How to use the intercepting parking for free: driver instructions

Relatively long ago, a very useful innovation was introduced in the capital - intercepting parking lots near metro stations. Many drivers have already become regular users of this service. And for those who do not yet know what it is, we’ll tell you how to use the intercepting parking lot. We have prepared a small instruction.

Where are the intercepting parking lots?

Today in Moscow there are more than 20 such parking lots near metro stations. But this is not the final figure - their number should be 58 by 2020. The total capacity will be more than 21,000 cars. On some additionally equipped and parking lots.

Before you use the intercepting parking at the subway, you need to be aware of its location. Today, such sites operate near the following metro stations:

  • "Novokosino".
  • "Bibirevo".
  • Vykhino.
  • "Volokolamskaya".
  • Medvedkovo
  • Zyablikovo.
  • Annino.
  • "Domodedovo".
  • "Strogino".
  • "Red Guard".
  • Shipilovskaya.
  • "Ashenevo."
  • "Admiral Ushakov Boulevard".
    how to use intercept parking

All relevant information on the number of free places is available on the official site of Mosmetro "Intercepting parking lots".

How much is it?

Before you use the intercepting parking in Moscow, you need to know about the cost of the service. All parking lots have common rates:

  • Base. Is free. Conditions: parking from 6:00 to 2:00; at least two subway rides after you parked the car.
  • Night. 100 rubles. For leaving the car in the intercepting parking lot from 2:00 to 6:00.
  • Commercial. 50 rubles / hour. Valid if you did not make two trips in the subway during the period 6: 00-2: 00.

Note that the system will not allow you to save on parking if you decide to go out and go in at the same metro station. The information terminal will track at which stations you paid with your ticket.

how to use the intercepting parking at the subway

How to use the intercepting underground parking for free?

If you want to use parking services for free, the sequence of your actions is as follows:

  1. Get a parking card, park your car in an empty parking lot.
  2. Take the metro train to your destination. You can pay at the Troika turnstile, a Muscovite social card, a single pass or a 90-minute ticket.
  3. Return to the metro station where the car was parked.
  4. At the exit from the metro you need to use the yellow information terminal. Touch "Parking Pay Right". Bring the parking card issued to you to the yellow circle. Next, you need to attach a ticket to it, with which you paid at the turnstile. The device will confirm the right to free parking. Then again bring the parking card - the inscription “Payment information for the basic tariff plan is entered on the card” should appear.
  5. How to use the intercepting parking space further? Return to the parking lot, insert a parking card in the terminal. The message “Card does not require payment” will be displayed.
  6. Within 15 minutes after that you will need to pick up your car. To leave the parking area, insert a card into the exit counter.

If along the way you have questions about how to use the intercepting parking, you can always contact the parking controllers.

Parking fee

If you decide to use the "Commercial" and "Night" tariffs, then the use of intercepting parking is similar to the algorithm for ordinary parking. At the entrance you get a parking card, which you keep before leaving. Before you pick up the car, pay for it in the payment terminal. Then within 15 minutes you should pick up your car. At the exit in a special rack put a parking card.

intercepting parking in Moscow how to use

What cars cannot be parked in an intercepting car park?

Parking is not available for transport:

  • Without government numbers.
  • In disrepair, with severe damage, brought in tow.
  • Mototechnics - mopeds, motorcycles and so on.
  • Vehicle weighing more than 3.5 tons, with 8 seats except the driver's seat.
  • Transport with dimensions: width - more than 3 meters, height - more than 2.1 meters.
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We figured out how to use the intercepting parking lot. This is a very convenient innovation - you can leave your car in the parking lot for free while driving on your business by metro. Paid services are also possible here: for night parking or for drivers who do not use the subway.


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