"Cosmic" manicure how to do at home?

Are you planning a space-style party? Or are you going to visit the planetarium? Or just want something unusual? Perhaps the โ€œcosmicโ€ manicure is exactly what you are looking for. Of course, for an unusual painting, you can go to the salon to the master. And you can stock up on patience, turn on imagination and do everything at home, with your own hands.

space manicure

Lucky and the necessary tool

It is only the blue sky, if you look at it from the Earth. And space is painted with completely different colors. We will need the following colors:

  • the black;
  • purple;
  • blue;
  • white;
  • silver.

manicure space

These are the main colors, in addition to them, you can use others. For example, pink and some shades of green will fit well into the concept. Prepare at least 3-4 colors of varnishes from this list before you begin to make a "space" manicure. Glitter or sparkles will not be superfluous.

The surface of the nails can be covered with an additional layer of transparent varnish to smooth out all the bumps. You can also use nail polish - it will extend the life of the manicure.

A thin brush, a foam applicator, and a needle will come in handy. Optionally, you can use small rhinestones, similar to stars.

Manicure "Cosmos"

Cover your nails with black polish. When it dries, you can proceed to the "cosmic" decor. Apply purple varnish to the applicator, drip a few small drops of blue along the edge. Spread the border between them with a needle. Attach to the nail and print, being careful not to stain the skin around. Do the same with other nails. Let the varnish dry.

How to make a space manicure at home

At this stage, you can diversify the manicure a little. The starry sky sparkles, and nails can also sparkle. Make a few touches of glitter varnish, simulating a scattering of stars.

Extraterrestrial civilization

A great idea to make a manicure in space style is the topic of aliens. Cinema and the abundance of computer games about aliens contributed a lot to its popularization. And it is not difficult to draw an alien - they have flat faces of a light shade, large black eyes, small mouths. Even a child can do this.

manicure starry sky

You can settle one alien guest on each nail or make portraits of them on 2-3 nails, and the rest can be decorated in the appropriate style. Paint them with stars, crescents, flying saucers.

Parade of planets

8 planets, distant Pluto, which not so long ago was also considered a planet, and the Sun - what is not the idea for creating a manicure on the theme of "Space"? All of the above is just enough for all 10 nails. Before you start work, you can look into the astronomical atlas, but stylization is also quite suitable for it. In any case, it will not be possible to maintain the scale, because against the background of the huge Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus and Neptune will be just invisible points.

space style manicure

Therefore, the color scheme can not be adhered to too strictly. We all remember that Mars is red, and the Earth is green-blue, while the rest of the celestial bodies can be painted at our discretion. Do not forget the rings of Saturn!


Some people like to complement the "cosmic" manicure with images of constellations. Itโ€™s easy to draw them: put dots-stars and connect them with thin white lines. Such a pattern looks very impressive on a black, dark blue or dark purple background. You can make the starry sky in the manner described above.

how to make space manicure at home

By the way, stars can be not only dots of white or silver varnish, but also small rhinestones, sparkles, drops of liquid crystal.


How to make a "space" manicure at home for those who can not boast of outstanding artistic abilities? It's simple - use ready-made motifs on the topic of space, which are sold in large quantities in special stores.

space manicure

Before proceeding with the decor, cover your nails with a varnish of light blue, white or pink. Prepare a small container of water. Cut out the pictures. Submerge them one at a time with tweezers, let's soak them, transfer the pictures to your nails. When they dry, cover them with a layer of clear varnish.

Manicure with the help of such pictures has a number of advantages. Do it quickly, and the result looks neat and impressive. It is hardly possible to draw such small details so beautifully and in detail. Pictures-translations are very common, they can be purchased at any specialized store for nail art for a penny.

Carriers of gel manicure often use this idea. The coating lasts a long time, there is no need to update it even once a week. So that neutral- colored nails do not bother, you can at least every day update them with the help of boring translations.

Special "space" varnish

There are many products on the market for nail design products that can be used to make wonderful Cosmos manicures on your own. For example, varnish with sparkles. They differ from ordinary ones in color and shape of inclusions. They can be made in the form of suns, stars, planets. The defective moon shape is popular.

space manicure

These varnishes can be applied directly to the nails, and on the basis of any color.

Adhesive elements

โ€œCosmicโ€ manicure is one of the few cases when all kinds of jewelry glued to nails look organically and appropriately. It can be stars, rockets, comets. They are made of light-weight plastic, although outwardly they may look like metal. In fact, such accessories do not burden a manicure. Of course, if you do not stick them on the nails in too much.

Many of them have a glue base, and some can be easily glued to unhardened varnish or special glue.

how to make space manicure at home

As you can see, manufacturers offer many products for nail design, with which you can easily create a "space" manicure yourself. Show your imagination, try to do everything carefully, select materials that combine with each other, and then your pens will be in the spotlight and will more than once receive a compliment: โ€œJust Space!โ€

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