Such an important garden bench

There is not a single yard or park in which you will not find such an element as a garden bench. This item has long been blended into the exterior, while remaining often unnoticed. If you remove the benches from the park, it will turn into a well-groomed grove, and if you leave the garden without benches, then it will seem completely empty. It is worth saying that the garden bench takes on the implementation of a number of very specific functions.

Garden bench
First of all, it can be considered as a piece of garden furniture. Garden bench at the same time serves as a decoration of the garden, while being also an accent or focus. That is why it may well correspond to various styles. Sometimes they prefer beauty over convenience. For example, benches a la Art Nouveau, which are lightweight and sophisticated, do not do very well with their purpose, since a large person will not be able to sit on such furniture for a long time.

Street benches
The bench allows you to organize the space of the site, performing the functions of a composite element. Trails and paths usually lead to it. Given its location, they form places for recreation, as well as decorating the territory with plant elements. If a road suddenly appeared on your site leading simply to nowhere, then a bench for a summer residence can complete it.

Bench for a summer residence
Shops are made from a variety of materials. They can be metal, wooden, plastic, combined, stone, turf. The latter can represent part of the soil cut out in a special way or a structure that is lined with turf. It is understood that the materials may be warm or cold. Stone or metal benches require cushions.

If you decide to make street benches yourself, then you need to remember certain rules. To prevent stagnation of rainwater on the seat, it is required to provide holes or slots in it through which its withdrawal will be carried out. This rule applies to stationary benches of all kinds except turf and stone. If we are talking about a portable structure, the bases at its legs should be as wide as possible in order to maintain stability and not pierce the lawn.

Garden bench is constantly becoming more modern and attractive. It can be given different shapes and sizes, making a real masterpiece of landscape art. Now it’s easy to give the garden plot a fun atmosphere. Sometimes for this it is quite enough to paint a wooden bench in some bright color. If such dynamics are boring, you can always take on a brush and paint in a different color. Some areas abound in stone blocks, which can also be used quite well. You can put a bench out of them. For convenience and beauty, it is proposed to use decorative pillows. You can surround the trunk of a large tree with a bench, making it an ideal place to relax in the summer heat.

It is worth saying that these are not the only decoration options. It is important to show your imagination in order to realize some unusual solution.


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