Rokhlya is the vernacular name for a handcart

What is hidden behind the word "junk"? What can you think about when, for example, in a warehouse they ask a worker to bring junk for loading piles of bags on it and transporting them to the car? A vague recollection pops up in my memory, which is usually called a non-good-natured person. But it turns out that the junk is the same as rock or junk, and means a hand pallet truck. Where did this name come from and how appropriate is its use in communication?

Rohlya is

Definition of a concept

If you find out the meaning of this word in dictionaries, then the results give two main versions of its use. The first is connected with the use in a reprimand value, as applied to a person who does not differ in energy, as well as in the speed of decision-making and action. In a broader sense, junk is both a wimp, and nonsense, and unintelligible, and the like, in the context of determining the personal qualities of a person who has shown himself to be disadvantageous.

In another sense, as a slang expression, it is used to indicate the type of hand truck with a hydraulic lifting mechanism. It is believed that colloquialism came into use after the advent of forklifts in the USSR.

One of the first in the 60s of the XX century appeared models from the company Rocla. These convenient and reliable devices for moving goods on pallets have become indispensable in warehouses. Later others appeared, but the name of this Finnish company was firmly entrenched and rooted in use. Since then, for many people of rock, junk or junk - this is any hand-held hydraulic trolley without reference to the manufacturer.



What is this device that has become a reliable assistant for workers in warehouses and sites for the reception and delivery of goods? Rokhlya is a wheeled platform, structurally made in the form of two guide beams (fork type), freely passing into the gaps of a standard pallet. It can accommodate any cargo.

The rakhlu is driven under a pallet (pallet) and the handle is used to pump liquid into the hydraulic jack. He through the rods and levers raises the fork platform, tearing the load from the ground to a height sufficient to transport it to the required distance. After that, by pressing the hook, the pressure is released, the jack lowers the cart and the pallet in the selected place. The trolley freed from the load drives out freely.

Its front wheels rotate, the rear wheels are stationary mounted. The handle is used to pressurize, control the cart and apply force when moving.


In standard models , it is usually necessary to make 10-12 movements with the handle so that the pressure in the jack reaches the desired value. There are options for a small mass of cargo with accelerated lift. They pump up the necessary pressure in 4-6 movements. Steering angle (180-200 degrees).

The jug cart moves smoothly on a flat surface. For floors with a good coating, it is advisable to use solid polyurethane wheels or with a rubber coating. If the surface is uneven, hard drives made of durable plastic will be the best option. There are models with one roller on each of the guides. By the way, the options for tandem trolleys (two twin wheels on a โ€œforkโ€) are easier to budge.

Manual rohlya


Manual jams can have different load capacities, differ in platform size, lifting mechanism, type and material of wheels, and also be equipped with additional equipment. Usually they are divided into three classes according to the weight of the transported cargo (from 500 kg to 3 tons). By the length of the โ€œforksโ€ they can be standard, long (you can take two pallets at once) and shortened (for working in tight spaces).

For movement in an aggressive environment, models with an anticorrosive coating and special material of wheel pairs are used. To move goods on unfavorable sites, the diameter of the wheel disks is increased - their variants are used on the pneumatic stroke. There are models with a special scissor linkage . This design allows you to lift the load to a great height with the ability to install pallets directly on the shelves of racks.

The junkets with electronic scales have become widespread, making it possible to save time and labor costs for additional overload for weighing. Some companies produce trolleys with brake system and electric drive for ease of movement over long distances. For companies using different types of pallets, it is advisable to use jars with variable dimensions โ€œforksโ€.

Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Use homemade carts to move goods is impractical. Devices must meet safety requirements and withstand planned loads. It is unrealistic to make a hydraulic unit without using turning and milling equipment. Welding work must be carried out exactly according to the drawings, so that working surfaces, rod angles, axles of levers and wheel pairs are preserved.

If it is not possible to purchase new junk, there will always be offers for the sale of used equipment. For popular models, you can find repair kits for the waterworks, spare wheelsets. You can change them yourself. Rokhlya, if it was operated under normal conditions, after such maintenance is able to work for a long time and save time and effort when loading and unloading in warehouses and trading floors.


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