Glitter pedicure: photos, interesting ideas

Most female representatives want to attract attention with tricks such as:

- Hairstyle.

- Makeup.

- Outfit.

- Manicure and pedicure.

These things create a unique female image, and a glitter pedicure plays an important role for a girl, a woman who likes to look elegant. Well-groomed legs were and will be an integral part of female charm. After taking a little time to care for your nails, you can please yourself and surprise others.

glitter pedicure

Types of Sequins

What girl doesnโ€™t dream of being bright and smart - say, at a party or a date? Now salons provide many services to emphasize female beauty, and one of them is pedicure.

One of the sought after services is the design of the pedicure with sparkles. Sequins bring brightness, shine and originality to the image of a fashionable woman! If you want to emphasize your elegance with the help of a pedicure, then a glitter design will be the best option, since it is the radiance of the nails that can add some emphasis to any image.

When creating an excellent, radiant pedicure, you need to know what glitters are and what kinds of them are.

In fact, there are not so many types of sparkles, but each one is executed in all the colors that it can be. Consider the existing types:

- Colored sand.
- Multi-colored dust.
- Various figured spangles.

With all this, the spangles are applied by spraying, but they can be part of the nail polish, and it is also possible to spot design individual spangles that are glued to the surface of the nail plate.

glitter pedicure photo

What materials will be required to create a brilliant pedicure

In order to perform a glitter pedicure, the following materials are required:

1. Nail polish. That it will be applied as a basic foundation when creating a brilliant pedicure. You can choose any shade, because a variety of shiny elements allows you to make any pedicure with sparkles attractive (the photos perfectly demonstrate this).

2. Brushes of various shapes and densities. Using them, you can create unique and interesting patterns and lines.

3. Fixing varnish. He will fix and fix the glitter on the nail. With it, the pedicure will last much longer.

glitter pedicure design

A bit about pedicure

In order for the pedicure with sparkles (photos are presented in the article) to be ideal, it is important to prepare the nails to cover them with varnish - give them the necessary shape and remove the excess cuticle. Apply the varnish from the base of the nail plate to the tip, without interrupting the movement. These simple tips will help to make the legs beautiful and flickering without much effort.

Glitter pedicure will make the legs charming, and they will certainly stand out against the gray and dull asphalt of city streets. In order to perform a brilliant pedicure, it is not necessary to run to the salon - it can be freely done at home!

A simple and effective option is to coat the nails with shiny polish as a whole. The shade can be selected depending on the theme of the upcoming celebration and the color of accessories. The choice of shades is so wide that it is difficult to dwell on one. Therefore, choosing a varnish, you should start from the dress or from the upcoming celebration in order to look stunning.

black glitter pedicure

Glitter pedicure: photo, design

Next, delve into the variety of variations. Some of the details can fundamentally change the look of a glitter pedicure . What should you pay special attention to? Glitter pedicure design plays a significant role. It depends on him whether the image will be completed and supplemented. Consider several design options for a brilliant pedicure:

1. Black pedicure with sparkles. It is suitable for any party and can emphasize the entire exquisite image of a fashionable woman. Covering the nail plate with black varnish and complementing the design with sequins, you can create contrast, so such a pedicure will definitely be noticed by many. Most often, such a design is chosen by girls, women who are not indifferent to luxury and follow fashion and style.

2. Also do not lose sight of the white color, and specifically - the white pedicure with sparkles. It is he who will bring tenderness, lightness and pearl shine to the image. This option is ideal for the bride, or you can just make a daily design. White varnish covering the nails on the legs is primarily a sign of the purity and tidiness of a woman. You should use the idea of โ€‹โ€‹a pedicure with white varnish and sparkles - and then the reaction of others will not take long.

3. An interesting glitter pedicure is drawn using the ombre and gradient technique. Such a design is relevant and will be in trend. You can create such a pedicure with the help of several types of varnishes and sparkles, different in color and even size.

4. French - another well-known and fashionable type of coating of the nail plate. The classic version can always be diversified by introducing into it these wonderful flickering particles - sparkles. The French will look great if you use two contrasting colors, complemented by various sparkles, ranging from the color scheme to the size.

white glitter pedicure

What else to know about glitter design

You can diversify the pedicure using the design, namely the creation of small drawings interspersed with all the same sparkles. Having covered the nails with varnish, we add contrast - made in the form of a flower or a butterfly (it depends on the event for which the design is being performed). And of course, complement the sequins. This type of pedicure is suitable for extraordinary and bright girls.

To create an unusual design will require not only time, but also imagination. Performing an interesting drawing is not so simple, because for any girl, woman, the main thing is that not only the legs are beautiful, but the design of the nails is different from others. Therefore, most often, ladies turn to masters who will make a pedicure with sparkles unusual and neat.

glitter pedicure photo design

How to carefully remove a shiny pattern from the marigolds

Having flaunted with a brilliant pedicure, many people ask the question: "How to erase everything from the nails so as not to damage the plate itself?" In fact, it is not difficult, but you have to work hard.

To take a glitter pattern you will need the following:

- Means with acetone or without it to remove the varnish.
- Vata.
- Foil.
- Cream, it is advisable to choose a moisturizer.

Apply cotton polish remover to cotton, put on a fingernail and wrap in foil. Five minutes later, you can remove all unnecessary from the nail and apply the cream on the legs.

Why should I do brilliant pedicures

Brilliant pedicure is indispensable for parties, special occasions and romantic dates. It makes the image of a woman unique, vibrant, sexy and seductive, attracting the attention of others.

Each fashionista tries to stand out from the crowd, and the design with sparkles is suitable for emphasizing individuality. Do not be afraid to experiment, and then the works will be noticed.


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