How to prepare energy for training at home?

During the training process of most people, the question often arises of what to add to your diet so that there is enough energy and strength for training. It’s unlikely that getting enough carbohydrates with a standard portion of food for a long and explosive workout is in the plans if the number of repetitions is stressed or the working weight is increased in the gym. Speaking bodybuilders and “experienced” athletes solved this issue with the help of power engineers for training.

Manufacturers of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements have maximally turned around the issue of specialized drinks, the consumer can only choose a brand and have a considerable amount to buy. However, after reading the composition of most sports meals, you can notice the familiar components: caffeine, ginseng, glucose, taurine, which are available to purchase yourself. So, it’s not difficult to prepare energy for training at home.

energy for training

Benefits of Energy Cookers Cooked at Home

Among the strengths of home power engineers, of course, stand out the cost, natural components and efficiency, not inferior to specialized dietary supplements. With simple calculations of all the costs of the components, you can see that they do not cover even a tenth of the cost of a portion of the sports food of a popular manufacturer. Of course, energy cooked at home, significantly save the budget, which is good news. Another advantage - naturalness - is a priority for athletes who care about what gets into their body. The fact is that the composition of purchased power engineers almost always includes dyes and additives, the origin of which is known only to either the technologist himself or a “chemically savvy” person. Therefore, confidence in the ingredients of home energy is much higher.

Speaking of comparing the effects of home-made drinks and factory drinks, just look at the dietary supplement label. The first specified ingredients are the same as used in home energy. Accordingly, the effect will be the same, the main thing is to observe the proportions in the preparation. On the most effective and popular recipes and effects on the body below.

Classic cocktail

This recipe is known to almost every athlete who has been baptized with "iron" and all kinds of energy. The beauty of such a drink is that the ingredients are very few and any person always has them at home. For the composition you will need:

  • still water (0.5 l);
  • black tea long tea (3 bags);
  • soluble tablets of ascorbic acid (20 pcs.).

energy before training

It is necessary to heat the water to 80-90 0 C and make tea in it. By the way, it is possible and even desirable to use loose tea, it contains more natural tonic substances. When the tea leaves cool slightly and give a rich brown color, it is necessary to pour the contents into a shaker or bottle. Then add ascorbic acid, close tightly and shake until it is completely dissolved. You can drink energy before training and throughout the lesson.

The ingredients of the drink perform the following functions: water is involved in water-salt metabolism; tea due to the caffeine entering it tones up muscle work and the nervous system; Vitamin C boosts immunity.

BCAA drink

The next energetic for training is good because it contains BCAAs (essential amino acids), which helps to avoid catabolism in muscle tissues. For cooking you will need:

  • still water (0.5 l);
  • black tea long tea (3 bags);
  • soluble tablets of ascorbic acid (20 pcs.);
  • glucose (10 g);
  • alcohol tincture of Eleutherococcus (15 drops);
  • BCAA amino acids in powder (10 g).

you can drink energy before training

The basis is to take the power engineer to train the Classic. To do this, brew strong tea with a volume of 0.5 liters. Add ascorbic acid, after cooling the drink, and shake in a bottle until dissolved. Pour tincture of Eleutherococcus purchased at the pharmacy in the amount of 15 drops. Then fill up the crushed glucose tablets, which can also be bought at the pharmacy. Stir well. The last to add amino acids purchased in advance in a specialized sports nutrition store. An energetic can be drunk before training and in the training process. This drink due to two tonic agents - tea and tincture of Eleutherococcus - will withstand any superset, and BCAA will preserve and restore muscle fibers.

Coffee Energy

The drink described below is generally held in high esteem by Latin Americans, but Russia has already managed to feel its effect and included it in the list of power engineers for training. It is ideal for people practicing morning exercise. You will need:

  • espresso (2 cups);
  • butter (2 tablespoons);
  • sugar to taste.

First you need to brew 2 cups of espresso in a coffee machine. When brewing in a Turk, be sure to separate the coffee grounds. Then put the butter in a blender and add coffee, sugar to taste, optionally cinnamon and beat until smooth with froth.

drink energy before training

What is the principle of action of a non-dietary at first glance drink? The fact is that oil, due to fat content, envelops the esophagus and stomach and does not allow coffee to be quickly absorbed. And glucose saturates the body with carbohydrates, which are quickly consumed during training. You need to drink an energy drink before a workout 20-40 minutes before it starts.

When to refrain from invigorating drinks

You should not rely on miracle fuel, expecting it to increase its own efficiency in the gym, if:

  • there are systematic lack of sleep and there is no complete rest regimen;
  • during the day or before training, there is no food intake with a sufficient amount of carbohydrates;
  • there are inflammatory processes in the body;
  • pressure surges worry.

energy for training at home

What you need to remember when using energy

Each drink, regardless of where it was prepared, in the kitchen or in large-scale production, not only gives strength and vitality, but also actively affects the nervous system. With systematic use, addiction occurs, and the usual dose ceases to act. Lack of control during admission can disrupt sleep, cause a malfunction in heart rhythms. It is important to remember that taking drinks with a tonic effect should be done at least 4 hours before bedtime, regularly monitor the pulse not only in the gym, and monitor blood pressure. Ideally, you should consult your doctor before taking. This will help to avoid health problems and unplanned missed workouts.


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