How to wash the toilet? Various cleaning tips, methods and cleaning products

When you come to visit someone, you immediately find yourself in the hallway. This room is the hallmark of any house or apartment. It is this room that forms the first impression of how neat and tidy the owners are. But when you go to the bathroom or toilet, the opinion of guests about the tenants can change dramatically. Not everyone can boast of a clean bathroom. Of course, there are many tools for caring for the toilet, but they do not always give the desired result. How to return the bathroom to its former, attractive appearance? The article will provide an answer to this question.

Coating features

Almost all modern toilets are coated with a special glaze that resembles enamel. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash the surface with hot water. Otherwise, the protective enamel may crack. And then dirt, mold will accumulate in these cracks, microbes will multiply. But how to wash the toilet so that it does not crack? You need to know a few rules:

  • Do not use hard brushes.
  • It is forbidden to pick a toilet bowl with a knife and other sharp objects.
  • When choosing a detergent for the toilet, pay attention to the recommendations that are written on the label. Each tool has its own characteristics of application.
    wash properly

How to wash the toilet correctly? To prevent enamel cracking during washing, it is recommended to use a brush or brush of medium hardness. But in no case can you use a metal sponge for dishes. She leaves behind a scratch that cannot be removed.

Eliminate urinary stone and limescale

Over time, plaque and urinary stone appear on the surface. The reason for this phenomenon is too hard water. Also, plaque occurs if the toilet flush tank flows. In addition, rust may appear inside the plumbing fixture. This is due to the large number of iron impurities that are present in tap water. To get rid of such deposits, you can use:

  • Vinegar.
  • White or bleach.
  • Citric acid
  • Specialized care products.


How to wash the toilet with home remedies? To do this, you can use vinegar. Cleaning the toilet with this tool is the most popular option among housewives. Acetic acid is recommended, but if you want to eliminate small deposits of plaque, you can use the usual, 9 percent solution. So, we need a can or a bottle with a cap. Pour vinegar into it and carefully heat it. Next, water the surface of the toilet. After we add a drop of iodine and sprinkle with a small portion of soda. Using a brush or brush, foam the composition. In this form, it must be left for several hours. This method will be more effective if you leave the vinegar-iodine mixture for 12 hours. During this time, all serious deposits and deposits dissolve. After this time, you need to rinse the surface of the toilet with clean water.

White or bleach

Experts recommend using these funds at night. You cannot use the toilet at this time. So, you should empty the drain tank and block the water that enters it. Next, you need to pour one liter of a solution of bleach or whiteness. In the morning, this product can be washed off. According to reviews, this method is effective for removing light deposits. If there is still a coating on the surface after application, you can repeat the procedure again.

how to wash the toilet

"Coca Cola"

This drink is used in so many areas of human life, and cleaning the toilet is no exception. You need to pour two liters into the toilet and leave for four hours. Then wash off the coating with a brush or a brush.

how to wash the toilet with a septic tank

Lemon acid

What other folk remedies for washing the toilet exist? The next remedy is citric acid. This is one of the best remedies that helps fight against urinary stone and limescale. We will need four packs of citric acid. They need to be scattered over the entire inner surface of the toilet bowl and left in this form for several hours. After that, it is necessary to rinse the composition with plain water. If the raid remains, you must repeat this procedure again.

Serious pollution control methods

If cracks have already formed on the surface of your toilet bowl and there is dirt in them, the above methods will not help deal with deposits. More radical measures are needed here. How can I wash the toilet in this case? To do this, you can apply:

  • Phosphoric Acid Solution. With this tool, you can clean the plaque not only inside the toilet, but also clean the drain tank. How to wash the toilet with phosphoric acid solution? To do this, pour them a surface and leave in this condition for 20 minutes. After that, using a brush or brush with water, wash off the solution. Please note that the acid is very aggressive. Therefore, you need to work with rubber gloves and glasses. In case of contact with the skin, rinse the area with running water as soon as possible.
  • Technical oxalic acid. Where is it sold? You can buy such acid in a pharmacy. It is sold in the form of a briquette. How to wash the toilet with this acid? To do this, mix the powder with water until a thick sour cream. This substance must be treated contaminated areas of the bathroom. In this form, you need to leave the toilet for one to two hours. After this, the contaminants are thoroughly washed off with water.
  • Electrolyte from a car battery. To get it, it is not necessary to drain the electrolyte from a real battery. You can buy it at a car store. It is usually sold in liter bottles. The tool is inexpensive, when working with it you must not forget about security measures. This is a very aggressive substance. It should be used only if the toilet is old or when all the previous methods have not given the desired result. Also, electrolyte cannot be used if you have plastic sewer pipes.
    how to wash the toilet

If there is a septic tank

How to wash the toilet with a septic tank with bacteria? There are some nuances here, since aggressive chemistry is not safe for septic tanks. Therefore, you need to use only specialized tools. Here's how to wash the toilet with a septic tank:

  • SHPUL'S-S. This product allows you to clean light impurities without harm to the septic tank. When using this tool, the destruction of active bacteria does not occur. The composition contains a large number of active substances. Therefore, the consumption of the product will be minimal.
  • ALL-WEDGE. This is a universal cleaning product. It has a neutral formula and is absolutely safe for a septic tank.
  • SAN-PLUS FRESH. This product is recommended for use in summer cottages. The composition perfectly copes with pollution not only on the toilet, but also in the bathroom, without damaging the enamel.

Using such substances to clean the toilet, you can not worry about the safety of active bacteria in the septic tank. Among other means, it can also be noted:

  • Ecover.
  • Gruen-green.
  • iHerb.

Is household chemicals allowed if there is a septic tank? Experts say that such chemistry can only be used if washing is not often done and the composition is used in minimal quantities. If you need to clean more serious pollution, it is better to use natural products - lemon juice and soda. These substances also have a beneficial effect on bacteria in the septic tank.

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Precautionary measures

It should be remembered that all cleaning products can have a negative effect on the skin of the hands. Therefore, always when cleaning the toilet you need to work in rubber gloves. You also need to follow all the recommendations that are written on the label by the manufacturer. In addition, it is not recommended to inhale the vapors of chemistry, since the acid is dangerous for the respiratory tract.

how to wash the toilet with a septic tank

The use of specialized household chemicals

Today there is a huge amount of facilities for the care of bathrooms. We list some of them:

  • Silit Beng. This is a fairly well-known tool for cleaning bathrooms. The cost is 230 rubles. The product is based on hydrochloric acid. According to the manufacturer, the substance allows you to get rid of urinary stone, traces of corrosion and limescale. It has a thick consistency. Among the shortcomings in the reviews, consumers note only a pungent smell. When working, it is advisable not to inhale the vapors.
  • "Domestos". One of the leaders in the household chemicals market. The composition contains sodium hypochlorite. "Domestos" perfectly fights with urinary stone and rust. It has a thick consistency. The cost of the product is 210 rubles. Disadvantage: the need for even distribution, otherwise traces will remain on the surface. The substance also emits a pungent odor.
  • "Comets: 7 days of purity." The product is based on sulfuric acid. The composition eliminates rust and limescale. The cost of the product is 220 rubles. It has a liquid consistency. Reviews note that this is a drawback, since product consumption increases significantly. Like previous analogues, β€œComets” emits a pungent odor when used.
  • "Sarma." This is the cheapest product among all that is. The price is 100 rubles. However, the composition can only overcome rust, it does poorly with limescale. It has a thick consistency, oxalic acid is the basis of the product.

Which product is better for everyone to decide for themselves, but most people prefer to use Domestos or Silit. This "chemistry" is sold in any hardware store. Before use, you need to read the instructions, you need to work with the composition only in rubber gloves (even if there is no direct contact with the substance).

How often do I need to wash the toilet?

This question is asked by every hostess. How often to wash the toilet, so as not to face serious contamination and plaque? I must say that the cleaning interval depends on the number of people living in the house, and the frequency of use of the bathroom. On average, if a family of three lives in a house, you need to clean the toilet once a week. In some cases, this interval can be increased to two weeks. For regular care of the toilet, you do not need to use folk remedies, just buy one bottle of Domestos (or any other specialized "chemistry") and periodically process the inside of the toilet. With this care, the appearance of the toilet will be unsurpassed.

how to wash the toilet with a septic tank with bacteria


So, we found out how and how to wash the toilet at home. As you can see, there are so many ways. If you have a septic tank, the choice will be limited, and in all other cases, you can use almost any product from the list, up to potent acids.


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