70 cm. It is important to purchase 4 units of furniture screws, each of which should be equal to 100 millimeters. This fastener should have a flat hat with a diameter within 10 millimeters. In order for the work to be completed in a shorter time, you should take care of the presence of a planer, a grinding machine, a screwdriver, an electric jigsaw, a chisel, and also a set of drills. A jigsaw can be replaced with a hacksaw, the last of which is probably in the arsenal of every master. In the absence of a grinding machine, you can use sandpaper, which is pre-fixed on a block.

Countertop Making

desk with drawers

If you decide to make desks with your own hands, then first you need to do the countertop. This component of the table will be assembled from 5 boards, which must first be cut to size. Fixation should be carried out to the bars using a self-tapping screw. The length of the fastener should be selected so that it reliably strengthened the board, but did not go beyond it. If a tongue and groove board is used in the work , the countertop will be continuous, and the tongue should be removed from the outer board with a jigsaw.

Making legs

desk sizes

If you collect desks with your own hands, the next step will be the manufacture of legs. They are formed from the same material as the countertop. Two parts of one leg should be interconnected in half a tree. For starters, it's important to markup. On the canvas of plywood or fiberboard, it is necessary to draw a rectangle whose dimensions will be A x 600 millimeters, here A is calculated by the formula 750 - b, the last value is the thickness of the countertop in millimeters. After the board is located on the diagonal of the rectangle so that the opposite edges of the board are different edges, you can mark the cutting line of the boards, as well as the corner of the joint. Marked blanks must be cut along the length, forming a castle connection in half the tree.

Next, the assembly and connection of the elements is carried out using PVA glue mixed with sawdust. Self-tapping screws will make fixing more reliable. You can choose the size of your desk yourself. At the next stage, the assembled legs should be attached to the product bars using furniture screws. The stiffener, which should be located between the legs of the structure, should be strengthened with self-tapping screws. Both ends of the countertop are closed with bars, which can be strengthened with nails that are driven in by a hammer blow on the punch.

Final work

solid wood desk

If you choose the height of the desk, then you may prefer the one mentioned above. However, if the child will use the table, then this parameter can be changed depending on his height. In any case, at the final stage, it is necessary to sand the surface of the table and cover it with varnish or paint. This will significantly extend the shelf life of the structure. However, first you need to check whether there are any knots on the surface and other errors that can cause injuries and splintering.

Making a table with drawers

shelves for a desk

If you need to make a desk with drawers, then the recommendations below will help you with this. For work, it is recommended to use furniture panels that are environmentally friendly and easy to process. The countertop can have dimensions equal to 1100 x 600 mm. In order to exclude injuries, the front corners can be cut away by rounding them with sandpaper. The countertop will protrude forward by 20 cm, so you can strengthen it with a bar, the cross section of which will be equal to 20 x 45 cm. The desk from the array will turn out to be the most aesthetic and durable.

Side bars must be installed on the rib, from the back to the point of curvature it is necessary to saw off the elements, and then also round off. At the next stage, the elements are fixed with screws. To begin with, the beam is drilled halfway so that the fastener freely enters the hole, after which screwing must be made inside the hole. After the side bar is in place, you can measure the side components. It should be mounted on three screws. On this we can assume that the countertop is ready.

Making drawers for a desk

desk height

A desk with drawers will include two pencil cases, the left of which has movable elements, while the pencil case itself needs to be made of two side panels, the dimensions of which are 1600 x 400 mm. The front and upper elements of the sidewalls should be rounded, while the lower ones are sawn under the baseboard. Four shelves are fixed with screws, and the fifth is installed at the end on special mounts.

At the next stage, the rear bar is cut to install the shelf. After the pencil case frame can be assembled, corners should be made from plywood. Using the same technology, the right pencil case is made. The lower cross member is made of a furniture board, the width of which is 200 millimeters. This will give the table strength. This element should be fixed at a distance of 29 cm from the floor.

Features of the work

The dimensions of the desk with self-production, you can choose individually. For pencil cases it is necessary to prepare drawers. Their manufacture can be done using plywood, the thickness of which is 6 millimeters. Previously, the material is processed by a grinding machine, which will exclude the subsequent dismantling of the boxes. The bottom is measured taking into account roller guides. After that, end and side walls are made. Do not forget that before assembling the elements, holes must be drilled for installing self-tapping screws. When carrying out these works, fasteners with a size of 3 x 20 mm should be used. If the front parts are overlapped, then the boxes are fixed at the same level with the frame of the pencil case. Shelves for a desk are needed only in some cases, so you need to think before making whether there is a need for this part of the desk. To install the boxes, the pencil case must be divided into 3 parts, taking into account the location of the lower and upper shelves. It is important to leave gaps between the front parts. After the sawing is done from furniture panels.


If you are going to make a desk from solid wood or any other material, then you must first select a varnish for its processing. You can apply the composition until the time of assembly or after completion of all work.


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